Some runs make me want to hit the trails.

So on Sundays, I run. It’s become my most favourite day to run but I want to tell you something – I still haven’t healed from my injury :( My groin hurts a lot of the time and so does my whole right leg, shin, knee, ankle….it kind of sucks.

I just wanted you all to know that that is why I’ve been favouring other workouts. 1. I’m scared to push too hard and re-injure myself and 2. why does anyone want to put themselves through pain? I’m all for “good” pain 😉 but the bad pain I’ve learned not to run through.

With that being said this Sunday’s run was amazing!!! I had no pain whatsoever! ….well other than that “good” running pain we live for.

* not taken on Sunday….but roll with it 😉 

I traveled towards my usual route: the mountain brow trail but this time I went down the stairs…

* these stairs are definitely the “easier” ones and there’s a bike trough so you can bring your bike down which I think it cool :) 

My run through the trees along the lone path was so beautiful. I am never sick of listening to Coldplay while running. I find that lately all my positivity feels like it immersing me on my runs and I feel lighter. Almost like I’m having a “runner’s high” or something. I definitely LOVE being one with nature, listening to Coldplay and focusing on positive visualizations/affirmations while running. I feel like I could run forever when I get into that mode. It’s quite the experience.

I decided that since my “long” run was pretty short this week (5 miles/8km) instead of running half way down the trail and then having to turn around and run uphill <— boo. I’d run all the way to the notorious “stairs”. There are 500 steep steps and photos do not do it justice.

I hit those steps just after the 4 mile mark and I just took them at a steady pace, only looking a few feet in front of me and never all the way up 😉

I am not going to tell you it was easy. However, I was quite surprised at how much easier it felt compared to last time I did them. It’s hard when you’ve already been running and then you tackle the stairs…and then you have to continue to run.

I took a break at the top and stretched (took a picture) and then continued on my run.

It was like I got a slap in the face *SLAP!* Once I was on top of the mountain running on concrete, with the sun blazing down on me, even Coldplay couldn’t take me back to that amazing place I had been in for the first part of my run.

* a duck face is made worse if you do it with a red workout face. PS: I changed my outfit like a super hero 😉 ….or maybe just used a different run pic earlier ;P lol

If that is what people mean by the marathon and how after 20 miles the last 6 suck than I never want to run one! That last mile was brutal!!! literally a fight with myself to continue. Strange because when I was on the trail I was contemplating running all the way home and being fine with adding the extra 2 miles.

As soon as my watch hit 5 miles I called Colin. I told him to come get me 😉 It was just too hot and without nature to fuel me – I fell flat.

The moral of this story?? 

I need nature to run – I’m a trail runner.

….and also, I need dry-wick underwear!!!

This humidity is killing me and my bum 😉 …..censored because it really is that dangerous. lol and for Colin’s peace of mind 😀



1. when was your last run?? are you running today??

I work tonight so I’ll be running on the tready today :) 3 miles, easy. 

2. what is your favourite place to run and/or workout??

outside in nature. I literally am a different person outside. I love it :)

3. ever use stairs or steps as a workout??

I don’t do them nearly as much as I should. I’m going to hit them up this week for sure! 

4. bum sweat?? am I alone here??? and are there dry wicking undies?!? I need some!!


34 thoughts on “Some runs make me want to hit the trails.

  1. I bet there are moisture-wicking underwear, but I’m pretty sure the problem is that you have underwear that cover your butt! I can’t imagine running in those things! Thongs, girl, less material=less sweat!

    • lol I love bum coverage 😉 and If my shorts have undies in them, I’ll just use those 😉 but it’s “that” time of the month and I never want any leakage! I’d rather have the undies there with coverage just incase …lol but maybe I will try to run in a thong. Somehow I feel like that would be uncomfortable??

      • Okay, admittedly I’m big-booty-biased! My butt is somewhat large, so bikini underwear just bunch in my crack. Thongs are most comfortable for me because they’re supposed to be in the crack so I just have a bit of material in the crack rather than a huge bunch! I think they’re comfy, but then again, it’s because the bunching is the problem!

  2. Who wears underwear when they run?!?! Don’t your shorts have built ins? Go without girl! That way you don’t see your butt sweat either. Win win! LOL I do get major boob sweat! That’s pretty sweet.

    I ran 10k this morning. I’m done for the day. :0)

    I love to run at the lake. I hate to run on the TM. I’ve always wanted to run the mountain stairs but can’t be bothered to drive all the way out there to do it. LOL

    • I don’t wear underwear in shorts that have them 😉 but I was just coming off the period ;P remember and I was wearing these stupid cotton shorts with no build in underwear b/c they hold my ipod and smart phone :)

      and nice 10k! I wish I was already done my run.

      and you could always come visit me :) I can feed you all my baking fails lol

    • Ya this weekend was crazy! It is really hard to run in the heat :)

      and yes! so many people workout on them, so sometimes it’s pretty hard to get a solid workout in….busy!

      I should do them more. I may start doing them before swimming on wednesdays.

  3. Haha, I feel you on the bum sweat and yes there are moisture wicking underwear but I’ve been too cheap to buy any yet…they are spendy!!! I have a lot of running shorts that have the built in undies but I just can’t bring myself to only wear that!

    • Argh! everything for running/sports is expensive…..I think it should be free – we are doing the healthy thing :)

      I definitely wear nothing in the shorts with the built in undies. It was weird at first but now I like it :)

  4. Sorry your last mile sucked, but the stairs may have had something to do with it. Way to make it to the top! Those stairs would be great for me to train on for the “Big Climb” here in Seattle:) Ran yesterday and yes to the butt sweat!

  5. Awesome view from the top of the stairs. I’m sure that’s a hell of a workout running up and down those things. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a stairs workouts, but I sure remember how they kicked my ass.

    I’ve seen the dri-fit underwear for men, I’m sure they have them for women. I prefer the shorts with the liner.

  6. Oh yay!! I’m so glad you got a pain-free run. Pity about the heat and humidity but this too will pass and when it does I’ll be the one suffering through it.

  7. what a beautiful view from the top. sorry about the heat getting to you, but hey great job for knocking out the 5 miles you did :) also, if you don’t mind me asking.. what was the injury you had?

    • I don’t mind at all….if you go back you can read all about it, as it took up from January till May get diagnosed….lol but my injury was called an “Up Slip” and it wasn’t the biggest issue, the issue was it took them so long to figure it out and I had to go for bone scans, xrays galore and a whole lot of “don’t run” ” run but don’t cross train” “don’t do anything” “don’t bring your knee to chest, but anything else is fine” lol

      it was crazy! here’s a link to the post where I discuss it if you’re interested

  8. Oh my, those stairs look brutal! I really wish we had some good trails near me… but it’s too hot to run on trails during the day right now. I am ready for Fall.

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