3 Things I made over the weekend:

Hey friends!

I was hoping to have an awesome run, scenic photo blog ready for you today but unfortunately my running partner had to cancel last night. I’m actually not upset about it because my legs needed a day off after my PR 😉 lol

I’ll be running with her this Sunday so get ready for Sunday long run posts again :) I remember how much everyone loved those ;P I know I did!


In other news. I actually cooked something blog worthy this weekend!!! YAY! so get ready for this recipe coming at you later this evening….

Yep, it’s a boneless pork rib roast! and it turned out amazing :) so stay tuned!


As you know I’ve also been really into making my house, into a home. So Colin and I got lots done this weekend and all that’s left is to pick some paint colours (suggestions are welcome) We’ve decided on the blue for our family room but need help with our bedroom…

Yep, we moved everything around and took the mirror from the dresser and hung it over the bed – 52lbs is over my head at night!!! talk about scary. I also already told you about our wedding art that’s on the opposite wall but I think it turned out great :)

Although I wanted to press some of my wedding flowers in the center word gram frame – but that wasn’t possible…..

….mould is never a good sign. I smelt it as soon as I opened the drawer :( I had pressed the flowers in a magazine, but I guess they never dried properly – anyone that lives in Hawaii want to send me some dried flowers?? 😉 Jenn?? Nessa??

The furniture is all mahogany wood, but it’s more golden orange than red. Colin wants our room green. Our bedding is the same as the pillow cases – the duvet cover is under construction 😉 The inside part is faux swede and gets far too hot in the summer so I bought a grey cotton sheet and plan on ripping the one part off and sewing the sheet to the duvet top :) 

You guys like seeing my home projects right???

Oh good! I thought so 😉

Here’s my finally finished bathroom – very homey if I do say so myself!

As mentioned earlier I painted all the canvasses and pressed leaves on them, using the colours in my bathroom to tie everything together. We bought that shelf from Ikea on the weekend and I mixed paint to match the mirror and cabinet. I also bought those candles there as well. The pine cone comes all the way from Yosemite National Park in Cali and the branches come from the pine in my backyard. The “vase” is actually our first soap dispenser that broke. I replaced it but kept the old one because I knew I’d eventually use it.

What do you think??


Logan loves it all :) and life peeing on the potty too 😛

He’s back in pull ups after peeing all over me – I was NOT IMPRESSED.



1. do you pronounce is “v-ah-se” or “v-ay-se”??? 

I say v-ah-se. I like it better. No clue why. 

2. what colour do you think would look good in our bedroom?? (keep in mind it’s small, the wood is mahogany and our bedding is grey and black)

3. what is the last thing you did to make your house feel more like a home??

Hung a huge mirror on our wall and continue to frame pictures and make art :) I can’t wait till the basement is done and you guys can see it 😉

4. For all the moms – Logan can’t pull down his own pants, or pull them up – any tips or tricks to encourage this?? potty training would be easier if that skill was achieved. 

24 thoughts on “3 Things I made over the weekend:

  1. Love all your home projects! They look great!

    I say “v-ay-se”. 😉

    Last thing I did to make it a home? hung a cute lady bug picture in Avery’s room.

    • Thanks so much Mandy :) I love you and cute little Avery! I can’t BELIEVE how hot you are looking 😉 must be those new mountain clothes 😛

      and I wish and pray that I’ll one day get to raise a girl 😀

  2. YES! love seeing pics of your cute home! everything looks amazing! also..i must point out Rex’s face in that last pic…too hysterical! i always wonder to myself what dogs are thinking;)

    • JULIA! You really need to fix your link next time you visit. I notice that it never has your URL :(

      and Rex hates Logan – FACT. Logan is a lot better with him now but Rex wants nothing to do with him. lol

    • Thanks so much :) I liked them too. So far they’re my most expensive art project BUT the entire thing only cost me $45 :) and more than half of that was those dang 8X10 photos 😉

  3. I’m a V-ay-se girl.

    You’re bathroom looks great! I love your photos in your bedroom too! They turned out beautifully! I agree on Rex’s face in that bottom pic. Hilar!

    When my boys were little and potty training like Logan I found it easier just to let them go naked on the bottom when we were at home and if we were out I could just help them pull up/down their pants.

    • Oh Sam 😛 it’s “V-AH-SE!” 😛 just kidding. I think I may even be one of those weird people that switches every time they say the word.

      and YES! Logan has been naked or he’s always running around in a pullup or underpants. He just regressed. I think I scared him when I was screaming about him peeing on me. However, it wasn’t in anger – it was a reaction! Who wants pee on them 😉 lol

      NOT ME!

  4. Everything looks great!! The last thing we did was paint our extra bedroom (I used it as a scrapbooking room and my parents sleep there when they come visit).

    You could do a grey color on the bedroom walls, or some bright color :)

    I say v-ay-se :)

    • Thanks Jamie – and grey would be cool. but I think it may wash out everything. It’s hard to see when I don’t have the whole grey and black duvet on there.

      I want something soothing but that will make everything POP!

  5. We’re doing naked kids here too, but potty training is hard work, and I’m feeling nervous, they have to be trained by September and I feel like I’m not making any progress! Ah!

    • Potty training IS hard work. For boys especially. Logan is kind of OCD-esq with cleaning up and dirt so he gets grossed out when he poos…..so silly. We tried to tell him everyone poos but he freaks out.

      I think ups and downs are natural in learning so I’m just going to keep letting him lead the way and I’ll help him learn.

      Good luck :)

  6. Love the wedding pictures! I need to get back to decorating and painting my home. I told myself when my little guy was 4 we would start the painting all over since he loves to put hand prints all over everything. Who am I Kidding is that really going to stop at age four???!

  7. You are doing such a great job of making your place more homey! Cannot remember the last thing I did other than buy new place mats the last time we entertained. But we are revamping our deck and painting the girl’s rooms this summer.
    I’m inspired by your pork! Thing 1’s birthday party is this weekend and I need something easy yet festive to make.

  8. If Logan can’t manage to pull his pants up or down, I think you should train Rex to do it for him. He could become an assistance dog – not that I think that being un-toilet trained (is that a word) is a disability – it just seems classier than being just a pet with an awesome PR.

  9. I use reverse psychology all the time. I would tell him that you will beat him by pulling yours down first, to help him learn. Then struggle as you try to beat him. We race getting dressed very morning..and some days I brush my teeth, etc to be sure he wins. He even hides my clothes to be sure I don’t win 😉

    It saves us so much time.

    • what a fun idea. :) we do lots of joking and playing. It’s funny because he has no issues taking his pants and pullup off when it suits him but “can’t” when it’s potty time 😛

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