Updates, Abs & Toddler Fears

Hey All! 

First on today’s agenda – did you win a Spatula Runners prize???go check out the vlogs announcing the winners!


Second, I know a lot of you have expressed interest in doing the Arms and Abs Aprilwith me so I’ve decided to upload videos demonstrating each move to my facebook page, for anyone that cares to follow along. It’ll be good for anyone that doesn’t know what a specific move is or how to do it. 

*please note I am not that strong or fit yet, so it’s basically like watching yourself in the mirror*


I’m off tonight so I think I may try to get on my bike and go for a ride :) I actually may even do my 13 miles for Jess’ JellyBean Race 😀 I’m pretty excited, as it’s been far too long since I was allowed to bike. I’m looking forward to some cross-training and building my cardio back up.

Anyway, what I really want to talk to you guys about is Logan. He’s been having a difficult time lately…..

with monsters! 

if only they were all blue and furry and cookie obsessed


He says there’s a man that’s in his room – which we have been dealing with lightly. We asked him if the man leaves if he asks him to go away and Logan said yes, so we’ve been telling him to just ask him to “go away” so far this has been working.

Now it’s got to the point where Colin or I will hear him saying “go away, go away” in his room when he’s alone. At least we’re empowering him. 

I know children and monsters is such a common thing but we don’t want to do the whole “what is real for you isn’t real” we don’t prod him about it either. We just support him and give him “monster slaying” tools.

He even made his own bed in the family room so the “monster wouldn’t get him”

For those of you that haven’t been reading me long, I am actually terrified of spirits, monsters and creeping things that I’ve seen in scary movies so this has been a REAL test for my as a mother. I’ve got to be strong and not scared, or else I’ll pass it on over to Logan.



1. are you in for the April challenge? 

remember to follow up on facebook for videos and support!

2. if you have kids – how did you deal with this phase?? 

I also haven’t discussed it much on the blog but my father has passed, so sometimes I wonder if maybe he’s around? Is that crazy to think?

3. are you afraid of silly things like me??

I am seriously still afraid of the dark, I’ll be 30 this year folks! 


53 thoughts on “Updates, Abs & Toddler Fears

  1. For about a year, I was terrified of Chuckie (from Child’s Play) and was thoroughly convinced he was under my bed, ready to strike. I was in fourth grade.

    I scare easily, but now, I love those scary movies and all things terrifying. Go figure!

  2. This is exactly what I need!!! This is so great you are doing the videos otherwise I would have no clue! I will definitely be starting this today!
    I get so scared at horror movies. The next night I always have to have one of my dogs sleep with me. 😀 I watched The Shining once. omg, I didn’t sleep for a week after that!

    • lol my vids are pretty pathetic but I just wanted some people that maybe couldn’t do it to be able to join in :) and you’d better join my facebook page if you don’t already 😉

    • hahaha that’s amazing PAUL!!!!! lol :) he has some teddys, but mainly loves stuffed puppies. Although, I don’t think it was a coincidence that when this started he asked to sleep with him stuffed rhinoceros! 😉 lol

  3. I still have to figure out what April needs to look like, but I probably can’t do an ab challenge, sorry. Considering I flaked on your virtual race that’s probably for the best.

    We had this thing with Ian called “No Bad Dreams” where you “pulled” the bad dreams out of his head by tussling his hair 3 times while chanting “no bad dreams, no bad dreams, no bad dreams”…then you punt the bad dreams out the window.

    As to 3 I’d have to say “not sure”. Need to think about it.

  4. I hate scary movies. Nightmare on Elm St traumatized me for years. Two ideas for the monsters: 1. I have heard of using a spray bottle with a soothing scent (like water mixed with a little chamomile) as “anti-monster spray”. You or Logan can spritz the air to keep the monsters out, because they’re allergic to the spray. (I might have made up that last part, but it’s something like that). I wouldn’t necessarily use lavender because there has been some research that says it’s not good for boys’ hormone development. I can’t tell you more about that, but you could probably google it :)
    The other thing: when I was little my parents had me flip my pillow whenever I woke up from a bad dream. It was like a reset button for my brain and I wasn’t afraid to go back to sleep. It still works to this day :)
    Wow, monstrously long comment.

    • I loved this comment, very helpful. I’m going to get a spray bottle tomorrow :) and – good call, no lavender (I didn’t know that)

      Love the flipping the pillow thing, I may try that when I wake up scared 😉

  5. Question 1- I am also looking at an April Abs month! We are heading to the beach in June, so I gots to get the ab pack working!

    Question 2- Luckily I never had to deal with that with any of my 3 boys, al though I do not believe in spirits or anything.

    Question 3- I hate snakes, and germs. I am almost a germophobe. I hate touching door knobs and handrails in public!

    • NICE James! I am so happy you’ll be rocking some April abs alongside me.

      I don’t want to believe in spirits, but my stupid imagination does :( lol

      and I’ve never minded germs, but I think it’s good to be cautious of them :)

  6. Look at you rockin’ those moves! :) I’m going to try really hard to do the challenge, but since we already do so much I might have to skip a few days. I am going to do it today, though, when I get home from work.

    I would say you are doing your best with Logan, and just try to be strong for him! I hate scary movies and I hate haunted houses, even little cheesy ones, so I just don’t do them.

    • I am with you – I hate all things scary. argh!

      and YAY for abs – if you miss some days, I think that’s ok when you’re training for a tri!

  7. Ok I’m so glad someone shares in my fear of all things scary! Seriously I would have a hard time if Em was struggling with a monster. Like I wouldn’t want to be in the room! It would certainly be a test for me! I can’t watch horror movies…like can’t even watch the commercials!!! My husband has fine tuned the art of changing the channel at just the right time!

    I’m going to head over this afternoon to check out the challenge….they kind of block fun and exciting things like facebook here at work….something about low productivity or something silly like that! Whatever!

    • hahahah Nancy I’m the same way! Colin tells me to close my eyes when a scary commercial comes on (I even have to plug my ears, as sometimes just the noise is enough) I think my imagination is just too active so I don’t need anymore “material” so to speak.

  8. I would show him a picture of your dad, and see what his reaction is. If it is your Dad, then he would indicate it is the monster. I would ask him if it is a friendly monster, what he does, says, plays with, etc.

    • Oh Lindy – I can’t even wait to tell you his reaction

      we showed him a pic and asked if he was the man. he said “Oh no, that man gives me candy” (!!) lol

      I have yet to post the story of my dad but I was afraid of him in real life, so he’s definitely a monster to me! AHHHH

      • hahahahaa, I would then show him more pictures, my guess is that it is a spirit. I would ask him the color of his hair, if he is nice, etc. Does he play with any of his toys, or color?

        • He doesn’t like it when we push him to talk about it. My mom is pretty gifted in these ways (she goes to psychic retreats and such) so I’ll get her to come over :)

  9. SO CUTE! I have an irrational fear of Mascots (the kind that cover their heads). I know – crazy!

    I need to try this April thing! I am going to evaluate my calendar and figure it out!

    • NICE – jump on board, it literally takes 5-10mins of your day! easy. and mascots, I can totally see that – I hated when the McDonalds characters walked around in the stores when I was young. We would all scream and hide under the table. lol

  10. First off, you have to go check out this blog post:


    It is all about hip/groin flexibility and stretches! (and announces that I won the Road ID, YEAH!)

    Second, I’m in for the April challenge. I am going to try my hardest to to do all of the days. I need to tighten up the flab!

    I really have no tips for this phase, sorry.

    I’m with you, still kind of scared of the dark. Whenever I stay in a hotel by myself I have to keep the TV or bath light on. I watched The Shining by myself Saturday night and was FREAKED out!

    • first – The Shinning is a weird one!

      second – YAY try and get in on some abs :)

      third – I LOVE CAIT!!! and her blog posts help me more than she’ll ever know. However, I missed this one so THANK YOU!

      forth – YAY congrats on a Road ID WIN!!!!

  11. I am SO in for the April Arms and Abs, I was just thinking about how I needed to worth both those areas!!

    Poor little Logan! Is he dreaming that there is something in his room and then waking up scared? Or is he in there trying to fall asleep and sees something? If it’s the second, it might be a wierd shadow or something from an odd angle, sometimes you can get rid of the fear by showing him the logic behind it.

    If it’s the first, kid is like me! I have really scary dreams then wake up thinking there is something there. Example, once I woke up and was standing on my pillow pressed up against the wall, TERRIFIED that there were snakes in the bed. I made my husband turn on the lights and prove to me there weren’t and this was like last year…

    I love that you’re empowering him to speak up for himself, I think that will work wonders.

    • we’ve shown him the logic around shadows and we even had some fun doing the hand shapes, the dog, rabbit, bird on the wall :)

      we are just going to take it one incident at a time as the LAST thing I want to do is project something scary onto him when it very well could just be a bad dream :)

  12. I am in for the April Challenge!
    As for the phase, we talk to our children about praying and asking GOD to help them be strong and let them know over and over there are not monsters. That phase can be very hard.

    • That seems to help a lot of people, I’m not religious, but I am very spiritual. I’ll try telling him that he has God there and see if that helps him.

      This is my first child so I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before. Thanks for the suggestions Andrea :)

  13. Weird ….we just watched Long Island Medium (I think that’s what it was called) last night while also watching the ACM award show. And I caught an episode of 10 year olds who had the gift to talk to spirits …they were scared and unsure of what was happening in their head until they talked to older adults who also had the gift. I love that kind of stuff so I was so intrigued.

    Anyway, one 10 yr. old would tell her mom about a guy who would come in her room at night….the mom brushed it off as her imagination, then put locks on her windows afraid someone may actually be coming in during the night, and finally she got mad at her daughter so the daughter quit talking about her visitor. Turns out the “older mediums” told her to talk to the “spirit”…ask him his name, why he was visiting, and he would answer her. Then, they told her to “tell him to leave when she wanted him to leave so she could sleep”….she did so and it worked….the spirit started coming by earlier and wouldn’t bother her at night any more.

    What if Logan has been visited by your dad’s spirit? SO COOL if so….if only he were older to talk to the “man” and find out. 😉

    • and my dad was the furthest thing from cool 😉 he scared the crap out of me when he was living, so the thought of his dead spirit around me is even scarier. I find NO comfort in that 😉

      and you’re right – we’ve asked him things but he’s too young to discuss it properly, so we just leave it alone. All we really want from this is to be supportive and validate how he feels.

      I don’t care about what’s real and what isn’t – I want him to know that I believe him :)

  14. I’m so glad you shared the Arms and Abs April! I have been looking all over for some April Ab deal! I loved the March one! I just changed my desktop picture, ready for the new challenge!!! :)

  15. yes! i am afraid of silly things too…i am always worried someone is around when they arent. i never worry about it during the day…but at night sometimes i will wake up randomly all scared. so dumb but i guess a perk of living alone. i hope L gets over his fear of monsters soon! at least he is looking super cute in that pic :)

  16. My middle son used to have night terrors – they’re worse than nightmares. And he’d often come running in to us in the middle of the night still caught up in the horror of what he was dreaming. He would point to the ceiling and make such scared, unintelligible sounds. It would totally freak me out. But all I could do would be to hold him until his mind settled.

    Most kids go through a monster phase but luckily it doesn’t last forever.

  17. Some nights when I have to go pee, I can’t look in the mirror or out of the window in the bathroom because I’m afraid of seeing….. ET.


    As in, “Phone. Home”

    I turned 35 a week ago!

    Abs. Yes, I must do something this month. Tonight, I worked and ate rosebuds though. Oops? HAHA.

  18. I’m actually big into the paranormal (though I can’t watch a scary movie), so I would say never rule out the possibility that Logan IS aware of something you aren’t. I know a LOT of people don’t believe in that kind of thing, but it’s just my 2 cents worth. Telling him to ask the “monster” to “go away” is a REALLY great idea, actually. It’s empowering for him, no matter WHAT is bothering him.

    Something else you might try if it continues … when my brother went through that phase, my dad gave him “monster repeller spray”. It was just water in a spray bottle, but my brother sprayed it in his closet and around his bed and it helped him sleep until he outgrew his nightmares.

    • PS – I STILL can’t look at a pile of stuffed animals too close because of that scene from ET where he’s hiding in the stuffed animals. Oh, and I can’t see a furby becuase of the Gremlin movie. My parents gave me one for Christmas years ago and I took it out of the box long enough to make sure there weren’t any batteries and then put it back in the box, backwards so I wouldn’t see its face. Creepy little booger.

  19. I don’t have kids yet so I’m interested in everyones comments – I’m like you, I’ll be 30 in July and I’m afraid of the dark and still have chronic bad dreams! eek! When I was a kid my Dad used to tell me to close my eyes and think up a good ending to the bad dream, like visualize Dad coming in and fighting off the bad guys like a ninja. It helped me then and I still do it now :)

  20. oh, and you might want to google this ritual- you burn a sage stick (dried sage tied together – you can sometimes get them at whole foods) and wave the smoke around the windows and doors and then burn sweet grass in the same way – the sage is to cleanse you/the home of bad spirits and energy and the sweet grass is to attract good spirits and energy. I’ve done it before after a painful breakup where I felt my whole spirit was affected and I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know of its validity but you might want to look it up.

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