100% Pointless

For those of you that were completely confused by the title of yesterday’s post and how it had absolutely nothing to do with the content – they were Coldplay lyrics 😉 I’m crafty like that 😛

I haven’t been following my training plan at all this week. It was too hectic. I did cross-training on monday, a run prior to leaving for Coldplay on tuesday, nothing on wednesday – unless you want to count amusement park walking, which, of course I did 😉 and yesterday I decided to push my tempo run back further until today. Instead I did a lot of body weight exercises.

Anyway, I tried to vlog but my camera is out on hiatus :( However, I think I’ll try to start doing weekly vlogs, as I HATE typing and I love talking 😉 lol

So instead I’m just going to keep it light and give you 10 random facts about me at present:

  1. The last time my hair saw shampoo was Tuesday. 
  2. I have killer cavities in my mouth and can’t afford to have them filled. Isn’t it sad that I have to “save up” for good oral health :(
  3. Logan was more upset than I was when the vlogs weren’t working. He was spelling and blowing you all kisses 😉 
  4. Colin and I are now sharing one vehicle – mine. The 97 2 – door, broken down Cavalier – please wish us luck.
  5. I’ve decided that I’m going to blindfold Rex on our next walk in order to encourage him to be a dog and use his nose, instead of fixating on everything and driving my anxiety to new heights. 
  6. I have anxiety and I hate it. I also hate using brain drugs and instead have always looked for new ways to deal with it. Running definitely helps.
  7. I’ve recently begun growing vegetables in my house from scratch. So far celery, and avocado have sprouted. I’m excited :) I already had basil, parsley and chives growing but I can’t wait to add everything else.  
  8. I think in order to be normal I must incorporate meditation into my life. I can’t sit still nor turn off my mind for longer than…..it’s already on again 😉
  9. I love horses. I sometimes still think I’m going to win the lottery and be able to own a farm, go completely green and live off the grid and eat from my own land all while riding horses all day. 
  10. I’ve recently be contemplating doing some sexy workout tutorials on youtube because I love the feeling of being sexy and think every woman should find happiness is feeling good in their own skin. <—- remember I have a pole 😉

On a completely random note I woke up a few days ago with 2 pimples that had people questioning whether I was dating a vampire 😉 booooo!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND – I’ve got another giveaway coming soon :) 



1. tell me a random fact about you :)

2. what are your plans this weekend??

Cleaning, relaxing, finishing painting, housework and other things that must get done. Perhaps take Logan to the zoo. 

3. anyone else get anxiety?? it seems to be pretty common, especially in runners (we NEED to run ;P) lol 

39 thoughts on “100% Pointless

  1. You are growing avocado?! Love it! I want to grow my own, but it take so long to see any results and our local farmers market sells them for $1 or less usually. Im glad your herbs are doing well. I started with 4 herbs and the heat killed all bu the basil and that is starting to look a little weak.

    Plans this weekend: hmmm laying by the pool, starting our wedding planning, cleaning, and being straight up lazy. I havent had a day off in over a month….Im le tired

    • well my avocado has a sprout :) but ya, I still buy them….I just want to try and grow whatever I can inside my house. My herb garden is all indoors so I think that’s why it’s thriving. The heat killed all of my beautiful plants in my outside garden :(

      and YAY wedding planning and pool!

  2. I only wash my hair 2-3 days a week too! If it starts to get stinky I just spray some bath & body works spritz in it. LOL

    Is being a worrier and having anxiety the same? My stomach is usually in knots over something. :/

    LMAO at your vampire zits. Weird.

    Random fact about me: I’m the worlds politest bitch.

  3. well it’s better to be a good bitch, than a bad bitch 😉

    and I don’t know. if worrying and anxiety is the same. I think so. I never even knew I had anxiety until I was older…..but then again I’ve been diagnosed with tons of crap…..along with the rest of humanity. I try to avoid labels. Hence why I said – I have anxiety, not anxiety disorder 😉 nothing disordered here….I think the bottom line is I need to learn to RELAX. argh!

    PS: I hardly work at all….we should plan that run before fall!

    • Sorry that the new job didnt work out. That sucks. For sure we’ll run together. Tues nights are best for me or you can tag along for a few km of my long run on a Saturday morning if you want. Let me know. I’m always up for company!

        • Tomorrow I’m doing 30k then tapering for MSNR. I like to do my long runs at the waterfront trail bc there are bathrooms & water fountains along the way so it would be easy for you to hook up with me for the last portion. Then we can use the lake as an ice bath. It’s awesome!

          • I have 10k on the agenda for Sunday but could definitely switch to Saturday. I’ll just have to figure out where you’ll be at that point ;P I’ll email you – let me check with my Sunday running partner. I’m pretty sure she can only run at night….so I could do both 😉

            • Wait! I can’t do tomorrow, I’m already running the full 30 with Patty elsewhere. LOL sorry for the confusion.

  4. We have an avocado growing too! It has gotten pretty darn big! It’s probably a foot and a half tall and the leaves are huge!
    Plans this weekend are to go up to a lake way up in northern Wisconsin that my Grandma owns. It is in the middle of nowhere and there are only a couple of really old campers to stay in. No shower, bathroom, fridge… should be an adventure!!!

  5. If your avocado is a success let me know, it is something that I would be interested in doing!

    I feel for you with your cavaties. I am losing my benefits as of september and the dentist has been my new best friend to get all my dental work done before september.

    • ya not having benefits SUCKS!!!!!!! Colin doesn’t have them but he has been with the company so long his wage is way better than if he were to switch else where and I work part time jobs which give me nothing. My goal for a job is FULL BENEFITS….you’d think I could find one, but no :(

  6. DON’T make my mistake and let those cavities turn into a root canal (the root canal is running around $1,500.00 right now).

    I also have anxiety and have found yoga to help me a lot. My Mom takes pills – but I refuse to – so I actually eliminated people and things that stress me out in my life and I haven’t had anxiety for a while. It was hard – but it helped significantly.

    Random fact about me? I farted while having Peter time my planks the other day. Needless to say – we’re still together and he still finds me sexy 😉

  7. Don’t feel bad about your teeth, I’m in the same boat. I have a few cavities and need to save up to get them filled too. :)

    • argh, it’s the worse!!!! I’ve had one of them for years!!! but I just can’t justify spending over $600 on one tooth when I have so much else going on 😉

  8. I had to visit the dentist for the first time in 22+ years two weeks ago. Split one of my teeth and had it replaced with a filling. Now need some major cleaning. UK didn’t have dentists that you could visit and my US coverage sucks.
    No anxiety, but do have high blood pressure – apparently running doesn’t help lower it as much as it should.
    This weekend I’m resting as did something weird to my knee this week – not sure what but I ended up on crutches last night after my 3.5miler.

    • the last time I was at the dentist was in 2008 and prior to that it was 2003!!!! The lady told me “it’s never too late to get your teeth fixed” so I kinda take advantage of that 😉 and that sucks about your knee. I hope it mends fast xo

  9. I have anxiety too – see I knew we were kindred spirits. At times it’s ruled my life but most times I seem to manage it okay. I’ve found yoga helps a lot. I think it’s the mindful breathing. But if you find a way to switch your brain off (temporarily) please share.

    • lol kindred spirits indeed :) and everyone keeps saying yoga so I’m going to get myself to a class. I won a “passport to prana” from fit in heels and I have yet to activate it. It gets you free yoga for a year!!!

  10. I get anxiety sometimes, but nothing too bad. I think Mike has helped calm me down since he is so laid back about everything.

    I’m sorry your vlogs didn’t work, I would have loved to see Logan in action!

    This weekend we are just relaxing, running 15 miles and hanging out with Bernie. And watching the Olympics of course!

    • Colin is the laid back one here too….as you’ve seen. Although you weren’t in the car when we were trying to get to the exchange…so maybe you don’t know 😉 lol I’m crazy!

  11. I have been very anxious the past couple of weeks too. Hate it! Might be caffeine related so I am off it for now. Holy headache! Hate waking up with pimples. I usually get a huge one on my face right before a race so I get great race pics:) Mariners game this weekend. Have to take the kids by myself since my husband will be gone for the next week in Japan:0 Single momdome. Love that you are growing veggies. Do you use special lights in the house? I would love to do that, but I have a hard time keeping plants alive:(

    • Ok so as far as the veggie growing is concerned, I’m just starting. So no special lights but I might have to in the winter when it’s more overcast. My avocado is just sprouting a root and my celery was growing but it smelt horrible so I tossed it. The garlic and peppers haven’t popped up yet….they are buried in potting soil. We’ll see. My herbs are doing wonderful on the kitchen window sill.

  12. Wow! Growing Avocado. I’m jealous! & I have anxiety – lots of it. I haven’t taken an ounce of medication for 5 yrs due to the running. Although – there are some times that running isn’t quite enough – but it subsides it enough. & a random fact about me – One of my chickens laid an egg today! That’s egg #1 for this newest batch of girls.

  13. Yes to anxiety!! Running definitely helps with that. Hot yoga was a huge help too, but the studio I used to go to has closed and I haven’t found a new one yet. Something about the profuse sweating/cardio mix really seemed to calm me down. Now with all the humidity we’re having, just going for a walk is almost the same thing! (ok, not really, but it’s something!) Good luck with your poor teeth!!

  14. Meditation is good. I think everyone needs some quiet time, where they just sit. Silent. A couple of hours of that will do wonders for anxiety.

    1RF: I like making glass paperweights. Actual glasses that hold liquid are at the limit of my skills.

    This weekend I am DNS Calgary 70.3. I am preoccupied with that at the moment.

  15. we planted cucumbers, strawberries, and tomatoes in pots. It has been so hot here, that I gave up on them, and stopped watering them due to the fact that the space a/c units have to vent out, and I have the sliding door taped up and stuff.

    I have a broken tooth due to cavities. I knew it would need to come out. I have to use hydrogen peroxide at least twice a day (don’t swallow, just rinse) to keep the infection at bay :(

  16. I echo Keith’s comment – meditation is fantastic for many reasons. I know the thought of sitting still & doing nothing is torture but you will surprise yourself with what you get out of it, I think! Contact me if you want some tips! Also: LOVE olives too, HATE vampire zits too, lol

    • thanks Sarah! I definitely have had times in my life where I’ve tried to meditate but my brain WON’T shut off. I even try continuously saying “Out and IN” as I breathe so that any thoughts I can push aside. I am way better at doing a guided meditation with visualizations than anything else.

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