Tommie Copper Compression Shorts: Review & Giveaway!

*GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* but if you want to buy – go here! this site has free S&H :) 

thank you for participating.  

Ok so I would just like to start this post by saying….


You are the reason I even have these shorts to review in the first place :) Remember back when you helped my Mom win all that awesome TC gear – she gave me the shorts because she doesn’t hurt in that area, like I do. I was recently diagnosed with OA of the sacrum, so I wanted to review these shorts from a joint pain perspective as well as an athlete.

Now I don’t think it’s any secret how I feel about Tommie Copper as a company and a product: I am 200% behind them. I like their gear and it works for me, as a runner and for my mom, as someone who suffers from chronic pain. You can read my previous review here and view my mother’s back story and thoughts on Tommie Copper here.


Tommie Copper compression shorts are ergonomically designed to relieve pain and enhance comfort in the lower torso and upper thighs. Tommie Copper’s Therapeutic Copper Compression provides unmatched comfort and wearability while providing the ultimate in therapeutic pain relief.” – from their website

  • Highly wickable fabric keeps skin dry
  • Stimulates blood flow, decreases inflammation and increases mobility
  • Gentle effective compression allows for 24 hour use, even while asleep
  • Comfortably and discreetly wear under pant or dress
  • Machine washable. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets as it masks the copper
  • Sold individually
  • They retail at $44.50/pair.


Things I liked:

  • easy to wash and wear (I wash mine in cold water and lay flat to dry)
  • extremely comfortable and, much like the rest of their gear, it isn’t tight like traditional compression gear.
  • helped with my sacrum osteoarthritis well at work and/or resting.
  • noticed a huge difference in my groin muscle pain while running in them. It felt similar to when I had used KT tape to tape my injury, but obviously more comfortable.
  • high waisted so they covered my lower back, which sometimes gets tight.
  • easy to move in.
  • easy to wear underneath clothing, even business attire and work wear.

*Yep, that’s a pencil skirt alright :)

Things I didn’t love:

  • the length needs to be longer. *although I seem to have the longest legs in the world, as I have seen others wearing them and they go to their knees, and lets not forget me in GR’s pants*
  • I didn’t notice any OA relief while I was running. I guess if the bones grind, they grind. *for recovery they were great though*

From an athlete perspective: 

I loved how high waisted they were so during recovery they also covered my lower back. Easy to sleep in, easy to run in, easy to workout in. They fit loose but they still work to compress sore muscles so why buy a tighter brand and be uncomfortable? 

From someone with arthritis:

I liked how after having them on for a few minutes I noticed my flare up getting better. Painless at work while walking, easy to wear under my clothes, managed my pain 90% of the time. Just needed an IbuProfen before a run. 

Bottom Line: Overall I really liked the shorts, I think there really must be something great in that material – oh ya, it’s COPPER! The copper works wonders. I can take anti-inflammatories and work a 4 hour shift and have severe pain in my tailbone but on shifts when I wore my shorts under my clothes I never noticed it :)



I love Tommie Copper and I think I have a product idea for them, that’s genius (I’ll take a %5 royalty) TIGHTS!

…nope, not running tights. Tights for women, as in hosiery! …..I would totally wear these under a skirt to work! covering my entire lower body right to my toes. *Think about it :)

I feel like I look 50 years old here….but that’s ok! I’m wearing “TC” 😉


Giveaway time!!!! 

Tommie Copper was kind enough to let me host their first shorts giveaway and they want one lucky reader to take home a pair of compression shorts for themselves!

To enter: 

* Leave a separate comment for each *

BONUS ENTRY! – tell me why you want these shorts!!!


GOOD LUCK! I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday the 14th :)

I also want to share that Tommie Copper is hosting their own Mother’s Day Contest so go check it out when you leave here :)

203 thoughts on “Tommie Copper Compression Shorts: Review & Giveaway!

    • TC had requested that you like and tweet with them. I had no issue with it b/c I follow them both places. On facebook they do fan of the week prizes, they host contests all the time and as a company they give away a lot :) I think you’ll find you keep following them, even after the giveaway 😀

      GOOD LUCK!!!

  1. I have no access to anything like this in my area; in fact most sport stores have never heard of compression gear, let alone any brand names. It would be super nice to try out.

  2. Also, I’d like a pair because I have some soft tissue damage in my back…and so sometimes my lower back gets so very sore…it would be awesome to have something to help with the pain!

  3. Why would I want them three reasons. 1) I own TC already and know their products work. 2) I am going to need all the help I can get to reach my 100 mile goal. Yeah, during one race. 3) I seriously think I suggested shorts to TC so I should probably get a pair. 😉

  4. I would love to win these shorts because I am a huge fan of Tommie Copper. I have the knee sleeves and absolutely love them. They helped me recover from my half marathon with no IT or knee pain

  5. I would love to win these for my significant other, Perry Ligon who desperately needs a pair. And his birthday is coming up! However, I would love to use these for myself as I try to stretch out a double in to a triple during softball games.

  6. Following them on Twitter! I’ve been dying to try compression gear as a new runner training for a marathon for the first time. Would love to win this!

  7. I have chronic lower back pain; it’s better now that I’m exercising, but I’d be really interested in seeing if my SI joint would feel better if I were wearing the shorts :)

  8. After the Marathon my hips and glutes were *aching* and nothing worked to make them feel better. My first thought was, “I need tommy copper pants!”. I’d love to try them and see if they help my IT band!

  9. I follow them religiously on Twitter but don’t have a Facebook account (personal choice). I would love these to help with my fickle hip flexors and quads. Here’s to hoping I’m the “chosen one”!!

  10. I would love to try another brand of compression shorts that maybe aren’t so tight. They don’t look like they cause a muffin top either 😉

    Maybe it would help with my recent hip flexor soreness.

  11. I want these shorts because I am always looking for some good compression gear. I also have occasional problems with my hip flexors and I am hoping this could help with it.

  12. I would love to win these because they look like a great fit and I think that they would give me added support for my thighs. I think they would be great to wear under some of my shorts that are too short to run in.

    yup..that’s why I want them.

  13. I want those shorts because I have YET to find a pair of compression shorts that wear and work like they are supposed to. I have tried and tired and if you say it works as well as it does, then I want to try them! I also want to try their calf sleeve for my leg. I am going to look into that for sure

  14. Why do I want to win these Tommie Copper shorts? Because in the running department, I’m a HOT MESS!!!! Hoping a little copper therapy will relieve some woes :) Great giveaway!

  15. It would be interesting to know how they perform for distances beyond 16 mi or as they say up North (25.749504 kilometers). Your thoughts?

    • Well I’d assume they’d be fine based only on their other products. I have run in their knee sleeves and calf sleeves at the same time for 18k at the furthest and they did their job. Since I can’t run very long right now I have no idea. I can’t give an honest answer.

  16. I don’t have Facebook:( bummer, but so excited that they have shorts now! I have their calf sleeves and I absolutely love them! I am waiting for a full body suit:)

  17. I would like these short so that I could use them during my upcoming crazy marathon training. I would also use them as I finish my triathlon training.

  18. And I want these shorts this second because I just woke up and my quads are sore (someone should have stretched better yesterday)

    I want these shorts in general because I have scoliosis which occasionally gives me lowback and hip pain

  19. i want these b/c i don’t have any!!! I’m a runner, therefore I need tommie copper shorts, right!? Thought so! 😉 runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  20. I would love to win these shorts, because I not only love the products TC offers, but they helped me (and continue to help) get through tendinitis of the knee and get through my arthritis in my knees. I have been having a lot of pain in my hip and lower back in the past couple weeks, and I think these shorts will be a huge help in relieving that pain!

  21. i would love to try their compression shorts after a great experience with their knee sleeves. I think it was your suggestion to try them in the first place if I remember right.

  22. “Easy to sleep in, easy to run in, easy to workout in.” Have you taken them off yet?? It sounds like these shorts are a winner.

  23. TC’s copper compression gear is so helpful with pain relief in the joints and muscles and I would love these shorts for helping with my hip pain that develops during my longer runs.

  24. And I would love to try these shorts because I love how well compression socks work, I can only imagine the bliss that a pair of compression shorts must be! I suffer from all kinds of hip, thigh, low back and pelvic problems, I think these would be wonderful. Oh, and May 14th is my birthday so that would make a wonderful gift! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  25. I feel terrible..after you couldn’t join my giveaway (even though I left you in there 😉 ) I think they would be great for those long runs I should be doing 😉

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  27. I have hip pain and degenerating disks in my lower back. Several knee surgeries too. Ice and ibuproferen everyday. Lots of therapy every week. I need relief and hope these shorts will help. Already a follower on Twitter and FB. I just can’t afford to buy all of these TC products.

  28. I actually want these shorts for the husband because I just bought some of my own TC shorts and I’m in love with them and I don’t want him to take mine!

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  32. I want these because I have been looking for a pair of compression shorts but i cant decided on in one. I liked that you told us what u liked and didnt like about these. I am heading to fb and twitter to like these!

  33. Bonus: I’ve heard really good things about compression shorts, but I haven’t had a chance to try any out. Your review sounds great; I love the versatility of them. I don’t really have any pain yet (**knock on wood**), but I’m hoping that compression shorts would work for prevention as well…?

  34. I would LOVE to try these shorts! Beside the occasional hip pain, I’m finding I like running in compression shorts more and more as a comfort thing. As I lose weight, the skin around my hips, butt, and lower stomach aren’t tightening up as fast so they “jiggle” and chafe. Plus, I get that seriously irritating inner-thigh rub (woo chub rub!) and compression shorts COMPLETELY stop that! 😀

  35. Aaaaand also I could actually really use some compression shorts. My PT told me to get some to help with post-surgery healing but since I’m a poor grad student and can’t afford fancy compression gear, I’m currently using Spanx as compression shorts! Not quite the same thing lol

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