Guest Review: Paul Radcliffe on Bondi Band

Hey everyone! I have a special treat for you today :)

A while back I hosted a virtual race and Bondi Band was nice enough to donate some pretty cool dry wick headbands as prizes. I had wanted to do a review of their head bands but to be honest, I don’t wear headbands.

unless I’m modeling them for you guys….

*ya sorry I did wear the one I gave you*

So my good friend Paul Radcliffe, fellow Ontarian  😉 Had been searching for the perfect headband for his workouts and agreed to do a guest review of Bondi Band for me.

I hope you enjoy this review because I sure did! It helps when it’s coming from someone who actually needed the product and will use it regularly. It is also nice to get a male’s perspective in this women-dominated community :)



When I first started exercising about 3 years ago, I was discouraged that I would sweat a lot. It was really lousy that I would have to constantly towel off my face to keep exercising. It made me a bit resistant to work out at all.

I noticed an older gentleman at the gym wore a fuzzy headband to keep the sweat out of his eyes. It was one of those 80’s headbands. I remember that tennis player Rafael Nadal wears something similar so I convinced myself that I should wear them too. They have worked okay for me for years and now I have quite a collection. I like that they keep the sweat off my face and out of my eyes, but also allow heat to leave the top of my head. I wear headbands like this at gym and for hot yoga. I usually use a visor for running.

I’ve always had some dislike for these headbands. I actually worry that they hold in heat and make me warmer. They’re also really, really gross when they get full of sweat. There’s also a point where they stop working and sweat drips down on my face anyways. The style of these headbands is also so dated that I am resistant to wear them.

A couple of months ago, I won a prize from Ali Mc. It was a Bondi Band! I didn’t really know what it was, but a prize is a prize! It was a solid aqua coloured headband, but at least it wasn’t baby pink or solid magenta.

I wore it to the gym and was immediately impressed by it. First of all, it looks like something from the 21st century! More importantly, it was very, very effective at keeping the sweat out of my eyes and out of my face. And it didn’t make me warmer like the fuzzy headbands. I was impressed by how much sweat it absorbed. It was actually really heavy after the workout because it had absorbed so much sweat. Oh well, right into the washing machine.

I was so impressed by it that I wore it for a run recently. It didn’t bounce, shift or move, and was very effective at keeping the sweat away. And I think it actually almost looked cool, pushing my hair up and everything.

I like the product so much that I just ordered 5 more! I can’t think of a stronger endorsement!

There aren’t sold in any stores close to Toronto, so I ordered through their website. It’s a very clear and organized website! Bondi Band headbands come in a dizzying variety of colours. They can also have hundreds of different images and sayings printed on them. One of my favourites is the Batman Bondi Band. Their website even has an option for design your own Bondi Band! And they’re only $8 (plus shipping and taxes) each! Okay, some were $9, but still a really good price.

I found some online coupons and the FIVE coupon code really does work!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (Savings of $8)


Buy 5 for $25


As I said, I bought more which means I must like them!


Thanks so much Paul for sharing your Bondi Band experience with us! I am so happy that you loved their product. I think Bondi Bands look great on just about everyone – except me 😉 lol

If you’d like more places to find Bondi Band check them out here:

I also wanted to point out that ALL Bondi Band products are made in the USA – they even had some summer bands on sale for $5 right now too! So check it out!!!!



1. Headbands – YAY or NAY – why?

NAY! I don’t like my hair pulled straight back nor do I look good in them.

2. Do you own a Bondi Band??

3. Not a question but go check out Paul’s last race recap – some funny pics over there LOL :) 

PS: Paul’s blog is so complicated to post a comment on – so try to if you can figure it out 😛 lol

26 thoughts on “Guest Review: Paul Radcliffe on Bondi Band

  1. I don’t wear headbands, but this review made them sound great! Sometimes I think I should wear headbands since everyone else looks cute in them, but I think they look kind of strange on me!

    • agreed! I’m the same way – I feel like my forehead should never be bared to the world. I don’t even like pulling my hair straight back. lol

  2. Great review! I don’t like anything on my head while running, but at a recent race expo I bought several bondi bands. I like them enough that if I’m going to wear something, this is it. :)

    • Nice Mandy – I’m the same way I can;t wear hats or anything I ALWAYS get a headache. I’m a energy/chakra believer so I always think AHHH it must be blocking my crown chakra ;P lol Nerd alert!

  3. I bought a couple bondi bands and they didn’t stay put.I recently found one in the house and might give it a try again.
    Also you can often find Bondi Bands booths set up at race expos.I saw them at the Toronto Goodlife expo.

    • I have never run in one! I was injured at the time they were in my possession and when a guy won a prize I had to give him the “manliest” one 😉 lol

      I liked Paul’s review though….makes me want to try one again. Maybe I’ll wait and pick one up at an expo like you said 😉 thanks Sarah

  4. I always wear headbands and LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bondi Bands. I also like the Lulu Bang Buster. They’re both great at keeping my flyaways back and soaking up the sweat. Great job on the review Paul! Love from another Ontario girl! <3

      • No, this has no silicone in it. It’s the only type of Lulu band that I’ll wear. It’s really wide but I like to bunch it up. Some girls look really cute in them. I don’t, but they work for me so who cares. LOL

  5. I wear headbands alll the time. They are pretty much the only thing I do with my hair! I wear braids with headbands, ponytails with headbands, buns with headbands.
    I LOVE my active bands. 😀 I wear them all the time! I also have some other ones I got for like $3 at target but those slip all over the place. 😛 Bondi bands look awesome! And I love the review!

  6. Hi there I hope you are feeling better now!!
    Thank you so much for this post….I like headband!!!
    I don’t own one :( But I will buy some soon!!!
    It’s so cool I saw Paul while I was running Missisaugua Half!!!
    That is super cool!!! Have a lovely day…

  7. I like the look fo headbands and have a bunch, but they tend to pinch, or slide off my head. I have a bondi band, but I find it looks funny on my head because it sticks up, then it flaps up and down. Going to check out Paul’s blog!

  8. I LOVE my Bondi Band! Bought it at the Rock n Roll expo a few years ago and have worn it out. My hair is too short to pull back and I hate it flapping in my face! Great review!

    BTW, took a quick naked run this weekend and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

  9. I sometimes yay headbands and then nay them. I find using bobby pins for running works best and headbands for spinning are efficient enough. These look like they would work for running – though – but I am scared they would make me look weird like most headbands!

  10. Thank you Paul for the review, great to read an independent review as I have just ordered a whole bunch of these (on a code I found *SHAPE* I think it was) so looking forwards to have them wick my sweat away as well :-)

  11. I do not use head bands, but I do pin my hair back with bobby pins. Nothing worse than sweaty bangs falling into your eyes. I am hoping to get back to a little running soon. The pneumonia took a lot out of me!

  12. Thanks for the review Paul – I’ve been looking for something that is lighter than a cap and less 80’s than a sweatband. Although I’m fair skinned and bald I won’t wear these in the burning sun, they will be nice for cooler days. Love the fact they have a Union Jack and a batman one. For a hat, the sweatevac skull cap works great.

  13. I ordered two bondi bands, and i am so excited to try them out. I have the world worst fly aways and nothing has every worked to keep them off my face, and when i sweat my hair sticks to my face. so i am so excited to try this product. It was hard to just pick one so i got two

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