Pin it. & Dinner party

Ya so I love Pinterest. I always find social media amusing. Anytime there’s anything new I immediately distrust its use and say “Oh, I don’t need this! Just because everyone else is doing is no reason to do it too” but then slowly time goes by….

….so you investigate

and pretty soon…




You’re thinking “Man! how was I functioning online prior to this amazing technological genius!?

That’s how I’m currently feeling about Pinterest!

I’m lost – thinking, wow! I can bookmark everything online in an easy and organized fashion! – who knew!?

here are some of my favourite things about it:

  • it inspires me to get crafty. – I ADORED art and crafts as a child and love that since beginning to pin. I’ve already creative a few things, not to mention have done much more with Logan :)
  • I love that it posts everything in an organized fashion making it easy for me to find something specific. <—- much easier than my 20 bookmark folders 😉 
  • Obviously I love the sense of community over there! That’s why I love the internet we are like one big world all putting our true face forward.

Some things I’ve been making lately….

That are pinterest inspired though most are my own ideas :) That’s the whole idea: it reminds you, you are crafty and gives you a based to go from!!!!! <— I’m excited.

1. Painted canvasses with pressed leaves for my bathroom.

*not the greatest photo and I am doing a larger one for the other wall so I’ll take a picture when I’m done. Cost for project: NOTHING. I used old canvasses and painted over them and used paint colours from our left over house paint 😉 

2. Rock door stopper. Also for my bathroom.

* Cost of Project: NOTHING. I found rocks in the backyard, sanded them, glued them together and varnished them with a clear coat we already had in the house when we bought it. 

3. Wall art/photos for our master bedroom. (not completed)

Total Cost: $45. I can’t wait to show you guys the finished wall! I bought 9 frames (8X10) from the dollar store for $2 each. Colin and I picked 8 wedding photos and made them black & white (with colour accents) and ordered them online @ $2.99/each. I bought that piece of cardstock with the love words on it for $1.19. I can’t WAIT! they will be going over out bed.

4. I am currently taking on some sewing projects. I’m on the hunt for a jumpsuit pattern, as I don’t want to look like a cougar….

*Ya, it was just too much pattern. However, I won’t lie – most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn in my life! I am SO excited for high waisted pants :)

I can’t sew, but I have a sewing machine that my MIL gave me and she said she’d help me make my jumpsuit if I found a pattern. So let me know if you know where I can find a wide leg one. I want to make it all one colour in cotton! 


In other fun news: I’m dinning with the Chobani crew and some other Canadian bloggers at the Terrace in Toronto tonight. I’m super excited! I’m also nervous, as I know no one. However, I’m a social butterfly and that’ll most likely go away once I’m there :)

PLUS, not only we will be on a roof top patio overlooking the city, but we’ll be eating amazing CHO inspired food! I’m going to be a good blogger – you’re welcome!

I have no idea who the other bloggers are that are attending, so if you are one of them let me know in the comments :)

I have no idea what to wear. I said I’d just wear a dress and wedges but upon looking at my closet I realize I have a whole lot of nothing. I’ll most likely wear my green dress with a brown belt and a wedge instead. I feel confident in that, but maybe I’ll be too sexy??

business casual/casual. – so pretty much that means I can wear anything! As long as I dress it up, or dress it down accordingly with accessories. I hate when anything goes. I totally want to wear jeans, black pumps and a nice shirt. lol

What would you wear??



1. do you pin?? have you ever tackled a project on pinterest or inspired by it??

2. dollarstore has art supplies – am I the only one who didn’t know this?!!?!?

3. What would you wear to meet for a late night dinner party?? Are you going to be there tonight??



35 thoughts on “Pin it. & Dinner party

  1. nope, never pinned, or been on the site. never tweeted. the last one at these parties. just…don’t want to get addicted…when would i have the time..when would i read!?
    i like the jumpsuit by the by!

    • ya, I feel the same way Robyn, but I always get sucked in. With pinterest I’m not pinning away like crazy, I’m actually only bookmarking things I want to do…..and then doing them :) YAY!

  2. I love Pinterest, but I neglect it, too! I am really inspired by you Ali! I love how you put your pins to use and actually make the crafts that you see on there! xo

  3. I go through spurts of crazy Pinterest pinning then I forget about it and the cycle repeats :). I have used it most for hairstyles for my girls. I have about a billion things pinned that I want to do/try someday.

    • Thanks heidi I went with a pencil skirt and black pumps but whatever. everyone wore jeans 😛 lol

      PS: I suck and completely never blogged about canada! ARGH!

  4. I LOVE Pinterest! It is my number one go to time waster right in front of Instagram!

    Love that outfit, wish I could pull that off!

    Have fun tonight! Sure you will have a blast.

    • I love instagram! you’ll have to follow me as I have no clue how to find people….yet. lol

      and I didn’t buy that jumper, but I would like to make a similar one in a solid colour 😉 and you can pull it off for sure! it’s all confidence!

    • I looked like I was trying too hard :) I dressed really nice. lol

      and it’s not weird it took me a year before caving but since you have kids I will say that there are lots of GREAT ideas for them on there :)

  5. Look at you go, that’s awesome! I haven’t yet joined pinterest, but I’m really tempted. I just feel maxed out with my extra time, but I’m sure I’d be hooked in no time. I love those leaf prints, and look forward to seeing more of your work! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble mastering the sewing machine!

    • you should join. It doesn’t take up a lot of time. I suppose people just get addicted to creeping it. I just go on periodically and search for what I’m looking for. It’s great for kids crafts.

  6. Black dress, pretty much always wearing dresses, or skirts(when I’m notin my yoga pant mama uniform).

    Would love the skinny jeans, but need skinny legs to fit into the skinny jeans!

    • I wore black! pencil skirt and flowing shirt, so it looked like an on par LBD :) lol

      and NOT true….you can wear skinny jeans if you have the body SHAPE for them. Strawberries, rectangles, apples and hourglasses look best in them.

  7. I love Pinterest too. It helps me remember (and we all know I need help with that) the stuff I’ve seen on line that I want to try out – mostly cupcakes. It’s such a simple idea really but such a good one.

    • Char I just found this cute little cake on there after someone actually pinned my scooby! YAY!!! I felt honored :) I should follow you, if I don’t already and steal some cupcake ideas

    • You should email them! Chobani is so awesome that if they saw this comment they’d send you some. They are ALL about bloggers. So for sure email them :)

    • HAHAHAHA!!! I wasn’t thinking that jumpsuit 😉 lol I want to make one similar but without the print. and So nice meeting you too. Morgan!

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