Why I hate the treadmill.

As stated yesterdayI have no will power. No mental game, as it were. That’s actually one of the reasons I like Colin – he’s like my Jiminy Cricket so to speak.

What sucks about having no mental game is the fact that I love running. Running is all mental. I think running is actually 10% physical and 90% mind. I truly do. This is also why when you read about my AMAZINGLY AWESOME RUNS where I’m beaming sweet smiles of happiness that might actually be mistaken for someone on LSD it is usually a run that was OUTSIDE!

* They aren’t called “L.S.D Runs” for nothing 😉 

….even more so a run that was on a trail. In the woods. Listening to Coldplay where the sun was out and shinning down on me.

Those kind of runs are awesome because they require a far less percentage of mental skill.

WHY you ask??

well let’s compare…..

My run this morning was entirely 100% mental. I know, I know….you’re thinking Ali Mc! what’s with you, how can 100% of a run be a mental struggle.

SIMPLE: it was a treadmill run.

On a trail runheck even a long distance trail run…if I am out 3 miles, 6 miles, 20 miles – I don’t care….there’s no way I’m walking back! I’m not going to say….oh I give up, may as well walk home …..ya, see you 5 hours later! I’d rather just suck it up and run home.

On the treadmill done” is literally one step away. At any given time I can shorten a run from a desired 5miler to a 3 miler….heck maybe I wanted to jump off at a mile, so now I feel great that I made it to 2 and I can “do the rest later” …later never happens though, because you already ran.

You start justifying ways that this run should be shorter. Start leaving the belt running while you take a bathroom break or grab a water because, hey – any added time is less that you have to run.

I know it can’t only be me!?

So, while I regularly use a treadmill and most likely always will. I tolerate it – I don’t like it. Truth be told I HATE THE TREADMILL.

I hate it because, as stated above, the end is only a step away and I always want my runs to be over because that’s the moment that I love most about running – the end.



1. are you the exception??? are you that crazy that loves the treadmill??

Do you have a tv you can watch??? as I literally stare at a wall….so maybe that’s my problem. 

2. where is your favourite place to run and/or workout??

Outside. ALWAYS – regardless of weather conditions <—– fun fact “irregardless” isn’t a word. Did you know that??? I hate when people use it. 

3. what shoes are you currently loving?? 

I am literally LOVING my Altras. It did take me a while but now I really love them :) 


54 thoughts on “Why I hate the treadmill.

  1. 1. I have an elliptical because of my bad knees and ankles, much less pressure. I love it. But yes, I usually have my iPad on some mindless movie or show that I can zone out and just go. BUT going outside, scenery is constantly changing so it’s great for us who have slight ADD and need that to keep interest. If I didn’t have something to watch, I would not be able to do more than 20 minutes. And that’s a fact

    2. I enjoy going wherever my husband wants to take me. He used to be a big hiker and knows a lot of different trails around us and beyond. I don’t live in the best area so running/walking alone in my town just isn’t an option for me… but that’s because I’m a pansy.

    3. I have a pair of Asics that I love. They are a cross trainer because I’m one to change it up. I would definitely not consider myself a runner- I would rather do an intense workout or yoga!

  2. Ahh yes, the treadmill. Aka dreadmill. Aka boremill. Aka hamster wheel. I love mine bc it allows me to run (I have 2 little kids) but I wayyyy prefer outside. I think I’m like you, I struggle to stay on sometimes bc I know I can stop at any moment!

  3. Omg I was thinking of EMZ as I was reading this post too! Do you follow her on IG?! She ONLY runs on the treadmill and last week she ran a marathon on it. I even think last year she ran for 24 hours on it for charity. Check her out. Maybe she can teach you some TM-loving tricks!!! Some days I love it and some days I hate it. It all depends but I sure love the convenience!!

  4. I HATE when people use -irreguardless- HUGE PET PEEVE of mine! Anyway, I definitely prefer to run outside and only go on the treadmill when I am in a time crunch. I do have a t.v. to watch so that makes it a wee bit better. Maybe try listening to some free podcasts to help make it go by faster? Play the game of no stopping until the podcast is done type thing?! And as for shoes, I love my Brooks Pure Connects. I am on pair number three and don’t see myself changing anytime soon.

    • LOL 😉 I never say anything, as my grammar sucks…but I am always thinking “it’s regardless” lol

      free podcasts is a great idea – my current issue is that I don’t have an iphone and my ipod broke :(

      I’m a brooks fan AND a minimalist fan so I think something in their pure line will be my next shoe :)

  5. This is just like running laps…. it doesn’t take anything to just skip a lap or finish early. I really need to find a different place to run because it gets soooo boring!

  6. I hate the TM, I swear my shins always hurt after I run on it. And my pace is ALWAYS slower, WTF? Ours is in the living room but you have a turn up the t.v. super load to hear it so I usually don’t.
    I would much rather be outside. I will even run in snow or rain to not go on the TM.
    Have a great day!

    • Agreed. My shins only ever bother me on the treadmill. and ALWAYS slower is so right. I calibrated mine so it’s a little better but I also hate it for that reason too 😉

  7. I am not a fan of treadmills, but I use them sometimes if the weather really sucks or for speedwork. I would say, get a little tv to watch. Staring at the wall would make me insane. I am way more likely to end my run early on a treadmill.

  8. It’s defintately mental on the treadmil. I either cover up the distance and time or interval runs on it. It makes the time go faster.
    Here’s a tip, always give yourself 10mins before you quit. The first 10mins is the hardest. It takes that long to get in the groove.

  9. I used to HATE treadmills but after I discovered some amazing speed workouts you can do on them I actually tolerate and even like it from time to time. BUT…I still hate going the exact same pace for any longer than 3 miles. Try switching it up with speed and incline and you’ll find the time goes by much faster!

    My favorite place to run is at the waterfront park by my house, I never get tired of the views.

    I’m currently running in Brooks Pure Cadence and really like them but I think my overall love right now is Nike Frees!

    • Lauren please share some amazing speed workouts….that’s another thing that I hate 😛 speed work lol

      and I have heard great things about the brooks pure line! definitely my next shoe

  10. I definitely agree that running on the treadmill is mostly mental (not that treadmill runners are mental). And it’s obvious a lot of people hate the treadmill and haters gonna hate. AmIright? But that’s cool. It’s even more cool that you force yourself to get on the dreaded treadmill even though you hate it so much. That’s powerful.. and moving. Keep at it.

    • Thanks for visiting :) Looks like I may have to start reading you if you’re the “treadmill guru” lol I need some tready zen over here. So true haters are always gonna hate 😉 I’d like to be in the tready love though…..I do 60-80% of my runs on the treadmill. Thanks for your lovely comment 😀

  11. I have a treadmill and like it but I’d much rather run outside. Mine’s not relegated to the basement but is positioned by a window so I can look out and be a nosy neighbour on our street. The only action I see is the squirrels chasing each other though. Have thought about a desk or latching the laptop up for movies or something, but with the vibration of the treadmill I’d hate to think what this does to the hard drive of the laptop. I don’t run enough indoors to justify an extra tv and dvd player so that I would have something to watch.
    It does come in handy in the winter when it’s icy out, for the summer heat I was surprised to find I preferred running outdoors with plenty of water.

    Shoes wise, I’m using the new and improved LeCrutch at the moment. I still preferred the NewBalance shoes over the glycerin 9’s but anything is better than LeCrutch

    • Colin is a cabinet maker – I told him to make my a wall mounted shelf for my laptop. I think that would work! I’m in glycerin 9’s as well….I love them. but have started getting into more minimalist shoes.

      enjoy your squirrel watching 😉

  12. There is a reason they call them the dreadmill Ali! I swear I can run an hour – two hours straight without the desire to stop and life is good, put me on a dreadmill and I am ready to break like a lame horse!

    Put me on a trail in the middle of the woods or on a mountain side and I am hooked, that is my favorite place to run…

    My barefoot merrells!

    • agreed. I suck on the treadmill as well. my longest run on one is 7 miles I believe….argh!

      and I love merrells but I’ve never run in their shoes….just hiking ones and sandals

  13. Trails or beeches, hot and warm or okay hate the freezing cold. Fun fact, never eve have run on a treadmill,tried it, despised it, and running I do for love, the treadmill has no love, I do elliptical instead(when I had a gym membership), now I just run outside or do yoga or a p90 DVD, anything but that tedious treadmill.

  14. I actually don’t mind the treadmill, but I know what you’re saying – it’s so easy to just stop and get off or shorten your run.
    But I hate running in the hot weather and the cold weather so the treadmill works for me!
    I love my Asics running shoes!

  15. I don’t know that watching a TV makes it much easier. I have an exercise bike that only gets used occasionally for the same reasons. It’s boring and so easy to leave. Even if there is something really good on the tube.

    • I usually watch movies on my bike. The longest ride I’ve managed was 2hrs 😉 so I think I’d better get my WOODWORKING husband to build me a shelf 😛

  16. I HATE the treadmill, too! I don’t own one and cancelled my gym membership so I haven’t used one in almost a year. Running outside is just SO much better. I would rather slip and slide onto my butt in the icy winter weather than run on a treadmill. That’s true hate ;).
    I am SO excited that autumn is upon us- that’s my very favorite time of year for running.
    I am in love with my Kinvara 2’s. I just ordered some Kinvara 3’s and I am scared that they will suck in comparison.

  17. I feel the same exact way! I only run short distances on the treadmill because I can’t possibly fathom being on it more than 3-4 miles. It’s just dreadful! I am definitely an outside runner but I am glad to have the treadmill when I need it.
    Crazy thing is that I am considering buying one for my house just to have it there. I have a gym membership but sometimes it’s easier if it’s right here when it’s raining or dark outside.

    • Ya the longest I’ve managed was 7miles….it was hell. and I love having a treadmill. You really do need one sometimes :) I’m going to make it a goal to learn to love it.

  18. I hate the treadmill too. Last year I bought a bunch of cold weather running gear so I can run comfortably outside down to about zero degrees. Last year our winter was so mild I think I ran on the treadmill only two or three times. That’s one benefit of global warming :-).

    There is one benefit of the dread mill. If you want to hit a certain pace for 400’s or 800’s, just dial it in and you pretty much have to hit the pace or you fly off :-)

  19. I hate the mill. And looking at a blank wall sucks, but looking at a tv while on the tready makes me nauseous.

    You know what *is* a word? Irrespective. Means pretty much the same as ‘regardless’ :)

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