Hey moms out there!

Enjoy your day – we have the hardest, most rewarding job in the world :)

YAY for being a mom!



1. what did you get today from your kids? or what did you buy for your mom??

I got a homemade card and a whole bunch of daffodils – my favourite flower :)

2. how you feeling today??

I just wanted to be able to tell you all that I woke up sick yesterday morning and I haven’t showered since – I feel like death. 

Hope you’re well!!!!




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22 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m feeling pretty good overall after a problem in my neck/shoulder that had me nearly in tears for a couple of days (pinched nerve, spastic muscle? not sure). I got cards, flowers, a new summer weight robe and nightgown (I picked out as I needed them) and a 2 ltr of Coke (LOL – my daughter picked that for me!). I also got to go out on a great bike ride and come home to my husband’s homemade waffles. Yay! It is a great Mother’s Day.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Being Mum is hard enough when you’re healthy.

    My Mother’s Day was lovely. Breakfast out with my boys then afternoon tea with my Mum. And Toby got to meet his doggy cousins so there was a little excitement.

  3. Aww! Hope you feel better! I’m only a mom to Sandy, my dog, but I think she appreciates it. :) I LOVE daffodils! They are my favorite flowers too! They always seem so happy. :) hope you have a great mothers day! Give Rex, Logan and Collin a kiss for me :)

    • Nice, I’ll take some pics of the ones now in my front garden….Colin planted them for me too :) and give Sandy a big hug for me (and sneak her some food under the table) lol

  4. My kids showered me with the best home made cards and presents, a hand drawn photo of me, and a Mother’s Day Song complete with dancing. There was also a gift from a sport store in there but Im taking that back.

    Yesterday was a nice but cranky, frustrating day. Weekends are so out of sorts. Should be an interesting summer.

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