Let’s go to the Beach….maybe

Urgh! We were/are(?) all set to go to the beach this morning but the water quality that was last taken stated unsafe!!

I hate our Lake and it’s randomly changing E.coli levels. There were NO water quality samples taken since last week and it says right on the site that the levels are only good for that day.

….maybe I’ll create my own testing kit :)

*just because we are so cute :) 

FYI for those of you that don’t know FEEDING WATERFOWL INCREASES (and is in most cases responsible *other than agricultural runoff*) E.COLI BACTERIA IN OUR WATER SYSTEMS! 


So leave your old crusty bread, seeds and other treats at home! ….or I may yell at you because I love swimming :)

I probably wouldn’t yell at you, but I may do like I did on Sunday and secretly stalk you all the while judging you and your every action.

There was a guy that had a small dog in his car and he left it in there while he walked passed Leah and me stretching on the grass and proceeded to go into the grocery store.

I said “Oh great! now I have to wait” she said “why to yell at him?” I replied, “no, I don’t want to be an ignorant crazy person, I’m just now committed to the well being of that animal” – we waited almost 25 mins and just as we were coming up with a plan to make an annoucement in the store (thanks Leah) alerting the owner, he appeared. We watched him walk to his car and made sure the pup was A.OK. 

I never said anything – why?

The bottom line is YOU NEVER KNOW! was 30 mins a long time to leave a dog in the car YES! would it have been better if he didn’t do that? YES! but maybe he was out walking his dog and his wife called and asked him to get some stuff. He had all four of the windows down a bit and there was a nice breeze and the dog was lying down sleeping the whole time – fine.

I found this great article about leaving your dog in the car and I feel like it reflects my personal views on the subject perfectly. I am happy that we waited just in case that scenario did go wrong but I didn’t feel the need to choose being right over kindness and yell at a person who’s story I knew nothing of. I only stayed for my own beliefs – not to adjust his :) 


1. would you go swimming anyway??

I most likely will go to the beach because Logan has been begging me….he doesn’t really go into the water anyway, so we can just play in the sand. 

2. would you have said something to that guy?? 

3. would you have stayed like we did?? 

As much as we never played Judge, Jury and Executioner on that man we did decide that it was our responsibility to remain there, just in case :) 

29 thoughts on “Let’s go to the Beach….maybe

  1. In Florida, it’s actually legal to break the window of a car if someone leaves there pet in there! That being said, I’ve left my dogs in the car, but only when it’s cool and I can park under the shade. I try to always carry a spare key with me, that way if I absolutely must leave them in the car and it’s hot, I can leave it running with the AC on and lock the doors.

    • That’s crazy! but good that’s it’s legal :) I’ve left Rex in the car tons of times. But never on a hot day – unless it’s to pay for gas or something super quick. Rex jumped out of the car window today when I left him for literally a second to make sure I was at a beach where the water quality was ok 😛 (there are signs and I parked and got out to read it lol)

  2. I wouldn’t have gone swimming but probably, like you, played in the sand.
    It would probably depend on the weather as to if I would stick around for the dog. If it were hot outside, I definitely would stick around!
    Usually, I am one to say something, especially when I know I’m right. I had that experience the other day, but decided to keep it to myself. It was so hard but I felt it was the right thing to do

    • So we did go to the beach and the bad water quality signs were down and people were swimming so we went in :) I was however reading up on ecoli and apparently it’s worse in the sand! Oh well…we had fun and just showered down after we got home

      and good for you :) it is hard when you want to tell people what to do or how to do it, I used to be so bad with lecturing ignorant people but the fact is that someone else would probably want to lecture me on things I do……it’s better to lead by example :) so good for you!!!!

  3. The only times we have left Bernie in the car (5 minutes max), we have left it running with the AC on (and I take my car door opener with me of course). Usually though one of us will stay in the car with him because you never know how long it might take!

    I wouldn’t go swimming but you know how I feel about Lake Ontario! Hopefully the bacteria test for us is clear on Thursday so we can go to practice again.

    • haha that’s awesome that he gets the A/C :) spoiled Bernie lol

      I did go swimming – WHO CARES 😀 I had never swam in it except when I was about Logan’s age and then finally last year I decided to do it. It’s GREAT! I love it – the worst thing that could happen is that I get Ecoli poisoning and have some bad GI issues….maybe a rash 😉

      They didn’t have the “unsafe beach” signs up so I figured why not

  4. With all of the attention on dog owners leaving their pets in the car in the media lately I find it shocking that people still do this. For one of the Euro games last month we had a couple in to watch the soccer while their dog waited in the car. My boss called the police. I was actually proud of him for once!! I wouldbt leave my kids in the car, why would I leave my dog?! Good for you waiting to make sure that puppy was ok.

    Lake Ontario gives me the creeps. I usually drive the extra distance and take my kids to wasaga or grand bend for day beach trips. Or up to chrisite conservation. Or valens. There’s so many choices other than the beach strip. I had Noah there once when he was Logan’s age and a seagull flew into one of the power lines right above us and dropped dead right there!!! LMAO

    • That is CRAZY about the soccer game watching. Now that’s ridiculous! in any weather :) I have left Logan in the car to pay for gas ;P BAD mother! lol

      I won’t spoil your trips to Valens or other Hamilton conservation areas…..I used to work for the HCA at the main office and knew all about their water quality 😉

      I finally bit the bullet last year and went swimming there. Mind you there was a dead seagull too 😉 lol

  5. I’ve left my dog in the car with the windows down in Summer for quick errands (10 minutes or less) and see no problem with it. I always leave water on the floor and know how my pup tolerates the heat. I’m not sure if I would have said anything or not in your case-I agree you don’t know the circumstances and there could have been water somewhere in the car that was out of view or something.
    You need to come to Montana and swim with me in the lakesssss!

    • Ya I am not some crazy that has issues with people leaving their dogs in the car – I got bitched out on facebook for telling people not to attack every owner on that issue 😉 like I’m a bad dog owner….Rex would beg to differ 😀

      I wouldn’t say anything to anyone about leaving their own pet in the car unless I saw it was dying 😉 I save my mouth and judgments for emergencies as well 😛 lol

      and please take me swimming in BEAUTIFUL montana

  6. wohoho-who turned on the crazy today??

    sucks about the water at the lake-have a hose pipe day instead.

    PS-am having one of those days today too…you know…those days…

  7. It would have depended on the situation if I would have waited or said anything about the dog in the car. If it was insanely hot, probably would have but if it was borderline, I probably wouldn’t even if I still may have thought it was too hot to leave one…tough call but sounds like you did a great thing!

    • thanks Abbi – the only reason I stayed is b.c normally I’m home alone on friday nights and have thus watched excessive amounts of the show “what would you do” < — look it up 😉 and I just didn’t want to leave and then see in the paper the next day “small dog left in car dies while owner gets groceries” :) lol

  8. I hate seeing things like that. One time, when I was a teenager, I saw someone leave their dog in a car and go to a movie! I don’t remember if it was hot or not, but I left a note on their car. I was working near there at the time and saw them when they came back. They crumpled the note and threw it on the ground. I hate littering too! I would have had to stay too, to make sure the dog was okay. Probably wouldn’t have said anything either:) You did the right thing.

    • argh littering is the WORST! one time some school kids threw their juice boxes out the bus window and I called the school ;P lol I used to be insanely meddlesome and crazy….now I lurk in the shadows like batman ;P

  9. I would have done the same thing you did and waited to make sure the dog was okay. At least all the windows were down but 30 minutes is a time if it’s hot out!

    I probably wouldn’t go to the beach because e coli freaks me out, but if your just playing in the sand then that should be fine…right?

    • so I did go to the beach and did some research….afterwards 😛 but apparently even though the water quality is fine the sand is WAY worse…..like by 10,000’s times worse. Argh….all those sandcastles we built.

  10. I love that you stayed there! I would have too, but yes I don’t think I would have said anything! You are right you never know their story! Maybe he went in just for a few things last minute, yet the person in front of him in line had to double check every one of their prices and took forever…yet it is wrong to leave your puppy in a car for any length of time ESPECIALLY in the summer! Poor pup! Glad he was okay! :) You are too sweet to stay and make sure!

    • Awww thanks Jentry :) and it’s so true. It was so weird….he parked off to the side away from all the other cars like it was on purpose so people wouldn’t see…..I think he already felt guilty.

      I felt like he most likely wouldn’t have had the dog with him on a normal day – and I always trust my gut.

  11. Thanks so much for linking to my post about dogs in hot cars! I think that in general people can be a bit careless about leaving their dogs in cars, but luckily they have enough common sense not to leave them long enough where the dogs are more than uncomfortable. I leave my dog in the car for hours in the winter and only for a few minutes in the summer, depending on all kinds of factors like the amount of shade, the temperature, if there is a breeze and so on. Usually, I am way more cautious than I need to be. I’ll sometimes return after five minutes, hoping my dog isn’t having a heat stroke and he will be lying calmly in the sun, not even panting.

    • Oh no problem Lindsay! I found your blog when I was researching about running with my dog, Rex. We actually ran our first race together last month. I love what you’re doing and wasn’t surprised when I was searching for info on dogs left in cars that your page popped up. I like your honest attitude and you genuine CARE for dogs….as opposed to misguided “Love” that most owners have 😀

      Keep it up!

  12. Hmm…good question, I don’t know what I would have done about the dog/car situation. I am glad that someone made an announcement over the loudspeaker, that’s a great way to address the situation without causing a scene. You’re right, who knows what the guy was dealing with…

  13. No, I would not have went swimming and Yes, I would have stayed like you did…..just to be sure and IF he had been gone longer and the pup looked dehydrated or in a worse state then when you first saw him I would have said some thing…sounds like this one was OK.

    You good samaritan you! 😉

  14. I would leave my dog in the car only if I knew I was going to be super-quick and if it was winter. Over here the temperatures in cars can reach 50C in summer so it’s definitely not safe. I would probably have done nothing but I would have been damning him in my head.

  15. Wow, that is so super of you to wait for the owner to make sure the dog was ok. Of course I agree he should not have left the little one in the car, but so many people would just walk away!!

    And NO I would not have gone swimming in unsafe waters, but I would totally play in the sand!!

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