Hair trends, June Calendar & Cute Logan.

First let me just get honest with you (as if I’m not already right?) and tell you this post is going to be more random than usual…..

I’ve been addicted to trying new things with my hair now that I don’t have layers! Long boring hair – who knew it would prove so amazing!!!

One of my new favourites….

I’ve also youtubed and learned how to do a fishtail braid in my own hair and have since begun working on my messy side bun. I don’t consider myself a fashionistia, but I do like to stay on trend ;)

Anyway, in other news we have a new June Challenge calendar courtesy of Desdra @ Domestic Diva in Training.

The large file is here and also on my monthly challenge page. No more ab calendars this month! We’re doing the whole body!!!

I will make an Ab calendar and put one up for June on my monthly page too. However, this month I have decided to do something different. I think for me I’m sick of dropping back down at the start of each month so I am proposing we do 60sec planks every day in June!


In Logan news there are LOTS of pics and projects I want to show you as I’ve become obsessed with Pinterest. Just like you all told me I would. It didn’t happen right away, actually I made it months after joining but now I want to do like 5 million DIY projects. I’ve been doing lots of fun crafts with Logan but I’ll post about that later ;)

For now you can see these two phone pics I deemed blog worthy:

cookie monster.

ipod shuffler.



1. are you still doing the calendars??

2. what is your favourite go-to hairstyle??

Ponytail! – classic. 

PS: I posted an easy Lemonade recipe this morning – you can check it out here :)