HIGH FIVE FRIDAY: Achievement Edition

Ok yesterday I posted a vlog (sorry Elle, apparently she hates them :P) and asked you to tell me something you’re proud of yourself for achieving lately and I’d like to give everyone that contributed their successes a HUGE HIGH FIVE!!!! 

Don’t forget to visit the cutest Meg @ A Dash of Meg who created HFF’s to begin with because she always links up some pretty amazing people and their awesome blogs!

Ok….let the palm smacking begin! 

* FYI – that was the scariest high five. EVER. 

1. Suzanne @ Cows, Lasers and Everything In Between

I am most proud of myself for losing almost 10 lbs over the summer. Our schedules have been crazy and we were gone almost an entire month but I managed to stay focused and drop the weight. I’d still love to lose another 10 and hopefully I will before the year is over. Regardless I know I look good and I’m surrounded my family and friends that remind me all the time so I am one lucky girl!”

Anyone that knows Suz knows that she is one of the kindest, happiest people ever! I think her body is rocking but couldn’t be more proud of her for setting weight loss goals and achieving them!!! WAY TO GO! 

2. Shelly @ Just One Foot In Front of the Other

I’m thrilled that I finally got back to double days! (fingers crossed that I can make a habit of them again)

If you have Shelly on dailymile you’ll know her as the “wake up miles” girl! Anytime I feel like I don’t want to run I hop on DM and see “2 mile run just to wake up” and it quickly snaps me into gear! Now that I’m running in the morning I can see why Shelly needs these miles to get her day going. I’m impressed that she’s running double runs again and I know she won’t have any issue making it a habit :) YOU INSPIRE ME!

3. James Ford @ Daily Training’s

I can say that I am very proud of my race on Sept 8th. NashVegas Half Ironman. I finished in 6:09:15. Last year, my HIM PR was 7:35:28, so I cut almost an hour and 20 something minutes off this distance! It rained very hard the entire bike, which made it tough, but everything went according to my plan. I swam the 1.2 miles in under 37 minutes, biked a little over 3 hours and ran the 13.1 in 2:20! Back in March I ran a half marathon in 2:07, so to finish a 13.1 in 13 minutes slower than my stand alone HM was freakin awesome! It is amazing what good training does for you huh?

HOLY COW JAMES!!!!!! I can’t believe your fitness achievements!!!! WOW I think it just goes to show you how dedication can play a vital role in achieving your dreams and goals. I am so dang proud of you and I am SUPER impressed with your new PR!!!!! HIGH TEN FOR THIS PERFORMANCE!!!

4. Sophie @ Love, Live & Learn

What am I proud of lately? I don’t really know! I’ll just have to go with the fact that I keep on plowing through in spite of everything I have to deal with!!

Sophie never gives herself enough credit! She is such a source of inspiration for me and whenever I think I’m in pain with my newly found OA I think of Sophie, who lives in chronic pain daily…..and still pushes herself!!!! YOU GOT IT GIRL! 

5. Ed @ Everyday Living in the Pacific NorthWest

There has been a lot of accomplishments in the past couple of months. The first one that comes to mind is landing a highly competitive job, then starting said job and surviving an intensive peak season! It was not easy and I think that I have a few grey hairs because of it, but I survived. Second would be on top of the previously discussed Mel and I bought a house! We were lucky to get in when we did cause the market has increased by 20% (last I checked) and we would of never got the house we did with our budget. So I think those two points are worth bragging about.

Ed. What can I say about this over-achiever – with his cool new blog (you should check it out) I am just so excited that he’s back to living with his cute wife and dog and that we get to find out more about him. I loved the Alaska tales of him and Eric but I think this new exciting life is going to bring great things! I am SO PROUD OF YOU for all your hard work paying off buddy! 

6. Steve @ Run Daddy Run

I lost 40 lbs (18.4kg) so far this year, 20 lbs (9kg) more targeted

Steve is the “father of dailymile” he literally comments on everyone’s workouts and is always such a great source of motivation! He runs all the time and have lost tons of weight because of it. CONGRATS STEVE! you look great and you are GREAT :) 

7. Catrina (who I don’t think has a blog)

I ran 4 miles yesterday! Hadn’t run in almost a month, so I was so happy to get 4 in.

Catrina is always sending me nice comments and love on facebook and we are both training for half’s in November and I’m super excited for her! It’s nice to be able to get a run in when you’ve been off and or injured. YEAH CATRINA!!!!!!! 


For the few of you that shared your injury stories with me thank you! Hopefully you’ll find comfort in the fact that everyone feels the same way when they can’t run (or do the activity of their choice) I suggest trying strength training if you’re allowed to. It really helped me while I was out. Also – SWIMMING! Swimming is NON-impact and super fun….once you get used to it :) 

High FIVES go to Heather, Heather, Jamie, Karly and Lindy


Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! 



1. did you want to share one of your achievements if you missed out yesterday??

2. what are your plans this weekend???

I’m learning to dance Thriller, attending a family wedding to TRY to do said dance and running the Terry Fox run! I’l keep you posted xoxoxox

3. anyone racing???? 



29 thoughts on “HIGH FIVE FRIDAY: Achievement Edition

  1. Wow, so cool to see mine up in your post!! And nice job to everyone else. And no I do t have a blog, yet. Have been thinking I should start one. Thanks for the High Five today Ali, and right back at you for your awesome tempo run!

  2. Thriller! I knew that dance off by heart when I was in grade 7. I would perform it for all of my moms friends who dropped by, much to her embarrassment! LMAO Have fun at Terry Fox!

  3. Hi five!!!

    I’m with Elle…I mean, vlogs are great if they have a purpose…like if you’re showing me a strength move. But if someone puts up a vlog to talk about their race, there’s no way that I’m going to watch it!

    • well I love vlogging b/c I prefer talking to typing ;P lol I usually try to keep them quick though. lol However, to each their own. I like watching some vlogs because I like to hear the person’s voice and such.

      High five back at you :)

  4. Such a funny girl, Ali… don’t think I used the HATE word, just saying I am not a huge fan of vlogs in general… and I know you were just teasing and taunting me with that comment on the top of your blog post today… wanted to see if I am reading, right?

    I think it is awesome that you are doing these High Five posts… nice to spread some love and cheer around.

    We are doing the Terry Fox run on Sunday as well…. living so close to the statue of him at Mile 0 has really inspired me this year.

    Have a great weekend!

    • I was just being a smart ass 😛 I’d hate watching my vlogs too 😉

      I don’t do the HFF’s all the time but whenever I can I do. I think Meg is great for committing to it for all this time. I think she posted her 31st one today!!!

      enjoy the terry fox run! I’ll be thinking about you :)

  5. All great stories! High fives all around!
    Not many plans this weekend. I am starting to get sick which stinks. :( Just in time for hockey season! :/

  6. Love this! I missed it yesterday, but I’d say I’m really feeling good about overcoming my shin issues, having patience through July and Aug, and finally feeling like myself again with some solid runs. Definitely makes me appreciate being healthy and strong! Have a great weekend, Ali!

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