10 miles is my new favourite distance

Sunday runs are the best :) I love them!

*check out the awesome clouds in my glasses

I know it’s Tuesday but I never got a chance to share my run with you guys. I was originally going to aim for a PDR but seeing as my training plan called for 9 miles last week and I did 11! I decided to drop down to 10 and that way I’d be right on track for my plan.

Last week I made the majority of my run downhill, aside from the monster 2km hill πŸ˜‰ so this week I mapped out an opposite route that would leave me running 80% of my 10 miles ALL. UP. HILL.

I know, I’m hardcore.

As mentioned on facebook, and most likely before, the entire half marathon course I’ll be running is all a slight downhill so I thought it’d be smarter to train going uphill. I hope to get a better time in doing so.

I started up on the mountain so the first 4km’s were pretty flat. I got passed by an old man and when I met up with him later on the stairs, he told me he runs for 2 hours EVERY DAY! I was very impressed. He and his old man friends made fun of me for getting passed by “a geezer” in their words.

The only downhill part of my run were the wentworth stairs….which you can’t really run….I do go pretty fast and steady, but they are scary and steep πŸ˜‰

However, the entire run went really great. I always try to say “Good Morning” to every single person I see, regardless if they say it back or acknowledge me or not :)

I actually want to make a shirt that saysGood Morning” on the front and “Have a GREAT day” on the back just for my long runs πŸ˜‰

Aren’t all long runs amazing??Β 

I’ve been experimenting with fuel and I seriously can’t believe I’ve never fueled during my long runs before last week – GU’s are like magic! My last two LSD runs have had me feeling great since consuming a chocolatey GU in the middle of my run. So far, so good. So I’ll continue to test flavour combos and see what gives me maximum performance :)

I had to toss this picture in it’s not fair that some bloggers only post hot pics of themselves….it doesn’t give you an accurate image of me – I have MAD facial experision lines, a chipped tooth and a chin mole that I despise. FACT.

Anyway, overall I am finally beginning to remember my love of longer distances and how eventually the run just feels so magical it far exceeds the short sprinting you have to do in shorter distances :)



1. What’s your favourite distance to run?? and/or race??Β 

I love running for 10 miles I think it’s long enough that I feel hardcore but short enough that I Β don’t feel too tired after :)Β 

2. do you fuel for long runs?? what are your top fuel picks??

3. have you ever raced a entire downhill race?? how good was your time??Β 

My realistic goal time for this half is sub 2:30. I really don’t think I’ll be able to top that, as my 10 miler took me over 1:45 to finish. I still have to run 3 more miles! I am hoping all this uphill training will make my downhill race time even better :)Β 

44 thoughts on “10 miles is my new favourite distance

  1. Aw, I like that you post real life pics. Maybe that peeing one a few posts ago was a little much, but for the most part I love your pics. LMAO My favourite run of the week is my long run and I love running halfs. The Mississauga half is pretty downhill, I did it for my first and got a sub two. Be warned, if R2H is downhill your quads are gonna be crazy sore the next day! I usually use Gu but try not to take more than two because then my tummy gets a little funny.

    • I’ll try to refrain from peeing on camera again πŸ˜‰ lol I hate quad pain :( I know I will not get sub 2, I haven’t done enough speed work :( in the past I think that would’ve been a realistic goal, but now its sub 230 for me

  2. Awesome long run! Favorite every day running distance is probably 8 miles, but my favorite race is the half marathon I think. It’s just long enough that you have to train, but short enough that it doesn’t take over your whole day!

  3. I use Vega gels for my long runs.
    I haven’t run the Wentworth stairs just the ones at Chedoke. They are evil.
    R2H is a good race but I always end up having a terrible race there for some reason. The downhill part is nice but it makes for a bit of a lonely stretch as there are no spectators on that part.
    You will kill it for sure!

    • I’ve never done the chedoke stairs, but I’ve heard they’re brutal! We should do them together one day :) and I love lonely stretches….i think the hardest part of this race will be no music….as ive relied heavily on out for my training

  4. I’d probably run 10 miles with views like that too. Gorgeous!

    I hope 10 miles is my new favorite distance. Only a few more days until my 10 mile race. I’ll know the truth on Saturday night.

    • Oh Sabrina, I’m so proud of you, and can’t wait to hear all about it! You’ll love 10 miles, though I’ve never raced it….and I hate reaching long distances due to mile markers πŸ˜‰ lol

  5. awesome face! haha i have a few pictures from the Ragnar that I look horrible.. I’ll have to post them later. I LOVE 10 milers… love love love. We havea few 10 miler races here in the Washington, DC area… they always get sold out quick. Which means we aren’t alone in thinking its the best distance ever. Right? :) Great job! My legs were all uphill too.. super hard. bow down to you for doing it on your own.

  6. I love doing my long runs on Sundays, its a great way to top off the end of the weekend and start your day on Sunday!
    Great job girl!
    I think my favorite long distance is anything between 8-11…I really hope to run past 13 one day…maybe soon who knows?!

    • Agreed. I love starting my Sunday with a nice long run :) it gives me an excuse to be lazy the rest of the day :)

      I put one 14miler on my training plan as I always like to run further than the distance I’m trading for πŸ˜‰

    • really??? I guess it’s hard to tell b/c I’m never trying to “race” on my long runs, I’m trying to take it slow in preparation for finishing strong…..in a race I’m afraid I may go out too strong and end up tired halfway through. I think I’m going to run with a pace bunny (which I’ve never done)

      and how’s the running group going?? better now??

  7. I ran a mile with the girls from my new hockey team last night in Chicago and it was so fun! It is so much more fun to run with a group then by yourself. :) Even though it was quite scary running after dark in a not too safe part of Chicago. :/
    You are going to rock your half!

  8. The half marathon is far and away the best distance to race for me. 5k’s hurt. 10k’s hurt more, but the half – you have to go out with some strategy other than to just run as effing fast as possible.

    I don’t need fuel anymore on LSDs under 22k. I can make due with water and powerade. When I do fuel, I take the orange GUs with caffine, the lemon or the tri-berry. I also like the GU chomps all flavours.

    Are you running Hamilton? I ran it last year. The Red Hill Valley hill is nice, but the flat can feel horrible after all of the downhill. Enjoy.

    • I agree – but I haven’t even raced it yet….but I was telling Colin that 5 and 10k’s suck because you have to run fast the whole time! lol I am loving the longer distances because I can run comfortable until my body gets into that running zone and then add speed with each mile :)

      I am running road2hope…..ever run it?? is that the one you’re talking about?? they changed the route apparently

      PS: we need to meet up I don’t really like the berry or orange GU’s and I have a few :)

  9. I think you look fabulous! If your face isn’t glowing during a long run, then your not sweating and frankly that is frightening! I love the 10 miler! I fuel around 40 minutes. Then every 30-40 minutes after that. I don’t mind GU, but I like Honey Stinger because it tastes more like honey. I also LOVE the jelly bean fuel packet. It’s nice to have a little bean here and there when I’m feeling a little less energetic.
    I’m ashamed to admit I LOVE the downhill race! My first all downhill race was just an 8K, but I hit under 9 min/miles for the first time EVER. My PR half marathon was about 8 miles down and the Thelma & Louise half marathon in Moab, Utah is perfectly downhill until the last mile and a half.
    I love the pics! I am still trying to figure out how to carry my phone more especially on the long runs. It’s a relaxing run and sometimes you see some cool stuff!

    • LOL that is true :) I’ve been taking a GU before I leave (as I have been running without breakfast ;P I know) and then I’ve been chewing chomps every 15 and taking a GU half way through….totally seems to be working. When I get home I drink a protein shake and eat a big bowl of oatmeal. I will definitely eat before my race but since working out in the mornings my body is used to running on nothing πŸ˜‰

      and this comment made me so excited!!!! I hope I’m much faster than I think :)

      PS: I use a spibelt to carry my phone OR squeeze it in the inside pocket of my tempo shorts :)

      • You know there is a theory that you can run races without eating first and do well. If you plan to eat the morning for road to hope, start eating before your long runs now. You need to know what your body will do on race day! Never do something out of ordinary on race day!

  10. I’d have to say 10 miles is my favorite too. I just wrote a blog about it :http://smartypantsdirtyshoes.blogspot.com if you want to check it out.

    I refuel with power gel on long runs – usually about 60 – 70 % into the run.

    I’ve never done a whole race downhill, but one of my very favorite runs is an 8 mile downhill trail run. You have to be carefully because it feels easy but will make your thighs so sore!

    • I am going to do some hill repeats next week and instead of walking/jogging down them I’m planning on running them…..I want to build my quads up :) just read your post – sounds like a great run!

  11. I love GU! Since I been having issues with sugar I have been using a homemade version and it is awesome. Amazing what the little gooey goodness will do for your distance!

    • Nice – is the recipe on your blog??? if not, it should be :)

      PS: this might sound like a weird question but I have only ever used “promotional sample packets” of GU ….what do you put it in when you make a batch??? I recently got sent a big jug of eload and I have no clue how to use it ;P lol

      • I know it should! I hijacked it from another blogger who doesn’t do sugar and it works for me… here it is:

        Nicole’s Energy Gel
        7 tbsp agave
        1 tbsp chia seeds
        2 tbsp water
        Squeeze of lemon juice
        2 dates
        1 tbsp cornstarch

        Directions: Throw the dates into a food processor and pulse into tiny pieces. Then, mix the dates and everything else in a small bowl until combined and refrigerate overnight to let it thicken to gel consistency. Yep, it’s that easy!

        I put it in little snack zip lock bags and usually bite off the corner and consume. Probably not the best way, but there aren’t a lot of options.

  12. Great running! I love that you post “non-hot” pics of yourself. I think I have crazy gym hair in almost every pic I post!

    Honestly my favorite distance is 3 miles. I’m not a fast runner, so 3 miles is perfect for me. For longer runs, I like to do 5-6 miles.

    Keep up the great work, Ali!!

  13. Shoot I haven’t done ten miles in a while. Maybe if I beat this cold I may attempt a good trail run this weekend!

    Way to put yourself out there Ali. I know what you mean about all the hot photos of bloggers, I seem to get lucky if I get one hot photo of myself! Nothing but the real deal out of me lol..

    I don’t fuel for long runs but I would like to get there sometime, I think GU sounds interesting, may have to give it a try

  14. My favorite race is the half marathon- just long enough to be challenging and hard, but not so long that you feel like you want to cry/die.
    My favorite distance for just any run is 8-10 miles.
    Here in crazy Utah, most races include quite a bit of downhill. I don’t love that. I love racing in Oregon when I visit family because the races are nice and flat.

  15. 10 miles is a good distance! I like half marathons and I think I will love the marathon distance! Knowing me I’ll probably do an ultra someday.

    I use Clif Shot energy gel, in mocha. I don’t really like GU, but some flavors are alright. I’m planning on taking one every 6 miles or so at our marathon.

    The elevation for our marathon this weekend is actually an elevation loss. I don’t think it will feel like I am going downhill, though, and there are a few hills mixed in there.

  16. I like GUs and CLIF Shot Bloks too. I wonder… running uphill is so different from running downhill…. I hope you will do some downhill training so your quads and knees aren’t shocked come race day.

  17. I love the 10K and 1/2 marathon distance. Running these distances make me feel so strong. I foresee a marathon in my future (when I turn 40) but I would prefer to wait until my kids got older. I also like to fuel with Gu Vanilla Bean or Chocolate. Those are my fave flavors. BTW, I have a question for you…I have a 10K on October 6. Off road trail shoes are recommended as the shoe of choice. I really don’t want to invest in another pair of running shoes since I just bought a new pair back in August. I was thinking of just running in an old pair of Brooks shoes that I have. They have little mileage on them.

  18. I’m with you…my favorite distance is 10 miles…however I have never raced it. I love racing a half marathon. It is a challenge still for me but doesn’t kill me like a marathon…that is before I got pregnant. I’m looking forward to building back up to the distance!!

  19. I love 10-13 mile long runs too. I love just zoning out and try not to even look at my watch for the first hour.

    I say good morning to every person too. The t-shirt is a great idea!

    When you sample GU’s, I would stay away from pineapple, trust me on that one.

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