Races….is it too early?

Is it too early for me to be discussing what my next race will be?


well then is it too early to contemplate doing a half marathon in June?

I really like the looks of this one in Barrie.

I still want to do a 5k with Colin sometime soon. Although he hasn’t really been running….so, that’s an issue. I’m going to threaten to share his dm account with you to hold him accountable πŸ˜‰

Although the cool thing about the Barrie Half Marathon is that you can also do it as a relay – so Colin and I could do it together!!!! then it would only be 1/2k over a 10k – REDEMPTION!Β 

I haven’t asked him yet but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be excited!Β 

What's that babe? A half marathon relay? YOU BET YOUR ASS I'M IN!

I think that’s how it will go.

(Colin, if you’re reading this that IS how it will go)

Oh, and what do you know….Hal’s 10k novice plan is for 8 weeks – the exact amount of time we have till the race on June 17th. It’s like I planned this or something.


I wanted to squeeze in a 5k race or two over the summer and then if the injury is healed and running is going well I’ll be able to do a full-half (a full half? lol) in the fall. Preferably the Niagara International Half Marathon! Or the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon :) either one would be great and not till October.


In other news – I have to do 60 sec plank groupings today. In no way do I want to do this…..

  • 60 sec centre plank
  • 60 sec side plank (left)
  • 60 sec centre plank
  • 60 sec side plank (right)

…..4 times in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to try and do it – even if I have to take a huge rest in between each set.

I have to clean the house today so occassionally that means I won’t be doing cardio. As I’ve been known to log cleaning as a dailymile workout πŸ˜‰


3 things you should check out – once you’ve answered my blog questions πŸ˜‰

  1. The cutest Kelly is hosting a pretty cool Raffle – I haven’t donated, so I’m spreading the word :)
  2. Words to Run By is hosting a cool giveaway if you need insoles – I entered :)
  3. Did you see Cait’s shirts??? I want one!



1. is it just me or are relay’s the most fun race in the world??Β 

2. do you like doing planks?? if so, do they ever get easier??

3. have you ever logged anything random as a workout?

I’ve logged mirror-bedroom-dancing, housework, gardening, shoveling snow…..yep looks like I’m kinda crazyΒ 

can you leave a comment telling Colin how awesome it’d be if he would train for a race with me! please? πŸ˜‰

48 thoughts on “Races….is it too early?

  1. Ha! That picture of Colin is amazing. You guys look like you have so much fun with life! <3 I think that Colin should def train with you! I'd kill for my husband to excerise with me. He's lazy though. Boo! Don't push yourself to hard though girl! You don't want to make things worse as they are starting to get better.

    I've never participated in a relay off the track. I hate any ab work, not just planks. Just ask my abs! And no, I've never logged randomness on DM, but that's only bc my friend would bug me for it. LOL

  2. We would have to make a shirt or sticker with a big thumbs down on it for Colin if he doesnt run that race with you. No one wants a thumbs down sticker….no one.

    Im right there with you. I havent run since my leg started hurting and Im already planning my fall schedule. Its so much fun to plan races

  3. Yay!! You should definitely do the race! I like the idea of you guys doing it as a relay especially since doing a half marathon at this point might be too much, you don’t want to get re-injured. Colin, you need to do the race with Ali!

    Relays ARE the best kinds of races! I’m excited for my second one this weekend!

    • I agree!! Relays are awesome, and Colin you should definitely do the relay with Ali since we are gonna be doing the 2-leg ATB next year right??!? Oh and I logged a basketball tournament on DM yesterday, Lol…

      • You know I forgot to ask Colin about this – but YES you guys should do the relay next year. I want REDEMPTION!

        Plus we could make men’s spatula shirts πŸ˜‰

  4. I was trying to convince Peter to run a half with me in the fall… and then my 4 mile race this Sunday. And then he mocked me and said he doesn’t need to lose any more weight (which is true). Damn him!

    I think if you follow a plan then you can! You can for sure do one in the Fall!

    Um – I’ve logged “laundry” as a custom work out…. it tones the arms. Duh.

  5. Good luck getting your hubby to run with you. I tried to convince mine to do the Warrior Dash with me last yr…..NOPE! Thankfully I have a cousin who is up for anything!!! She ran it with me and 90% of my races!


  6. I don’t think it is too early! That would be super awesome if Colin would do it with you! You will have to get him a Spatula Runner shirt. πŸ˜‰ I really want to do a relay. I will have to see if there are any around here. :)

  7. Colin, train with her! you will have tons of fun I just know it!
    And planks do get easier if you do them enough. I was going to skip them but after reading your post I need to knock them out. Thanks for motivating me to get them done!

  8. It’s always fun to plan races! I’ve dragged my husband to a few but still can never get him to run with me. I’m still working on it so if you find the secret, let us know! :)

  9. I love your name of your blog! I’m planning on doing some half marathons this summer too. I convinced my boyfriend to do one with me last month. I think he was cursing at me in the middle of the race though.

  10. So I’ve been MIA in the blog world for a bit and really missed reading your blog!

    Figured I need to comment since it’s been so long since I’ve shown you some love =)

    First, I was a bit sad after reading your plans to run such awesome races b/c I haven’t been able to get back into running as soon as I hoped. I just don’t have time! I miss my runs after work- I know I’ll get them back someday but it’s so hard right now.

    Second, I’m really happy for you and your running accomplishments! You can totally rock a 5K or two this summer in addition to your half marathon AND relay goals =)

    Third, I also hate doing planks. But when I was a gym rat in college those planks really helped bring in my pouchy belly. Meh, not looking forward to doing them again, though.

    and FINALLY, YES YES YES COLIN should ABSOLUTELLY should train for a race with you! It would be a great bonding experience and he’ll earn extra husband brownie points =)

    • YAY!!!!!!!!!! HELLO :) so happy you stopped by and no worries, I remember what it was like having a wee babe and I doubt I’d be able to blog, read blogs and do everything all at once. I wanted to SLEEP more than anything πŸ˜‰ you’ll get there

  11. Ok, first things first….Colin – you MUST do the race!

    Next, the plank “challenge” sounds interesting. I think I will join you in this tonight.

    Oh, Colin you need to do the race πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Dawn! Yay for visits :) and GREAT comment – I love the double encouragement πŸ˜‰

      PS: if you want some cool challenges then come back May 1st for the awesome legs and abs calendar we’ll be doing daily!

  12. Colin looks stoked! He’s counting down the days I am sure!

    I have a love hate relationship with planks! But I fought through them this morning, took me WELL over the time it probably should have, but hey I got them done!

    I work as a server, and I will from time to time log my running around there as a little cardio! ha I build up a sweat, I think it should count!

    • I served for years – it’s cardio alright, plus the lifting, bending and NEVER stopping. woooh, I’m tired just thinking about it. I bet you make good money!

      I promised myself I would NEVER be pregnant and serve again…..so I’m waiting until I’m done having kids to serve again

  13. yay for running! I have been neglecting my blog reading and I am so happy you can run again! I say sign up for some races.
    I have never done a relay- so sad, I know. I think doing a relay with the husband sounds so fun.

  14. I could do a regular plank all damn day. Side planks on the other hand, suck. Who wouldn’t wanna do a marathon relay? Sounds like a blast to me, although I’ve never actually done one. I suspect relays in general are the bomb. I’ll find out for sure on June 8!

  15. Colin–you need to be all in for your girl! (how’s that?)

    It’s great that you are making plans–it’s never too early!

    I actually like planks, but no, I don’t think they ever get easier!

  16. Colin looks very excited indeed! LOL
    I’ve never done a relay-style race, maybe I need to get in on this action!! I don’t know if there’s many around here though.
    I’m new to planks, I’m hoping they get easier too hahaha

  17. Relays are BY FAR the best part about running. You’ve got to figure out how to do a 200 mile relay one day. They are so challenging, and a complete blast! My first relay of the year is in only 2 weeks and I’m stoked beyond belief. Marathon shmarathon. Give me a relay, baby!

  18. Colin, listen to your wife!! A relay will be the most fun you can ever have with your wife (in a vertical position) and it will be bonding for you as a couple and if you don’t do it your life may not be worth living (a threat that I often use on my own husband).

    Good luck with your training.

  19. LOL Love the picture of Colin. Setting goals is always a great thing. I’ve followed a couple of Hal’s plans, too, and they haven’t disappointed (yet). I know you will but just remember to listen to your body. You don’t want to be too ambitious and end up hurting yourself more.

    How awesome would it be if a race around your area coincided with a trip of mine to the Great White North to visit my family?!

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