Sweat Pink Giveaway!

*This Giveaway is now CLOSED* Thank you for participating :) 

Hey guys! So unless you live under a rock you’ve probably seen the Fit Approach Sweat Pink laces and tanks sweeping over the blog-o-sphere! I feel like everyone and their sister has become an ambassador for them and I can see why!

Fit Approach is a community dedicated to health and fitness. They wear their pink shoelaces proudly and I was certainly happy when the girls over there offered to let me giveaway some of their cool pink gear!

Their mission:

We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard. We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no strangers to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick.” – Fit Approach.

Although I am not one of their ambassadors, I definitely like what these young ladies are doing. I won’t bring down another fitness “community” but unlike the others I’ve seen Fit Approach seems to have fitness and health as their top priority. I have never seen them utilized their blogger members for personal gain, which I have seen elsewhere. So if you’d like to join their community you should check them out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

They have their sweat pink gear for sale on their site and to be honest I felt pretty cool while running in mine 😉 They even have merchandise for guys! and if you live in the San Fran area you can go workout with them in the flesh! Sweet :) Jamie runs bootcamps and Alyse does amazing yoga.

Anyway, I love this movement and I thoroughly support anything that empowers women (and men) to feel better about themselves and stronger on both the inside and out.


If you’d like a chance to win a pair of sweat pink shoelaces and a tank:

  • leave me a comment below telling me why you want to win – what does wearing pink shoelaces mean to you?

*Looking good is a fine answer – as it’s mine 😉


If you’d like to have more Fit Approach funness you can check them out here:

*and if you aren’t sweating it out yet don’t worry – you can simply cover the “sw” and eat whatever you want like me 😉

*I will pick a winner on Monday may 28th. Good luck to everyone! 

62 thoughts on “Sweat Pink Giveaway!

    • Nice! You definitely need more pink laces. Even if you don’t win I think they’re only $2 on their site 😉 I think I’m going to buy more for my other two pairs of shoes lol

    • So true Jen! I feel the same way…..although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to a hot guy in a pink collared shirt 😉 lol

  1. I want the shirt as I work out in a male oriented muscle gym. I wear pink to keep my femininity in the dark sweaty environment. Sweating pink is totally awesome & I want to look great whilst working out!

  2. I’m an ambassador already for this wonderful orginization so I’m not going to enter the drawing. I just wanted to thank you for all the kind words & support!

    • Oh thanks so much Kelley. To be honest, as stated in this write up, I don’t like joining these types of things as I have seen other communities that are just about personal gain so to have the Fit Approach girls be active members in this running/workout/healthy community and have something that actually empowers people to feel good about themselves is GREAT 😉 I’d support that any day! Thanks for visiting

  3. Considering I love bright colors on everything I wear – I think I need these and I needed them yesterday! What a fun group to endorse. Cute tank as well! I’ll have to check out the website.

  4. I love to sweat pink! I have the laces, but would love to give a pair to my friend. As for the tank, who doesn’t need a tank to match her pink laces?

  5. OHHHH love it!

    I love pink AND fitness! (hello pink picnic table!) I even have the pink toilet paper in my bathroom!! :) yes, I’m disturbed!

  6. Pink is also my favorite color. I was the first born girl in my family and my Dad was so excited to have a daughter that he bought a pink suit and wore it to work (at the hospital!) for a week after I was born!

  7. So many reasons…..

    I need to add color to my black running attire…pink shoelaces would be just the THING to step it up….and the tank goes with out saying…adorable!!

    Wearing any thing pink related reminds me to run for my mother in law who died of breast cancer 5 years ago. (In fact we ran our impromptu 5K on Mother’s Day in her honor..it was great)

    And finally, my daughter loves to wear my clothes to run in….maybe the cool tank would motivate her too to run more this summer after her up and down (stressful) track season.

    THanks for the chance….

  8. Thanks so much for your kind words, Ali! Obviously not here to enter the giveaway, but just to say THANK YOU for spreading the sweat pink love and for being so damn awesome.

    Also: I love that you covered up the “sw.” You made me bust out laughing :)

    • haha! Thanks Alyse 😉 and I appreciate you giving me some pink swag, as I know now there is SWEATPINK everywhere! lol so I appreciate being involved 😀

      • OMG – we sooo appreciate all the kind words – you rock…all you ladies rock. We just LOVE having a community that we can talk to you all the time — offer support, seek advice and laugh together. That’s what this (SweatPink) is all about. 😉

  9. That tank is super cute! I want to win so that I can show off the 50 lbs I’ve lost since Avery was born in a cute tank! 😀

    Love their mission statement!

  10. I just got new pink shoes and these would look AWESOME on my new shoes. So much better than the ugly white ones I currently have. Besides what girl cannot rock her run when she is sweating pink! I love that!

  11. I want the pink laces as a little tribute to my best friend’s mom who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

  12. I would like to win because I think that the tanktop would make me look like an athlete. Also, my shoestrings seem really small to me, so it would be cool to have a new pair.
    I belong to a certain fitness community that irritates me and I have been wanting to leave, so I am heading off to check out Fit Approach and I am hoping that it is a good fit for me.
    Thanks Ali, for being you.

  13. Would love to win the pink!!! My day is not complete without something pink on! Absolutely my favorite and cant live without it! I even changed the handlebar tape on my bike to pink!

  14. I love their line, “We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities.” Too often I am scoffed at for wanting to display these qualities.I would love to “advertise” for a company that flaunts and accepts them.

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  17. Hi Ali,

    I need pink laces because for me pink signifies the fight against breast cancer which has affected my life as my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in successive years. When i am running and see my pink laces, i will fell empowered as a woman and know that if my mom and millions of other women have endured breast cancer, surely i can endure a few more miles.

    And of course, they will also match well with my teal running ride :)

    • Ning – thanks so much for entering – I was touched my this comment. I have no be affected by breast cancer but have known women who have: they are the some of the strongest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love your running mantra and I hope others can feel inspired rocking these pinks laces too :) xo

  18. I have pink running shoes! Pink laces would be perfect! Maybe I could double up with my reflective laces and the pink ones for a crazy pink lightning effect!

  19. Running and being active makes me feel sexier than any piece of lingerie could!! That’s why I sweat pink!

  20. I LOVE their mission! I love the bit about “looking great and feeling even better”. Sure running and fitness isn’t all (or even mostly) about “looking good”, but I know that when I run, and I do things that make my body look its best, I FEEL better and more confident, assertive, and proud :) I’d love to rock these laces!

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