I’m Stronger…

first off – did anyone else start singing Britney? just me…ok

I wanted to come back from the cottage and have whole posts dedicated to awesome runs through the forest like last year…..but unfortunately, I only attempted to run once!

I know! just ONCE!

after a week of not running (only getting in one mile) my heart was all set on running everyday I was away. You all know how much I love trail running. However, when Colin drove me across the river to the golf course road and I began running something horrible happened….

…no, don’t worry I didn’t get injured.

I got attacked by a swarm of deer flies!!!!

*some things you just can’t do justice with a photo – or in this case, my crappy drawing 😉 

These things were relentless! At first I tried to run faster and figured they’d eventually get tired…..they didn’t.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you I am an exaggerator. It’s just who I am. However – when I looked at my shadow on the ground as I was running and saw over 50 little specs clouded around me like pig pen I decided to turn around.

I ended up running 1.25 miles in 11 mins = fast for my current slow ass pace!!!

I was dying and the only way I stopped them was by running full steam into the golf course bar and ducking into their bathroom.

Needless to say I had to do other forms of exercise all weekend. I hope to get a chance to run those roads in August when the flies aren’t as bad.

I did a Zwow almost everyday I was there 😀 Wakeboarding had to be the biggest workout I had! I seriously felt muscles hurting I wasn’t even aware existed! My elbows hurt if I bend them 😉

I hiked and did squat jumps up the stairs. I know I still don’t look muscular but I definitely noticed that I’m beginning to look toned :) The protein being added into my diet should help this.

I am seriously falling in love with the prospect of becoming strong. I want to build more muscle and start lifting heavier weights. I’ve even started eating cleaner (most days – cottage excluded) and have been using a whey protein isolate :)

So as much as I will always love running right now I’m super focused on gaining lean muscle and strength.

I know my stomach needs work but overall I am confident in how I look and feel. I’ll talk more about that later though 😉



1. are you building lean muscle mass?? how did you go from just wanting to be toned to wanting to gain muscle? any tips?

2. what are some high protein foods you rely on regularly after your workouts??

I just learned about Quinoa and Lentils and they’re powerful protein not to mention snow peas! I’m on board 😉

3. has anyone ever run through flies biting them?? what’s your secret!

4. what is your least favourite bug??

I hate biting flies more than most things. I can squish spiders, I can kill wasps and hit mosquitoes….but I hate deer flies, black flies and horse flies because they don’t STOP! they bite huge chunks out of you….argh! 



36 thoughts on “I’m Stronger…

    • Awww thank you so much Alex :) such kind words. Colin thinks I look “jacked” and too muscular….however, I think it’s just b/c right now I’m building muscle but still have some fat covering it – once that’s gone everything should be ok :)

    • Hey Leah! I’m hoping to find my love for running and keep at it one day soon. So far strength has proven to be my new best friend and I’m ok with that :)

  1. Looking strong!

    I used to work at camp in Minnesota, so mosquitoes and flies and gnats were always a concern. Bug spray seemed to handle it though. Don’t buy the stuff in the sweet spray bottle though, you need the stuff in the aerosol can! Also, close your mouth if running through bugs, so they don’t go in your mouth. Ick!

    • I used Deep Woods off but didn’t spray my head and hair – which apparently was the issue 😉 lol and yes EW I hate when a bug flies in my mouth – or worse, my eye!!!!

  2. You look great! All of that hard work is really paying off!
    I’m bad for protein intake. I’ve been a pescatarian for 25 years and am lazy about finding other forms of protein. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out.
    I hate black flies. I had a bad reaction to a bite behind my ear one year and swelled up like crazy. Boo.

    • Thanks Sam :) Ahhhhh a pescy 😉 nice. My BIL was telling me that 1 cup of lentils has like 20+grams of protein in it and that quinoa is the only thing other than meat that’s a whole protein…..snow peas are good too – you should get ready b/c I’m sure I’ll have some recipes soon – once I make them that is :)

      PS: I’m the SAME way with fly bites…..I swell like CRAZY~!

  3. Sot here is this thingie (have no idea what it is called) that clips to your side and is like a fan of bug spray, I guess? I’ve seen runners with them on the trails and they say it works. Peter’s mom also has one and says it works as well.

    LOVING the muscles – you rock. I am trying to get leaner and really have been trying to lay off the french fries and do more strength training.

    Today is my yoga class with an instructor who loves to focus on core – yippeeeee

    • I really need to google this “thing” b/c right now I’m picturing weird people running around with fans 😛 lol

      and I hope yoga was amazing….I need to get out to a class

  4. Haha, I had Kelly Clarkson in my head when I opened your post. :)
    All bugs are gross, but running into them is awful because of the potential of breathing them in! My friend ran into a swarm of bees. Ahh!
    I’m a peanut butter nut so there is nothing I love more than penut butter on an english muffin after or before a run/workout!
    Yay for being strong. Good luck. Right now, I’d like to tone!

  5. Least favorite bug? TICKS. I HATE ticks. hate them sooooo much! and the sad thing is that there are tons of them in my woods. I can never bring myself to smash a spider or any other bug but ticks? I will happily smash 1,000 of them.
    I drink protein powder after workouts. Mix it with some chocolate milk and there you go! It actually doesnt taste too bad either.
    Sounds like an amazing time at the cabin!

    • yes, good one! ticks do suck so dang bad….we’ve discussed this before 😉 hahaha

      and I am loving this chocolate protein powder I bought. Really fills me up after a good sweat :)

  6. I think you look great, stomach included! I definitely am starting to add muscle and I think all the protein powders I’ve been trying are helping with that, plus swimming, biking and running almost every day.

    I really don’t like all those flies you mentioned, plus moose flies are really bad too! They would always bother me and my brother when we were growing up and swimming in the lake!

    • I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a moose fly but I know I don’t want to :(

      and thanks so much Jamie …..my dream land neighbour 😉

  7. Glad you had such a good time, and nice job on all the creative exercising! You look awesome. I have moments where I think about moving more toward muscle building, but I love running too much. :) I am trying to maintain some consistency with weights to at least stay toned… but I can understand the desire to get stronger!

    • Thanks Laura :) and I wish I loved running like I did before. I’ve been trying to meditate on what my exercise needs are at the moment. I’m convinced I am just too lazy to run in this heat!

  8. the mosquitoes are just awful in MN right now…especially when trying to water plants/flowers and standing in grass either later in the evening or early in the morning…then its been so hot during the day we r kind of hibernating or staying in a pool…literally….

    CRAZy Minnesotans I tell ya!

  9. Biting flies suck! I try to remember to spray insect spray on me prior to going out for a run…especially my head because they LOVE to attack me there. Then I wear a visor or hat to keep the sweat/spray out of my eyes. Not perfect but it’s okay. You are looking so awesome, lean, and strong!!!

    • Thanks Jen! I can’t wait till I get your arms :) and I need to invest in a cap or visor……I’m going to be googling running with bugs and going out super prepared next time 😉

  10. When I run the trails down in Florida in the summer, the deer flies are relentless!!! I just look at them as speed work- if you slow down, you get chomped on. I really, really hate palmetto bugs- they’re giant cockroaches that hiss and fly. I’m pretty sure they’re all possessed by the devil.

    My go-to protein sources are eggs, greek yogurt, quinoa, brown rice… I’m not a meat eater, so it’s definitely more challenging!

    • Hey Danielle :) thanks for stopping by! and I love this comment!!!! b/c that’s exactly how that short run felt – like speed work ;P lol and giant cockroaches that hiss!!! those sound scary :)

      NICE protein choices!!!!

  11. It’s good that you stopped when you did – you wouldn’t have wanted to swallow one of those little suckers. Swallowing any kind of bug while out running is one of my least favourite activities.

  12. I love how confident you are with your body. You look absolutely great! Oh well that you weren’t able to get in good runs in.. not your fault, but at least you knocked out some other awesome workouts :)

    This weekend will be a relaxing one. I’ve been craving Mexican like no other, so hubby and I checked out one of the only Mexican Restaurants in Kuwait last night. Ughh such a huge disappointment. I could’ve made myself better food!! But today is the start of my “Birthday week”, and I’m totally in the mood to go bowling! :) What are your plans for today?

  13. I must have come across some of those tonight. We were fishing, and I couldn’t figure out what the heck was biting me because all I could see were gnat-looking things. That would not be fun to run in! And you are looking super tone. Zwow is working!

  14. I’ve run through gnats, but not biting flies – ick!
    You look so strong!!! Great job!
    For me – my favorite post workout drink/snack will always be chocolate milk. 😉

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