1 Year! Dance moves and Rex workouts

I know nobody likes reading this, but too bad – I’m saying it: I’ve been super busy!

I have! I feel like I can’t handle everything that’s been on my plate over the last month and I am so excited for it to be wrapping up and coming to a close. I MISS you and I will admit that I feel like the biggest slacker blogger. I know I was trying not to apologize for not commenting and visiting you all as much but I am sorry. I miss getting to know each and every one of you :) I love this community and there’s nothing I want more than to play an active role in it. So bare with me while I try to recover my blogging mojo :) xo

I also want you all to know that today is my first year anniversary with Colin <3 xo I am SO excited to give him his present tonight. I obviously can’t tell you what it is now, but it took me a long time to finish and if I’m being completely honest – I’m actually still working on the finishing touches today 😉

this is me trying to look sultry while showcasing my wedding ring….. did it work 😛

My cousin is getting married on Saturday and I just bought a dress that I feel makes me look like Rachel Berry – probably nothing some awesome red heels can’t fix :) The dress does do all the right things for my body type.

I’m really struggling with clothes right now. Since I’m turning 30 this year I feel like I’m either a) too young for everything or b) too old for everything. I wanted a dress that was wedding appropriate but that made me feel sexy. I don’t know that this is the one but I bought it anyway. Despite feeling like I might break into a glee number 😉

Speaking of glee – who watched the season finale last night?? what did you think??

PS: does anyone else notice that Mercedes hair length is constantly changing??

In other news I’ve been trying to learn how to do the thriller dance…..

….and logging it as a workout 😉 <—— hardest thing ever!

I’ve been keeping up with my running, so has Colin – you may notice a comment on my workout above – someone “can’t wait to see it” ….hmmmmm, who could that be? better add him 😛

Mandy had asked about how I stretch Rex out so I got Colin to take some pics of me doing it after they got in from yesterday’s run….

I don’t know what I’m doing but Rex loves it 😀 I just try to treat his legs like I would mine: apply pressure slowly while pulling the muscle out until he resists and then backing it off a little bit. He even rolls over for the other side, so I must be doing something right.



1. do you like that black dress or am I too old for it?? 

2. any weddings or other fun events coming up in your life??

2 family weddings this year and I’m excited :)

3. when is your anniversary??

May 23rd!


PS: don’t forget to enter my Sweat Pink GIVEAWAY!!!!! 


47 thoughts on “1 Year! Dance moves and Rex workouts

  1. I love the dress! You look great in it. Yes – a little Rachel-esque but aint nothing wrong with that.

    I didn’t watch Glee yet – but I will today or tonight. I am pumped and thanks for no spoilers!!

    Peter and mine’s is May 16th :)

  2. Umm, there is NO way you are going to be 30! Nope, no way!

    I love the dress. It looks great on you! No weddings here but we’ll be making a very exciting announcement this summer. 😉

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a special night! Ours is Nov 17.

  3. Yes, the black dress looks like a keeper….

    Sad to say we have been attending more funerals in the past years then weddings….I am hoping that changes soon. ;-(

  4. I love that black dress. It looks beautiful on you and will be gorgeous with some colorful accessories!

    Happy Anniversary to you guys! Today is our anniversary too. We are celebrating three years!

    That’s neat that you stretch Rex after you run. I’ve noticed Lucky does a great job stretching himself while Sasha just plops down and glares at you for making her run so fast.

  5. Yes to that dress. Its so cute and you can totally glam it up with colorful accessories/shoes.

    I hope there is a video of the Thriller dance. And I hope you share it.

    Happy Anniversary!! haha matt and I picked a random day to have our anniversary (august 15). We didnt have the traditional beginning to a relationship. I guess its time to get married to have a concrete date!

    • Thanks Heather and every date is kind of random. Maybe you will get married one day – then you can pick any date you want :)

      and I hope we get a vid too 😉

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I love the black dress!! And I’m in my early 30s. I would wear that. I think red heels would be perfect! You can’t go wrong with a pair of those!
    Haven’t watched Glee yet..ahhh!! Our TV was acting up last night so I don’t know if it even recorded. :(
    Our anniversary is Aug 5…coming up on 6 years. Wow!

    • Thanks for confirming I need red heels. I thought it might be amazing :) and I trust another woman my age! lol and I hope you get to see glee. It wasn’t great but meh.

  7. 1. do you like that black dress or am I too old for it?? I love the black dress and you are not too old for it! My god, you are not even 30! 😉

    2. any weddings or other fun events coming up in your life??
    I am off to Dallas this weekend and then in June we are celebrating my Grandma’s 80th birthday with a surprise trip to Branson.

    3. when is your anniversary??
    Happy Anniversary!

    My 23rd anniversary is August 17.

  8. those pictures of you and Rex cracked me up, he DOES look like he’s enjoying that!

    how is the back of the dress? i think it looks so cute from the front! i actually have a similar dress.

    no weddings coming up that I know of 😉 but i’m pretty psyched to go to chicago for my marathon this fall.

    anniversary is december 4th! just kind of sucks that its close to the holidays but we still have a nice time together.

    • The back it like a big strip down the back (with a black zipper running up it) it’s cool. I love it

      and that’s ok you can change your anniversary if you do ever get married 😉 lol

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! You look awesome in it! I have never been to a wedding. I know!
    Love the Rex stretching pictures. I just tried it on one of my dogs but im pretty sure she fell asleep. 😛
    Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

  10. I love the dress! I think it looks perfect :) I do agree with the red shoes comment though!

    I’m adding Colin on Dailymile! He better accept!

    Our wedding anniversary is July 31, two years coming up! Our dating/engagement anniversary is September 20th, 8 years in the fall :)

    • Nice, I’m glad you agree for red heels!

      and he might – you will note he has like 3 runs, all a month apart 😛 lol

      and your anniversary is coming up!

  11. I love the dress!!! You look amazing!
    Happy Anniversary!!! I can’t wait to find out what you made him!
    Ours is November 1st, it’ll be 7 years of dating, no marriage yet for us!

  12. LOVE the black dress! You look so great in it- I don’t think it looks too young at all. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Our Anniversary is August 21st, and this year we will be celebrating 9 years. Holy Toledo! I can’t believe it. Enjoy your day and enjoy each other!

    • Holy Toledo is right! you must’ve got married young :) and I know you and Dallas are so great together….so I love that it’s been 9 years already!

  13. I think the black dress looks great! I figure I don’t have to stretch Sandy before or after we run because she is constantly stretching herself. :)

    Our anniversary is October 6th, five years this year and we are celebrating by going back to Maui (where we spent part of our honeymoon).

  14. Two years ago on a cruise, my wife and I learned the Thriller dance, it was fun, but I was hundreds of miles away from home and no one knew me, so it was easier for me to dance!

    • THANK YOU! I was literally JUST saying to Colin that I wanted a sexier dress. I appreciate your honesty :) xo Hope you and V are loving every day!

  15. Congratulations on your first anniversary… to both of you! I am so happy that you have such a nice family with Colin and Logan and Rex, too.

    Love the ring, and the dress and the girl!

    Both The Captain and I wish you a lifetime of happy times together. <3

  16. I really like the black dress and no you’re not too old for it. In fact, from my perspective of almost 50, you’re just a young thing and you should enjoy wearing whatever you want and looks good on you. And if you feel the need to beak out into a Glee song I hope it’s “Raise your Glass” and you can only do it during the formal part of the reception.

  17. I know what you mean about not knowing what age group to dress for!! I love the black dress! It’s only suited for Glee if you wear knee socks and flats!! Happy anniversary…ours is in November.

  18. Happy Anniversary! I really like that dress! It looks great on you. I’m the same way, I just turned 30 on Sunday, and I feel like I should like too old for what I want to wear and too young for what I should wear. But I don’t feel 30, so I just wear what I want, including hot pink!
    Hope you guys had a great day!

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