Strong Stride – Cardio Strength [Workout DVD]: Review & Giveaway!

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Remember Lisa Watson and her amazing first workout DVD Strong Stride? It was the only workout DVD I’ve even seen that was 100% targeted at runners! It allowed me to develop my running muscles, non running muscles and I’m convinced it is what lead me to the finish line at Around the Bay having done only strength and no running while injured in March.

Well now Lisa has a new DVD: Cardio Strength and of course I wanted to try it. Lisa was nice enough to send me a copy and is also offering not 1 but 3 DVD’s up for grabs for you!

What’s different in Cardio Strength?

Runners! Check this out. Just released!
Introducing the brand new Strong Stride Cardio Strength DVD video for runners. A completely new, high-energy workout that Lisa Watson designed for ardent distance runners, marathoners, weekend warriors and anyone who just wants to stay fit!

Lisa’s strength building training regimen takes you through three complete cycles; a core workout as well as upper and lower body strength training. You don’t need any equipment and this exercise workout will get you toned and ready to run! Lisa designed this workout specifically for those athletes who want to run, but it can also be used by anyone who just wants to get in shape and stay that way!

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Well from what I found the moves are a lot more involved and therefore get your heart rate up! When I first watched the video I was thinking, man this looks easier than her last video but boy was I wrong. These moves will have your core burning and I found I was so super sweaty afterwards.

The DVD is broken up into a three body sections: lower body, upper body and core. The workouts are all designed so you can do them separately or together. All three sections have 3 sets and 10 reps of 10 different exercises. There are modifications that are easy to see and do if you aren’t at Lisa’s level of fitness. After each set there’s a 2 min rest period which I could’ve done without BUT I know when I was first starting strength and/or fitness those rests would be Godsends. Her higher intensity moves are designed with runners in mind but are also good for anyone wishing to switch it up in their cardio workouts.

Here are some of the moves found on the new Strong Stride video

Lisa definitely has a fun upbeat personality and her descriptions of the moves are very detailed and easy to understand. I liked this video just as much as her first one, if not more!

What I liked about it:

  • Easy to follow. I liked the extra girl designated to modifications.
  • I liked that there were less people in this vid (compared to the first) making it easier to follow them. They also had each person doing different levels for the moves, which I thought was a good idea.
  • Definitely makes you sweat and gets your heart going.
  • Lisa’s descriptions and her fun attitude.
  • The countdowns and easy to grab water breaks 😉
  • I loved that there were only 3 sections and 3 sets – it made it easy to do one, two or more!
  • I know it sounds cliché but I DO think she does these workouts with a runner’s mind. I find that I always preform better after doing her workouts :)

What I didn’t love about it:

  • The breaks – I know I said I liked them above but it’d be cool if they were optional 😉 Sometimes I needed them, sometimes I didn’t.
  • I really didn’t like that only one set was filmed. I don’t know if that’s common in workout DVD’s but I found it kind of annoying to have to re-listen to all the move descriptions for each set, which in turn slowed my workout down, just because the first set was played over and over. I would love to challenge Lisa to workout live with us like she did while in California. <— I want all 5 rounds next time girl 😉 

The Bottom Line: 

If you don’t do strength in the gym, if you’re a runner looking to up your cardio and core, if you are a mom that needs a solid go-to workout at home or if you like quick, easy and effective workouts this DVD is for you :) Lisa is easy to follow, encouraging and I have always enjoyed her DVD’s. I definitely found lots of the moves challenging and did find they worked me hard! I think that if she does another vid she should work out live for the whole 3 sets, but otherwise I think it’s definitely a GREAT investment. A runner training other runners is usually the best workout :)

The Cardio Strength DVD can be purchased for just $20. She also just came out with a new protein bar that I’ve heard tastes amazing :)


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80 thoughts on “Strong Stride – Cardio Strength [Workout DVD]: Review & Giveaway!

  1. I really want this dvd because my main workout is running. But I do realize that I need to change it up a bit, and usually go for a dvd!! This one, along with the other you mentioned which I feel I must get now, seems prefect!!

  2. I want to win the DVD because the winter is coming soon and I lose motivation so with this DVD will be fun to workout at home and also keep running…..

  3. I really want this because I love workout dvds! I am awful at having to think up workouts by myself but I love following people on dvds. :)

  4. Shared the giveaway on Twitter! And started following you…how did I not follow you before this… At least if I don’t win I am finally following you on Twitter, so it’ll all be worth it! 😉 ha

  5. 5. I need an at home video option that a) I actually like b) challenges me and c) works to improve the rest of my fitness pursuits! Yoga is getting too $$$ tho it does help my running

  6. super cool!! I am not big on workout dvd’s. I always say I will get one to have on hand for days I can’t make it to the gym, but I never do. I know that is the only way I would use one. Now a class I can totally do!!

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  8. I would like to win Lisa’s DVD because I am training for a half marathon and will benefit a lot from her workouts, because I workout at home and like the flexibility of my schedule-especially when my 9 months old daughter is taking a nap, because I am dreaming of a small gym at home.

  9. I used to do strength training at the gym on top of running, but I stopped when my gym membership expired. I have been trying to get back into it at home and this DVD sounds great :).

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