New PR – Rex’s Recap

I’m not a talented writer. Sometimes I sit and wonder why anyone even reads my blog πŸ˜‰ so you won’t find a cool Rex told version of the race here. He’s a dog and doesn’t talk. So I’ll be telling you how this race went from my perspective – the pack leader πŸ˜‰

Race eve I took Rex out for a really slow and easy 3/4 mile jog and we walked to make sure the hands free leash set up using a SPIbelt would work. I usually tie his leash around my waist, but that always leaves me constantly adjusting it so I’m glad we used this belt + shorter lead option. Hands free is always safer πŸ˜‰

The morning of the race I got up and walked Rex around the block while drinking my tea – that’s how slow and connected we were. It was a walk to burn off psychological energy. I knew the race people and other dogs would get him excited so I wanted to make sure he was calm and submissive before we even left. <—– see I think I’m a pack leader.

We packed everything up and headed to the race. Rex was excited but I made him sit in the car (with the door wide open) until Logan, Colin and all the gear was out of the car. Then I invited him out. *for anyone training their dogs, these small steps are key!

I felt really good upon arrival. The only thing that worried me was the heat. I didn’t know if it’d be too much for Rex. However, I didn’t have any time goals so I knew we could always stop to walk or go at a slower pace.

Logan was ready and loving every second of the event πŸ˜‰

*yep, those are girls sun glasses. But they were Dora and yellow – so he loves them. Thanks Gma!

Logan also got to see a puppy – which is his most favourite thing in the whole wide world = PUPPIES!!!!!

My brother came out to cheer me on and he said – hey why not ditch the dog and get a PR…..but I declined and said this was Rex’s race.

I’m so glad I did because when we lined up at the start it was apparent he was the only dog running today. He sat there nicely and was anxious to get going.

As soon as the starting gun went off Rex followed no issues. He was a bit harder to control than he normally is, as at first he didn’t like that people were running behind him. He kept trying to look behind. However once the crowd spaced out we got into such a rhythm that I didn’t even need to worry about him. It felt like I was running alone.

I turned on my ipod stopwatch (I wasn’t running with music but had no other watch so I had that tucked into my waterbottle pouch) about 2 mins into the race. As I completely forgot. So when we hit the 2km mark and I check the time and it said 13 mins I was happy. Β I figured that was a good pace for finishing in 30mins.

Rex doesn’t like to drink water on the fly – ever. I always offer it to him but you have to stop completely and even then most times he won’t take it. It was so hot that random passerby’s were yelling at me for running with Rex. “It’s not fair!” “He needs water” – DOGS PANT TO SWEAT – FACT! Anyway, I stopped once to offer him water after that because I felt guilty, however he took none and we wasted 15secs πŸ˜›

* side story: after the race my brother told me I should make dog running pamphlets and toss them at ignorant people like that while I’m running. FYI – I’m totally doing it. I can’t tell you how many people yell at me for running with my WELL TRAINED dog well their canine is barking their head off trying to get off the leash to attack me πŸ˜‰ BRAVO!

Anyway, At the half way point Rex was picking up the pace. This surprised me. I was really feeling the heat and I didn’t want him to burn out so I kept reminding him – “Let me keep the pace or you’ll crash” – he listened.

At approimately the 3.5-4k mark there was a water station. We stopped and the girls tried to give Rex water, he wouldn’t take it so I said can you just pour it over him. All the girls poured their cups of cold water over him and when we started to run again he was ready to race :)

We took off!

I was even holding back, wanting to maintain some steam for the last 200 meters.

When I saw the finish line in the distance we picked it up further. I’m convinced Rex just knew we were heading back to Colin – he loves Colin so much and would prefer him over me any day πŸ˜›

At about the 100 meter mark we blew past 5 other runners and finished at 25:42! WOOOOHOOOOO!

Rex is trained to know directions. It’s helpful during runs because I simply shout “Left” and he goes beside me. It’s makes for flawless heeling action πŸ˜‰ He also knows “cross” which means we’re crossing the road. Anyway at the last sharp turn I was yelling “RIGHT! RIGHT!” but for whatever reason Rex went super wide and that’s why there’s a huge gap between us in the finishing photos πŸ˜‰

Rex also ran right into a pylon and the camera man. It was Epic!

Rex & I rocked this 5k!Β 

If I’m completely honest. We didn’t train properly for this race. Having being too scared to jump right into speedwork and higher millage, the longest run we had tackled was the race distance πŸ˜‰

However everything went well beyond any of my expectations. I am SO proud of Rex. He really deserves that medal. This was his race :) He really paced me at the end there and wanted to race. I love that about him.

I am also so proud of myself because this was my smartest race to date. I finished strong and felt like I could’ve gone further. Which leaves me with the confidence that I will be able to achieve my sub 25 goal – soon :)

This race was the smallest race I’ve ever ran. Although, this is only my 3rd race ever, so that’s not saying much. My other 2 races had thousands of participants. This one had 140! I think that not having to weave around so many people helped me a lot.Β 

For all those that think running with dogs is mean – check out my happy dogs face crossing the finish line.Β 



1. what’s your current 5k PR??

2. Do you think it’s safe for me to resume speedwork and hills now that I’m “back to normal”?

I’m feeling good lately. This running naked and without so much pressure is doing a world of good for me. I think that’s why I was able to race smart this time.Β 

3. Isn’t Rex the best!!!!!!!Β 



81 thoughts on “New PR – Rex’s Recap

  1. Rex is amazeballs! I hope he got a treat later πŸ˜‰

    And of course you are amazeballs too! PR and everything! Awesome! So big high fives to both of you!

    Also Logan looks adorbs in those sunglasses. Yellow is definitely a good color for him! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Taryn! not only did he get a treat but he was fed numerous cheetos and smart food popcorn courtesy of Logan πŸ˜‰ we also pour two bottles of water all over him. He was in post race heaven πŸ˜‰

  2. Great job you two!! Rex looks so happy! It’s definitely not mean to run with your dog you just have to train them properly and know what they can and can’t handle. You know Rex :)

    Current 5K PR: 25:53, I’m hoping I can beat that this Friday since we have another 5K. I did run around 25:30 (at the 5K point) in our 3.5 mile race a few weeks ago so we’ll see!

    If you are feeling good I would say take it slow and add some speed/hill work into your routine. Maybe once a week for a little while and see how you feel.

  3. 1. what’s your current 5k PR??
    Mine is no where near yours! Its 28:05 and I set that back in 2010.

    2. Do you think it’s safe for me to resume speedwork and hills now that I’m β€œback to normal”?
    Take your time. Listen to your body!

    3. Isn’t Rex the best!!!!!!! Yes he is the best! Great job to you both!

  4. People here race with their dogs all. the. time. I ran a 5k in January and was tripping over not only dog leashes but also weaving through baby strollers. I’ve never heard anyone being yelled at for running with their dog.

    Glad you guys had such a good race–that is fast even without a pup!

    • wow! that sounds kind of crazy – I would not like it if there were tons of dogs as I am kind of in this “I hate other people’s untrained canine’s mood lately” :( It’s sad but Rex and I get at least one off leash pet running at us every time we go out and I’m beyond sick of it.

      I was so excited that this was a dog friendly race as opposed to a dog race πŸ˜‰

  5. This is so totally adorable! How did you train your dog to run with you without a leash? My dog is great while we’re running, but if she sees a rabbit or a squirrel, she can’t help but go crazy (even if I’m saying “no”). It looks like you guys had a fun time and Rex is loving wearing that medal! :) What a great recap and great photos to go along with it. Congrats to you and Rex! :)

    • He has a leash on Kelly. It’s just attached to my spibelt. Rex is trained on a leash to walk right beside me on the left. If I stop, he sits and stops automatically, without verbal command. He was trained in agility and obedience by Colin and then we also dog whisperer his ass into further shape πŸ˜‰

      Rex is the best dog I’ve ever owned and I’m glad we put so much time into him b/c it shows in his running :)

      I’d say this – it’s much easier to run with a dog who can WALK well on a leash. if your dog doesn’t listen to you on a walk, he’ll most likely injure you on a run πŸ˜‰

      I always recommend using Cesar Millans training practices. Rex is also obsessed with squirrels, rabbits and cats. You have to really pay attention and catch them in “that” moment. I use my right heel to lightly kick Rex in the side while running to “snap him out of it” <—– all Cesar’s vids and shows have the move. it doesn’t hurt him, just gets him back to running. sorry for the essay but there’s lots you can do. You can also stop when he tries to go after something and force him to sit or lie down until he’s calm. Bottom line – I’m a hard ass πŸ˜‰

      • Haha, I guess I didn’t proofread my post or finish my sentence. I meant run without a leash “in your hand.” I shall investigate Cesar Millan’s tactics. Our dog is mildly okay but she still has some issues that need to be worked out. Maybe someday she’ll learn how to behave… Maybe. :)

        • I love Cesar! I think his practices work. and Rex wasn’t always amazing. He took years of work AND constant work still πŸ˜‰ lol much like kids

  6. You guys Rock. I love Rex and I’ve never even met him! I was worried about you guys running in the heat yesterday, I’m glad that you thought to wet him down. It probably felt great for him! People always seem to have an opinion on things that they know nothing about. It’s easier to worry about Rex than their own lives. Screw ’em! LOL

    You know my 5K PR but I’m gonna brag about it because I worked my ass off for it last weekend! LOL 23:48 YAY! You’ll get there soon too! I would maybe ease into speedwork starting with tempos and going from there? Don’t want to do too much too soon!

    • Thanks Danielle – and you’re right. People always worry about everyone else and never themselves – the only person they can change πŸ˜‰

  7. Yay yay yay great job to you and Rex!!! It looks like so much fun, I would love to do that with my dogs one day…they’re getting kinda chunky and need a good workout haha πŸ˜‰

    • :) just gotta take it slow. and Rex is still chunky…..I usually get him down in weight and then winter hits us again and he fattens up :( Im such a seasonal owner. That must change this year!

  8. I’m a dog person too so I think it’s awesome that some races let dogs run! Although, sometimes when the owners can’t control the dogs or they don’t start to the back of the pack like they’re supposed to it irks me a bit-but way to go you guys!
    If my dog wasn’t 5 lbs I would definitely have her running with me :)

    • If an owner can’t control their dog they need to a) learn to or b) give it to someone else who will train it :)

      I just had to step between my SON (with Rex) and an aggressive dog this afternoon. I was not impressed. So I feel you on people not controlling their dogs.

      We were at the front of the 5k because it was mainly people walking or just trying to finish. I got passed by 6 people.

      I believe we came in 14th out of the women.

      and you need a backpack for your dog….or rex could carry her πŸ˜‰

  9. I don’t get why they were yelling at you…were you NOT suppose to bring a dog and you did? Otherwise, owners know their dogs best and I would never yell at another person if they brought their dog along to run if it was OK to do so.

    Crazy humans! πŸ˜‰

    Nice PR too.

  10. Oh my goodness, I have not commented for so long! I have been so busy lately! But I promise I have been reading. πŸ˜‰
    Rex is amazing! He knows directions?!?!?! You seriously need a dog training show. πŸ˜› I would love to do a race with my dogs but they get soooo excited around other people.
    I am doing a 2 mile race up in Wisconsin on the 4th of July. They have a 2 mile or a 5 mile and I just been so busy and not had anytime to run that I don’t think I could do the 5 mile.
    I still cant get over how awesome Rex is!
    Did everyone that ran get a medal? I want a medal so bad but at all my races only the top in the age groups get medals. And that is never me. πŸ˜›

    • Hey life happens, I always tell people this but there is NO need to comment. I read blogs every day and don’t comment. Commenting from my phone is hard, sometimes life happens and it’s nice out :)

      and yes, all three races there have been finishers medals. I thought we’d place in age group but unfortunately they only had 4 groups: adult men, adult women, student boys, student girls.

      So I placed 14th in adult women and didn’t get another medal :( booooo if it had been age groups I’m pretty sure I placed 1st :)

      • I think I am also going to take a break from my blog over the summer. I just dont have any time!
        Thats sweet that you guys got medals! I want one so bad! I am really determined to get in the first three of my age group sometime! 14th in your age group is awesome, when they are so big!

        • Enjoy your summer!!!!! and you’ll get your medal. Doesn’t it tell you whether there are finisher medals when you sign up??? Look for races that have them πŸ˜€

  11. People are idiots. You can tell Rex is doing fine in the finish line pics. If he was having problems he would be dragging behind you with his tongue hanging way out. Good thing I wasn’t at that race or I probably would have yelled back at the idiots. :)
    Glad you had a good time and got a PR!

    • I loved this comment b/c I can almost hear your voice saying it! :) It’s true Rex WAS running beside me the whole time. Or a bit ahead urging me to go faster. People are weird.

  12. So jealous you ran a race with Rex!!! He’s a rockstar. I love that he knows verbal commands too. Pepper – not so much. But I’d love to run a race with her someday. We just don’t have a lot of opportunities like that here!

    • It was crazy Jen. I signed up for myself and then when I was on the race site at the very bottom I saw this…

      *dogs welcome

      So I asked them if that meant I could race with him and they said SURE :) I was so happy!

      so I’d ask if you end up doing a smaller race. Most people just wouldn’t care.

  13. Congratulations to both you and Rex, I think it is so awesome that you ran a race with him. I know several people that run with their dogs for exercixe benefits, etc., but no one I know has ever entered a race with their running partner. Awesome!!!

  14. awww! you and Rex did fantastic! honestly i think Riley LOVES 5ks! She usually is so anxious if we just go for a walk but on the trails or in races she just follows the pack. so cute. and i swear she is smiling the entire time! i bet Rex LOVED every second of racing with you:) congrats friend!

    • Thanks so much Julia :) and I love that you’ve done 5k’s with Riley!!!!! I can’t even believe it actually. I need to creep back in your blog to see this!

  15. Woohoo!! Congrats, Ali– that is awesome! I was all set to hear you say 29xx, but you crushed your goal- you definitely have a sub-25 in you. So sorry about the people yelling at you for runner with him, I’m sure there were dozens of runners less trained than Rex, and no one yells at them to stop running!

    • Thank you so much! with my current PR at just under 27mins I never expected a new PR was possible. Especially since all my training runs were so slow for me. I didn’t even feel exhausted after the race. Which gave me so much confidence. I guess the injury just made me scared to push harder, now I know what I’m capable of :)

    • Ya, Rex will be there soon enough. He turns 5 this August. Sheps hips are the first to go so I can only hope he’ll have many more years of running

  16. Rex did an incredible job. And is the now the possessor of an awesome PR. Go Rex!!

    It drives me insane when people try to tell me what to do and they’re talking from a point of ignorance. I was ‘told off’ by one of my Mum’s friends for walking Toby a kilometre to her house. Because he was too little was what she said – well, Bubbles is littler and can do 7k no worries. Your ignorant passers-by should have taken a look at you. I’ll bet you were panting a bit too.

  17. How spectacular! Go, you! and Go, Rex!!!

    Glad your injury is a thing of the past :) So fortunate you caught it when you did and took good care of it :)

    My 5K PR is 21:20 but that was from back when I was in my mid-thirties. The fastest 5K I’ve run in the past year was 24:01. Someday… πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks so much! I am glad too. I still have to do exercises and stretch religiously and foam roll….but I should do those things anyway πŸ˜‰

      and WOW I’d love that 5k PR :)

  18. Nice Job!!! How fun to run with your dog for the whole race.
    I don’t have a dog but if I did we would for sure be running partners!
    5k PR 21:10

    • Thanks I love training dogs and teaching others πŸ˜‰ but I must warn you. I’m a non-humanizer so there are no feelings here. Rex gets love only when he’s calm πŸ˜‰ lol

      However, most dogs would prefer to have exercise rather than kisses and hugs πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Mike. I’d like to say we worked hard for it, but we didn’t πŸ˜‰ lol I’m still shocked we ran that fast when it felt easy

      and watch some dog whisperer and they’ll come around

  19. Cool that you got to run with Rex. There were a couple of dogs in the Columbus 10k I ran yesterday – they did really well (even though one was barking very excitedly at the start of the race). It’s always neat to say one running to heel, nicely trained and obviously loving the run.
    As to Garden Girl – run a half marathon – most have finisher medals for everyone πŸ˜‰ – that is how I got my first and only medal so far (although I got a baseball bat for placing in my age group on my first small run)

    • hey Andy, thanks for visiting :) and thanks so much. Cool that some dogs did the 10k! I’d love to get Rex to that distance. I’d probably wait till fall to race one with him though, as the heat takes too much toll on dogs

  20. I am a Ceasar Milan advocate as well.

    Our Springer hated other dogs. She was not socialized as a puppy because she was ill and couldn’t have her shots as young as she should have so I had to keep her away from other dogs. Then she got attacked by a grown poodle one day who was off leash. She never recovered from it and I didn’t either really. HATE off leash dogs and people who can or will not control them! Rant over.

    Glad you both had such a great time and kudos to you both!

    • Nice Elle – it’s the only way to be πŸ˜‰ He ruined my relationship with dog lovers, but changed (for the better) my relationship with dogs. If that makes sense ??

      and I agree with your rant. I get charged almost EVERY time I’m out with Rex and Logan. I made dog training flyers yesterday to hand out in the neighbourhood. May as well get paid to help people πŸ˜‰ lol

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  22. Maybe they are the same people that tell people that running is bad for your body?

    Big congrats to you and Rex! I’ve never tried the spibelt thing – but you make me want to train my dog to RUN a 5K! I don’t have a 5K PR, because I’ve never raced one…only walked for fundraisers.

  23. Yeah Rex! I have yet to take my pup with me in a race but I totally need to! My pup also knows directions or at least I think she does…maybe she just memorized my running routes πŸ˜‰

  24. Woo congratulations to the pair of you! Rex is such a cutie, it really looks like both of you were enjoying the race, it’s so nice that you got to race together :-)

    And massive congrats on the PR!

    Ignore the silly people shouting at you, you clearly love Rex massively and know what is best for him! I hate it when people get involved with situations they know nothing about, grr…

    Enjoy your post-race high πŸ˜€

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