Things I’m LOVING!

TRUE BLOODa new season has begun! and I’ve been dying (no pun intended) to see who else here wishes that, if they ever run into a vampire, he looks like Alexander Skarsgard and hopefully mistakes you as Sookie 😉

um HELLO! I don’t get guy crazy but dang I want this man pretty bad.

Colin, let’s grab some blonde hair die and an ab roller 😉

Oh what the heck….If I’m honest I’d take Alcide too ….or both ;P

Ladies – you’re welcome :)


METRIC – I just got Colin to download their latest album: Synthetica and I am L-O-V-ING it! I think Emily Hanes is a musical fox. She’s sexy, but reserved, carefree and solid all at the same time. If I was a dude she’d be my Eric Northman for sure :)



REX & DOGS! Ya, I know you’re sick of all my dog posts but I’m really into training him and possibly some other dogs right now. I am going to be dropping off this flyer at a few locations later today. I’m excited!

* I blocked off certain personal information for safety reasons only *


SHOWS WITH CHEF GORDON RAMSAY – I seriously think this cooking hard ass is one of the coolest chef’s on tv and I love both Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef. I also love Joe on MC and think that sometimes his silence is so much harsher than his words, which makes him funny to me :)


LOGAN! – most days. Some days if I don’t get a run in I think I may pull my hair out. Yesterday we went for a small hike in a trail that runs along the mountain brow, where I run. There are industrial buildings in one section we walked because we are currently battling “shadow fears” so the forest was a tad scary for Lo, not to mention it was infested with poison ivy! I always wonder what parents do who don’t have my plant identification skills. It was literally everywhere! <—- ever want a tutorial, ask :)

my little pack leader.


RUNNING! It may seem silly or perhaps even redundant to mention this as one of my current loves, but it’s been a while since I’ve had this ‘bug’ inside me and I’m soaking up every second of it :)

We saw some kids at a track meet yesterday and it made me wish I had enjoyed running as a child. Oh well, now I do – so I’m just looking up a nice local 10k because, it’s redemption time!!! 😉



1. do you watch any HBO shows???

I watch Trueblood, Sons of Anarchy <—- I hated it at first but got hooked. Californication (though I don’t know why, it’s the same crap over and over) Probably more but never Dexter, too f’d up for me 😉

2. what new music is in your rotation right now??

3. tell me 3 things you’re loving :) 

56 thoughts on “Things I’m LOVING!

  1. I have never seen True Blood and I alot of people rave about that show.
    Three things I am loving right now,
    *off work for a few vacation days right now
    *bbq season, I love to bbq.
    *My hubby and my cocker spaniel Sami!
    (did you know I named my cocker SAMI because it is SA for Sarah and MI for Mike, my hubby’s name!!!)

  2. We don’t have HBO so I don’t love those shows, sorry! We do love Gordon Ramsay though, but we only watch Hells Kitchen and reruns of Kitchen Nightmares, great shows :)

    3 things I’m loving: not working this month, running and Bernie (since he is my buddy all day while Mike works).

  3. I don’t watch True Blood. I’ve loved the Sookie Stackhouse books for years, but the show does nothing for me. I do love Game of Thrones on HBO though! :)

    I love Gordon Ramsey shows too. I’m not much of a Joe fan but I love the over weight guy on MC (can’t think of his name). In all of the restaurants that I’ve worked at over the years I have NEVER met an executive chef who isn’t a major DBag while working though. Real life ruins their tv personas for me somedays. LOL

    Good luck finding a new 10k!

    Right now I love my fam, the sun and my flower garden.

    Good luck with the dog training! I bet you’ll be great. Any tips on how to get my dog to stop jumping on people when they come over? He gets so excited for company but its annoying to guests!

    • I LOVED the books. The show is nothing like the books as Layfaette is alive 😉 lol and the fairies are much different and things I didn’t know till the 10th book I found out in the 3rd season…so they kind of stand alone.

      and yes there are some things you can do to get your dog to stop jumping:

      one. tell people to call before coming over and warn them that you may take a while getting to the door. Then you can put a leash on your dog and make him/her sit or lie down and “claim the area”

      – tell your guests to not touch, look at or pet the dog until he/she relaxes.

      – to block jumping I find it best to put your knee up – don’t “knee” the dog but bring your knee up it will hit the dogs chest and your hands aren’t involved so the dog will associate jumping with getting hit in the chest 😉 works great on big dogs you don’t know.

      – keep a leash on your dog when guests are there – not to restrain, but so you can easily correct the behaviour.

      – I can definitely come over for your free consultation 😉 lol

  4. 1. I LOVE TRUE BLOOD. Holy balls, I am just pumped beyond belief. We watch Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, too. I am looking forward to The News Room also.

    Thank you for the beefcake pics. Made my whole morning.

    2. I am loving the following on my running list:
    (Hell Yeah! by Midnight Red)
    (Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil by Titus Jones)
    (Uprising Bodies by Dan Mei)

    3. Three things I am loving right now:
    -My wavy/curly hair. Normally I blow it out and then curl it with an iron, but because of the humidity lately, it’s actually been okay to wear it in the beachy style it naturally goes in.
    -The rain. Even though it’s been storming quite a bit lately, I don’t have to get out to water the garden as often. Which is a real pain, sometimes if I can’t coerce the Boyfriend or the Kid into coming out with me. (We belong to a community garden, and our plot is 20 feet x 20 feet…so it’s a large garden with lots of rows!) and If I ever get bored of what I am listening to on my list, I can always find something new. And all the music is free!

  5. Mmm hunky, ripped men are always the best way to start a post heehee 😉
    Three things I’m loving/looking forward to– gelato tonight with my parents, being done with classes for the week, and pajama pants!

  6. So you’ll watch True Blood but not Dexter?? Both shows I watch. What did you think of the first show so far?? I love that show but can’t help feeling it’s a little cheesy to start with. But entertaining. My husband says the books are so much better. I haven’t read them yet.
    And Eric…ha ha yes! :) But not when he had long hair.
    Three things I’m loving right now:
    Cocoa Almond Butter from Trader Joes
    The fact that I will be on vacation next week
    My red sandal wedges!

    • Dexter is “real” and trueblood is so cheese it’s ok. The BOOKS are different. True blood and the books are actually hardly comparable. I preferred the books because Sookie is portrayed differently and Bill is much more of a dick! In the books I always wanted her to be with Eric 😉

    • Thanks Amanda and excellent idea. I have no idea if anyone will call. It was more so impulsive because I get run at, barked at, attacked almost every time I go out with Rex in my neighbourhood. So I thought people may need some training 😉 hahaha

  7. I love that you are doing doggy run training! SO amazing! If I had a dog, I would for sure come and run with you and Rex!!

    Three things I’m loving:

    — Cheerleading! (I know obvious, right?)
    — Running! Now that my feet tendons aren’t hurting **knock on wood** I’ve been able to run harder and faster on those bad boys.
    — Peanut Butter and Banana on Toast. I just finished eating this and I’ve always loved them. But I’m really loving it RIGHT NOW! With a side of coffee of course! 😉

    • I got through those same waves!!! I love pb and banana 😉 YUM!!!

      and I am amazed you can stand after yesterday’s 2hr practice!!! that sounds intense 😉 YAY for running!!! and no pain :)

  8. Alcide…I think I need a moment here…;0 he is HOT

    I don’t get HBO but if I did I would watch Games of Thrones.

    I am loving awesome weather, an unexpected day off work and my kids. They are the best.

    Good luck with the doggy walking, that would be so fun.

    • Oh ya Alcide! “oooooowwwwwwwhoooooo” lol

      and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about game of thrones. I am 934th in line for it at the library……yikes!

  9. Congrats on starting the new doggie training business – that sounds awesome! Good luck with it :)

    3 things I’m loving right now:

    1. Portobello mushrooms – YUM! I made portobello burgers with goat’s cheese and guacamole for supper yesterday and they were so good! Plus they’re dense and filling enough that they can replace meat in a meal without Ryan crying about it haha

    2. Compression Gear- LOVING that I can do long runs and increase my mileage and intensity, then wear compression gear and NOT be stiff and sore all the time!

    3. The Lululemon colours in the ‘Flash’ family – it’s impossible to be in a bad mood while wearing highlighter-pink. Fact.

    • I love all those 3 things!

      and highlighter pink sounds amazing! I’m going to check out that gear…..and then dream about it, as I’d never be able to afford it 😛 lol

  10. I am loving…

    1. That I can finally walk with out my hip hurting.
    2. Eggs…yep, into eggs these days.
    3. The current thunderstorm going on outside …… just secretly wishing I was all alone watching a good movie w/ a big bowl of ice cream too…but, I will take the storm and reading time while the kiddos are running crazily around me. 😉

    • I love eggs too! I just made egg salad for the first time using greek yogurt instead of mayo and I loved it!

      I also love storms. Summer ones are the best

  11. ahhh i love true blood! its the official start of summer now. :) my friends love Eric but sorry, i’m a Bill fan..he’s much more my type. I’m sad you dont like dexter, its one of my favorite shows (but its on showtime) 😉

    new music i’m loving…ummm I’m loving Jack White’s new stuff, foster the people, and modest mouse!

  12. I watched True Blood and love the series, but I object to you treating these men like a piece of meat, I mean these guys are probably intelligent, hard working dudes and all you see is the outside! What about what’s in the inside???? Isnlt that mroe important than being ripped??

    Joking, I’d kill for those abs!

    • HAHAHA! James best comment of the day :)

      If that’s objectifying men – I’m pleading guilty….. hopefully I’ll get punished by them too ;P lol

  13. Ok, three things I am loving.
    1. That flyer! Sounds so professional! I so wish you could come over to our house and straighten out a few of our dogs problems. A couple nights ago they dug up a nest of baby bunnies and ate them. They got yelled at quite a bit for that.
    2. That I am doing a race on the 4th of July! Only two miles though.
    3. The weather! We have been having great hot weather.
    We don’t get HBO. But I watch a lot of shows on NBC. Do you get that up in Canada? And oh so many crime shows. Me and my mom love them. I have become a champ at solving them. :)

    • I don’t know that I could stop your dogs from doing that! Rex still kills rabbits and birds 😉 they are dogs after all.

      and YAY for another race! finishing medals??

      and I am not too into crime shows….I’m a wuss and get scared of almost everything graphic. I have no idea why I can watch trueblood. I close my eyes a lot 😉

      • They have plenty of other problems too. They get soooo excited when people come over. They jump and bark and just go crazy. Any tips?
        No finishing medals. Sniff sniff. But oh well! It is in the town in Wisconsin where I grew up and they have a big parade afterwards so it should be super fun! I can’t wait!
        I have watched so many crime shows that I can guess who did it in pretty much any show. 😛

  14. three things-
    1. running in the forest- just finished an evening run there
    2. my class-this is my 9th year full teaching and this class is my favourite-they make me smile and i love them all. idiot abroad- great show-very funny.

    never seen true blood-think i would be scared!

    • THAT sounds amazing :) I would love to go running in a forest right about now.

      that’s great that you have awesome students! and I have never heard of , nor seen that show.

      it is scary

  15. We don’t have HBO but love Game of Thrones and download them as soon as they’re out. Now there isn’t any for a year so I am reading the books instead!

    I love the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares a lot, but has anyone noticed that Gordon Ramsey seems to be contractually obligated to take his shirt off in every episode? There’s always a scene where he takes off his shirt to put one a chef jacket, or something along those lines. Now I always wait for it because I think it’s hysterical!

  16. Hope you get some great dogs to work with!

    I walk on trails in etobicoke, but keep the twins on the pavement becaue I have heard others say “there is poison ivy” but I have no idea what it looks like, grew up in nfld, no poison ivy there, only stinging nettle.

    I even googled poison ivy just then and I’m not any clearer!

  17. I don’t have HBO so I don’t watch any of their shows. :( I LOVE Gordon Ramsey though! You doughnut! He is actually coming out with another new show the end of summer called Hotel Hell. He goes into hotels and you can guess how it goes from there. :)

  18. Love that you train dogs! You need to fly to Seattle and help me get my dogs to stop pulling on the leash:) I know it should be easy, but it is hard for me:(
    1. That I will be in Vegas in 2 days without the kids:)
    2. Sore muscles from a great workout yesterday.
    3. Lovin all the support from my bloggin peeps:)

  19. The husband and I watch True Blood- so excited for this new season… after all the kids are in bed, of course ;). Mmm- that photo of Alcide is very, very nice. We have also started watching Game of Thrones and are really liking it. I must be really twisted, because I LOVE Dexter. One of my favorites.

  20. My favorite radio personality sat next to Alexander the other day on a flight from NYC to LA last week. He said he was creepingly staring and Alexander woke up and stared back with one eye open!! Too funny!

    I am loving being home in MA with my pugs.
    I am loving that my best friend’s bridal shower is this weekend.
    I am loving the weather!

  21. Where do they find men with abs like that. I’ve got four males in my house and not a single one has them. Maybe it’s what I feed them – are cupcakes not conducive to cut abs?

  22. I love True Blood! But I don’t have HBO so I have to wait each year for the season to come out on DVD and then I watch the whole season in like a week lol I just watched Season 4 and it was amazing so I can’t wait to see what Season 5 brings to the plate!

  23. Just tagged you on my blog for the Lovely Blog Award. It’s all right if you don’t care to play – just wanted to say I like reading your blog posts.

  24. Don’t know if you’ve seen that CBS are currently running Dogs in the City ( about a dog trainer in New York – interesting how he gets the dogs to behave. There’s obviously a demand for it so good luck with your venture.
    I found out that one of the restaurants my friends took me too once is appearing in Kitchen Nightmares – not sure if I want to watch that episode or not!

  25. I always love Logan, seeing his little face never fails to make me smile :-) Love the photo of him leading Rex!

    I’ve never watched True Blood but I love The Vampire Diaries, it may been aimed at teenage girls and it’s incredibly cheesy but I can’t help but enjoy it 😛

    I’ve been loving being able to spend time with Tom, as well as my new-found relaxed attitude to food and the way I’ve managed to push myself with walking!

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