Zensah Fitness Bra Review & Giveaway!


The awesome people at Zensah offered to send me their moisture wicking seamless fitness bra to review and I must say I love it :)

On first impression I thought WOW this material is so super soft and comfortable I seriously couldn’t believe how nice and light it felt. It’s also pretty cute. Which is important for us ladies! I like the low cut of the bra, but if you don’t they also have a higher cut seamless running sports bra too!

From their website:

Zensah has developed the most comfortable fitness bra. The innovative fitness bra is made with Zensah Fabric which is thermal regulating. This allows you to never feel too hot or too cold, providing increased while you are engaged in fitness. This is an ideal fitness top for all levels.

The Zensah Fitness Bra has moisture wicking technology that keeps you dry.

With a seamless construction and Zensah fabric, the Zensah Fitness Bra is the best fitness bra on the market. This high-performance fitness bra offers superior comfort and support.

  • No Chafing – Every Zensah Fitness Bra is made with a seamless design to ensure optimal comfort and prevent any chafing.
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Superior Comfort – Zensah uses it proprietary Zensah fabric in each Zensah Fitness Bra it creates for an unmatched comfort.
  • Thermal Regulating

The Zensah Fitness Bra fits all body types. Get the Zensah Fitness Bra today and revolutionize your exercise.”

Fitness Bra Sizing:
XS/S 30AB – 32AB
S/M 34AB – 36A

Price: $31.00 USD

Now, I didn’t ask them, but because I’ve been wearing this bra for the majority of my workouts lately and I have a small chest I don’t believe it would work well for individuals with a larger bust. Their sizing guide doesn’t go higher than a 32 B and 36A! So if you have a larger chest please check out their other seamless bra, which I’m sure is just as comfortable :)

I liked using this bra for my usual fitness exercises, I did a workout DVD, some of Zuzana’s Zwow’s, cycled both indoors and out and ran in it. It definitely held up! Yesterday for my run in the humidity was my biggest challenge, as I was literally pouring out sweat and at the end of my run the bra still felt great with NO CHAFING!

The Break Down!

What I liked:

  • Loved the material. Zensah isn’t lying that they’ve created something so comfortable and amazing.
  • Loved the low-cut factor, as the less material on my skin, the better.
  • Liked the performance factor – sweat was wicked away from my skin and it held the girls comfortably in all of my workouts.
  • The strap placement – they didn’t feel too tight or chafe me at all.
  • It’s pretty. Which is important to me :)

What I didn’t love:

  • I didn’t like that my nipples showed through the material (yes, men I’m sure you love the image)
  • I prefer sports bra’s with a bit of padding, as my chest is lacking in that area and I felt kind of boyish in the bra.

The Bottom Line:

This bra is for you if your top preferences are comfort, performance and style! It isn’t for you if you have a large bust or don’t like a bra without some added padding :) Overall, I loved it and I will continue to wear it during my workouts. It did it’s job and did it comfortably. For anyone who has to fight to get into their current sports bra I HIGHLY recommend trying one of Zensah’s – the comfort is unreal! I’ll just put some padding in mine when I’m out in public 😉 haha!

 Now for the fun part!

The awesome people at Zensah have offered to give away one of these amazing fitness bras to one of my readers! EXCITED?! I know I am!

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment below telling me what your #1 priority is when selecting a new sports bra! 

Want to increase your odds??

Leave me a separate comment for each.
Giveaway ends Sunday July 22nd @ midnight EST and I will post the winner on Monday July 23rd! GOOD LUCK!

159 thoughts on “Zensah Fitness Bra Review & Giveaway!

  1. My sports bras have to be both supportive and comfortable! I’ve been wanting to try the Zensah sports bras cause I love their compression gear

  2. I’m a 36A, so I am always in the market for something that doesn’t chafe and might actually not flatten me out. So far, I have all of one that. But, if I can’t have boobs while I run, then comfort is the big player!

  3. The most important thing to me in a sports bra is how well it holds my ladies! :) I don’t want sagging boobs when I am older and want to make sure my sports bra is holding them babies in place!

  4. Looks like a really cute bra, but I unfortunately can’t just go by cuteness! I too have to have some padding due to itty bitty chest, oh and totally would hate the whole nipple thing!

  5. comfort is definitely a number one thing for me. I never heard of Zensah and since the fitness bra probably won’t work for me size-wise I plan to head on over to their site and see what else they have! 😉

  6. I know it’s pathetic but I’m not too picky on my criteria for a sport bra. I don’t need a lot of support so can be a little lax. I don’t like them too tight to be cutting me in half. I like an option of a variety of colors. Sometimes knowing I have a neon green sport bra on makes me feel better even though nobody else knows.

    I “liked” Zensah on Facebook (Amanda Fritz Carey) and I followed them on Twitter (TooTallFritz).

  7. When I shop for a sports bra (but let’s face it, it’s been like 5 years since I’ve bought a new bra-gross, right?) I look for bras that don’t dig into my skin-under my arm pit or straps!

  8. Lame, I know, but my priority is usually that it has skinny straps because I just don’t like the thick ones! And you know, I won one of these about a year ago and just realized I never got it….that’s a sure sign I’m meant to win this one instead! :)

  9. It’s definitely a really cute top. I couldn’t possibly use it for running but for strength, stretching or yoga (especially in summer) I think it’d be perfect.

  10. That looks like my kind of bra! I am small chested too so I always look for snugness when I am shopping for a sports bra. I don’t want it hanging off me! lol
    What a great review!

  11. Ha! The things that you didn’t like about the bra are things that I consider normal. I’ve never had a sports bra that didn’t let my nipples shine through, and padding would make things hot! Ick.

    So…pick me!

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  13. My #1 thing when I am looking for a sports bra would be the straps. Uncomfortable straps that dig in are the worse! Also, fun colors :) :)

  14. Hey Ali :)

    I like sports bras to be comfortable but still supportive enough to stop my ladies bouncing around, since that completely cancels out the comfort factor anyway! I also agree that a little padding doesn’t hurt 😉

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  17. My #1 priority is support! If the bra doesn’t function as it’s supposed to by being supportive, then I pass.

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  19. My #1 thing about a sports bra is its STAY PUTNESS!! Haha- I don’t want to have to adjust the girls while I’m running or working out- it needs to fit like a secon skin :)

  20. Definitely comfort and no chest movement while running! This bra is so cute, but I really like my sports bras with a little padding- not a fan of my nipple outline showing through. It would be great for workouts at home.

  21. I’m a DD; so the issue for me is being able to run & not look like a porn star. It might look cute on the Baywatch intro, but after 1/8 mile that shizz hurts.

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