Spatula Runner WINNERS!!!!!!


First, let me send a big virtual hug at you for being so completely amazing :)

I know - they are getting creepier with each one, aren't they

As much as this has been really time consuming, with all the organizing and such, it has been a blast! I was so pleased with all of your lovely photos – all of which are now available for viewing on my facebook page and here, on the blog :) so if you want to check them out and view the competition – please go check out my altered versions.


1st Place – Laura @ Mommy Run Fast!Β [46:47] …and run fast she did! I really want you all to read her recap, because she complains about this run being bad! but she sure smoked it!!!! CONGRATS!!!

2nd Place – Amylee @ Run My Guts Out [47:34] I told her to give it – she is coming off of an injury and still rocked it with an awesome time!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

3rd Place – Stephaine @ Running For The Kitchen [47:42] She just loves winning my giveaways and just recently got back from Belize, just in time to sign up and kick some butt! WAY TO GO!!!!!

4th Place – Lisa @ Yo Momma Runs! [47:46] I hope you guys agree with me, there was no way I couldn’t let her in on the prize drawing fun! You really did a great job Lisa! WHHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

I know I said there wouldn’t be a forth place in this event, however I couldn’t leave Lisa out, I threw in one of my own items to add another prize in the mix because her time was only 4 secs shy of 3rd place.Β 

CONGRATS LADIES!!!!! email me after you watch the video below to see what you’ve won!



I don’t know if you saw but I uploaded a video of Logan randomly drawing out the teammates for the relay (so these partnerships were either a) chosen themselves or b) randomly selected to make everything fair.

1st Place: Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem [22:47]Β & Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner [27:29]Β finishing with a combined time of [50:16] CONGRATS ladies! Be happy Logan picked you for a team because it really was a make made for winning πŸ˜‰

2nd Place: Taryn @ Taryn in Crazyland [29:57] & Boyfriend Brian [22:49] with a combined time of [52:00] YAY FOR COUPLES!!!!! you guys were excited about this virtual relay and with good reason – you excelled! YAY!!!

3rd Place: Nancy @ Living the DreamΒ [25:32] & Jill @ One Tough Cookie and a BeerΒ [30:12] with a combined time of [55:44] WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!!!! Jill really worked hard at getting Nancy to sign up and I bet now she is super glad she did run it! GREAT JOB!!!!!

CONGRATS everyone – please email me after watching the video below to claim your prizes!!!!



1st Place: Kristin @ And She Ran!!!Β 

You know, now that we’ve altered all the pics this one may not stand out as much, however, when Colin & I first saw it we could NOT STOP LAUGHING! We loved the extra effort and the homemade spatula cut out :) CONGRATS!

2nd Place: Β ~K~

You were the first one to submit your pic and you got us really excited about the whole contest. You are dressed as a pizza – I think that pretty much guarantees a win! lol

3rd Place:Β Suz & Allan @ Cows & Lasers & Everything In BetweenΒ 

apparently we really like homemade spatulas! and I can never resist a dog…or two! I liked how everyone was involved and that Suz probably has more spatulas than any of us put together πŸ˜‰

Runner Up:Β Heather (and her fam) @ Run Eat PlayΒ 

We had to give it to you guys because you actually RAN with spatulas – which deserves a prize in my books, as I’ve done it and I know hard it is πŸ˜‰

CONGRATS!!! Please email me after watching the video below to see what prizes you’ve won!

We LOVED every single photo that came in and everyone had such a hard time deciding on a winner. Photo Contests are hard to judge because they’re subjective, so I hope everyone appreciates our decisions. I wish we had 5 more runner up prizes because you really all ROCKED THIS!!!! Β 



WINNERS – Maria Jensen, Nicole Macpherson, Paul Radcliffe (watch below to see what you won!)

Congrats to everyone who participated. I hope to see you back here next year for more Spatulariffic FUN!!!!!!

If you won a prize please remember to contact me to claim them.



49 thoughts on “Spatula Runner WINNERS!!!!!!

  1. ay! I won a Bonding Band! The handful bra might not have been so good…

    And those 10k times are super good. Woah!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who won!! I loved all of the photos on Facebook :)

    I loved your vlogs, Bernie likes your voice I think because he was very intrigued by the sound coming out of my computer. Oh, and we have the same metal bowl as you guys :)

  3. Woohooo! Congrats to all of the winners! Loved watching the video to see the prize drawing. My kids watched with me, and when you drew out handful bra, my son said, “A handful of what?” He’s six. He didn’t understand why I was so happy. Seriously the perfect prize for me! Thanks so much! I’ll email you my mailing address.

    • Congrats :) I couldn’t let you NOT win something with a time like that!!!! you rocked it! and really deserve it. I don’t know if you already have a Handful but they’re my fav!!!! please visit their site to select a size and colour :) CONGRATS!

      So cute about your son….lol I love it!

  4. YAY! Seriously Ali, I had so much fun doing those photos it’s like I have won twice :) Thanks for holding your virtual race and photo contest! I can only imagine how much time and effort it would have consumed. Oh, and those videos were great, how awesome is it that Colin and Logan got involved!? Danny would run a mile if I asked him to do that hahaha

    • lol I love it :) I got your email and will be contacting you shortly :) WOOOHOOOO!

      I think I made a lot of the others photos look better, so then yours didn’t stand out as much but we thought it was amazing!

  5. This was seriously awesome!!!!! You did such a great job with this!
    I LOVED watching all of the videos, they were hilarious!!! The pictures all are great! Next year I am totally going to race!
    Thanks for hosting this!

    • Aw Thanks so much Jenn :) I am pretty happy about it, considering it was my first one and next year we know what will have to be changed. Thanks for racing!

  6. Thanks again for hosting! I probably have over 20 spatulas but that was all I could hold in my hands. The dogs are normally cuter in pictures but we literally woke them up asking if they wanted to be little spatula runners and then took pictures of them. I cannot tell you how many times the words “spatula runner” has been spoken in our house the past few weeks!

    Congrats to the winners!!!!

    • Ya, I kinda mushed your pics to squeeze them into that collage – yours was one of the first ones I made so in hindsight I may have done it differently. but we loved it. We loved so many to be honest…….everyone had a hard time choosing.

      and I love it! spatula runner :)

  7. Jealous of the Handful Bra winner! Of course :). But stoked on GU! I was seriously wondering if I would even come close to winning anything with the time I ended up running. Funny story- I take 2nd place ALL. THE. TIME. I should start aiming for second and then maybe I’ll hit 1st! Ha ha ha.

    You are so cute. These videos made my night.

    • hahahaha well congrats on 2nd place…again πŸ˜‰ “1st the worst, 2nd the best” remember that childhood rhyme?? (no offense Laura) CONGRATS!

  8. Wow, I won?!? All top four 10k runners were so close! I’m so excited about the calf sleeves and the shirt, yay! Thanks again for hosting… you did an awesome job putting so much work into this. And I love the vlog with Logan’s participation, he’s too cute!

  9. yay! I’m so excited! thanks for hosting the race! im so glad you were able to run your own race and I cant believe I actually placed! Im super excited to get one of your awesome shirts!

    • Congrats Steph! and I hate to pop your excitement bubble but the shirts were only for the 1st place peeps. I wish I could give one to everyone but that would get super expensive. I forget what the video said you won but that’s all you’ll take home this time. However, you did awesome and thanks for participating!

  10. Yes! So excited to win! And very glad I got randomly paired with the super speedy Christy. (Thanks for being so fast, Christy! :)

    Your videos with Colin are so great – Tim and I just watched them all. You guys are very cute together!

    • Ya in the vid of the team picking on fb Logan drew you out together, and then ran away with your name – I gave you a shout out πŸ˜‰ and my enthusiasm over your name coming out was really hard to mask πŸ˜‰ lol

      email me! and we will get your info and get you your prize!

  11. YAY!! I won a prize and it’s a TC product too!! Thank you so much:)
    What a great way to start the day seeing all of the photos. I had such a laugh over them!! Congrats to everyone AND a congrats to Ali (and your hubby) for organizing this project!

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  14. Love all the videos!! This was such a cute idea, and Logan is too adorable! ha Love it! Loved everyone’s photos those are so cute!
    This was so fun! Although I did not win, I still loved it! ha You should make this an annual thing Ali!!!!

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