Rex is Racing!

Yep, you’ve read correctly – I’m doing a 5k this Sunday with Rex.

I don’t think the poor guy realizes that he’s going to be forced to race for 30 mins but we’ve been training together as much as I can fit into my schedule. He doesn’t have my base, he missed some of my runs (if they were with others or on the tready) However, I believe he can do this!

Earlier in the week I took him out and tried to run at our race pace (9min/mile) for the total distance. Rex was feeling it and whenever I found myself worrying about him I just chucked those feelings aside and focused on positivity and running. He did so great until I decided to sprint for a little bit and then around the 4k marker I was literally encouraging him to keep moving. <—– I feel bad about this, as I am aware you shouldn’t do this to dogs, but I needed him to go beyond his limits so he’d trust me to pace him :) 

We finished in just under 29 mins and I think that was just what I needed – to see that he could do it.

Then it’s been taper town all week. We walked the following day and yesterday did just over 2 miles at a 10 min pace. It was great. We sprinted at the end just because I want his muscles used to finishing hard.

Today we are going to do an even slower 10:30 mile and then rest on Saturday.

I have no idea what will happen on Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see how Rex handles it. We’re running the Drew Hildebrand Race for Teens at Risk. I thought it was an excellent cause and so wanted to jump on board. Although it looks like it’s tons of walkers (dogs and strollers welcome) so we’ll be lining up at the front.

I’m just happy to be racing with my cubby dog :)

*yes, Logan is in underwear! He has been using the potty for a few weeks now. He is still in pull-ups when there’s lots of excitement going on, we’re out in public and at night but we’re making progress. YAY!

Anyway I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope those that are racing have a swift and speedy finish :) xo



1. ever run a race with your pet? your child? how was it??

2. any tips for avoiding going out to quickly??

3. anyone going away this weekend?? what are you doing??



42 thoughts on “Rex is Racing!

    • Ahhh, too bad you can’t :( registration is open till noon tomorrow 😉 and to be honest I signed up so I’d have something to do and then after realized dogs were welcome :) so apparently there are dog friendly races. However, I’d love to do one where the dogs get a medal

  1. Aww Rex is such a cutie :-) I bet running with him is heaps of fun! I hope you have a really brilliant race and that you both enjoy it :-)

    This weekend I’m still at Tom’s after a busy week with lots of walking (I walked 8 miles yesterday!!! I haven’t done that in months!) I’ve crashed today and I’m still in bed at 3pm haha but it’s been worth it.

    • WOW! you go girl! 8mile walk :) wow! I’m really impressed. I can’t remember a day where I’ve stayed in bed that long, but I miss them and I hope you’re enjoying every second of it 😉

  2. Good luck to you & Rex on Sunday! I know that you’ll do great!

    I have no tips for not going out too quickly. My race strategy for 5K’s is just to run my ass off. LOL Sometimes it works, other times, meh. 😛

  3. SO excited to hear how Rex does with his run! I’ve never raced with a dog, but I sort of raced with my daughter. I didn’t push her stroller, my sis in law did (does that count…ha ha). We kept the same pace. : )
    I’m not going away this weekend, but will be next week. Yay. It’s time for a vacation.
    Love that you note Logan’s wearing underwear. It’s the little things we parents get excited over! Congrats to the little guy!

    • hahaha – I love that you kept everyone on pace 😉 that’s a tough job! I can’t imagine racing with a stroller. Those moms are so hardcore!

    • lol he’ll be fine. I am not going to push him any harder than I’d push myself. I feel his energy while I run and we have a connection. If we have to stop to walk, we will 😉

      I run him hands free, attaching him to my waist. He never misses a beat. He’s going to love it :)

    • Hey Missy! Hope all has been well :) and it’s not really fun. Accidents and such but it was so weird – he was ready. Demanding to wear underwear and pee on the potty – so why argue. lol

  4. Have fun at your race! I’m sure Rex will have a great time. The hardest part I’ve had with dogs in a race environment is the start since mine aren’t necessarily used to whole bunches of people moving in front of them!

    • Thanks so much Abbi! and thanks again for all your added help and tips today. I hope Rex won’t mind the starting line, but he’s never been at one so who knows

  5. I’ve only ever walked a race with my dog, so I’m excited to hear about your and Rex’s adventure!

    Congrats to Logan and the big boy pants!

    • Wow! that’s so cool that you’ve done a walk race with your pooch. For all I know rex will try to shoot ahead of me, which rarely happens, but if he gets excited it may. As long as he lets me pace him, we will be ok :)

  6. I’m totally jealous that you’re doing a race with Rex this weekend. Good luck! I hope to complete a 5k with my dog in the fall. We’ll see how that goes! I can’t wait to hear the race recap! Good luck Ali and Rex! You’re going to do awesome!!

  7. I have never raced with child or animal. I have mad respect for those that do though. Also, I feel like a slug when people with large jogging strollers finish races before me. HAHA.

    Don’t go out too fast. That’s my advice. Just keep it easy. Do you have a watch that shows your pace or even has a stop watch feature? USE IT!

    This weekend is nothing speical. My hubs works tomorrow so the kids and I will hit the farmers market and chill. Then we’re going to friends for dinner. Sunday is not planned. On Monday, i’m going to Wonderland with Alasdair! Whee.

    Ferg is potty training too. It seems early to me (he’s not even two), but we’re not forcing it yet. If you need small undies – H&M is the best!

    • Have fun at the market! I always loved going to the farmers market with my mom as a child :) and have a great time at wonderland. I can’t wait to get on the leviathan :)

      and I’m totally going to check out H&M thank you!

      PS: I’ve never been passed by a mom and stroller…..this could be humbling 😛

  8. If you don’t want to go out too quickly go to the back of the pack. Or better still find a really hot female dog who Rex likes and who has short legs and just let them run at each other’s pace. The occasional butt-sniffing and humping may slow you down but you’re not in this one for a PR are you?

    • lol :) I love it.

      The reason that I have to go to the front is because it’s mostly people WALKING and I learned to get further ahead than I think. I’ll ask people around me what pace they’re running at and stick with them 😉

      Rex only humps the odd time and he’s fixed but I’ll try to watch out for hot bitches ;P

  9. OMG this is the cutest thing ever!! I have been so busy and missed SO many DANG posts. I love that Rex is racing and that you talk about pacing him like a real human. It really is the funniest thing in the world. I think you and Rex are going to do amazing!! You both have some hardcore training under your belts!! Good luck tomorrow! I can’t wait for the recap. Is Rex going to write one?! hahaha :)

  10. Good luck at the race! I wish that I could take Carly running but she’s more of a walker with alot of pee stops on the way lol
    I once took her for a walk, we went about one mile and she was pooped out!

  11. I love that your dog ran the race with you! What a handsome dog. Congrats on the race, I hope the weather was good for you both! I ran a 5km once for breast cancer, with my dad! It was so much fun!

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