RACEDAY BOOK [Review & Giveaway]

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I reached out to Lauren from Racedayย Books after readingย her storyย asking to review one of her books. I liked that running is obviously something really important to her and that’s where the idea for these amazing race memory books transpired from.

I was sent a green Raceday book for all of my memories and I love it! I know a lot of you were already really excited about it and you should be – for good reason.

A runner’s creative organizational book – a unique place to display and preserve your race statistics, bib numbers and photos for all your races.

This book makes organizing your races easy and pretty too! If you’re like me and love the idea of scrapbooking and keeping your races organized, but are lazy and don’t actually want to have to do all the work – this book is for you!

From the website:ย 

  • RACEDAY book is approximately 10″ x 12″
  • Book has sections to hold memories for 10 races
  • Front cover is chipboard with diecut window revealing the RACEDAY logo, back cover is chipboard
  • Each of the 10 race sections include a 4 page spread:
    • Page 1: fill in the blank page for race statistics
    • Page 2: chipboard foldout page to display race photos, book includes photo corners to adhere photos
    • Page 3: chipboard page with 9″ x 9″ clear adhesive pocket to display & preserve bib number
    • Page 4: chipboard page with 9″ x 11 1/4″ clear adhesive pocket to display & preserve race finisher’s certificate, course map or other race items
  • Book is wire bound with silver coil and has a brown elastic band closure to safely contain all your race memories

* I am still waiting for the photos I ordered to arrive – so I’ll post so more pics of my raceday book when they arrive!

What I loved:

  • as mentioned above – I love that this organizes my races in a scrapbook that’s easy to use.
  • I like that I have creativity control without having to make everything myself
  • love that there’s a place to put my stats, bibs, photos and anything else I want to keep.
  • I like the organic and ‘clean’ simple look to the book.
  • I love that there’s an elastic that keeps the book closed. <— seriously even with my spatula in there it holds everything in! LOVE!
  • I loved the fact that my racing spatula can fit in the pockets ๐Ÿ˜‰

* The KT tape is in there because I was injured during that race ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I didn’t love:

  • I didn’t love that I can only hold 10 races! lol I want more :)
  • I don’t know if Canadian bibs are wider than American ones, but I had to trim all mine to fit into the “bib slots” – an easy fix.
  • It’s a bit pricey for someone like me – HOWEVER, I have made one basic scrapbook for Colin and it cost me more to make it myself.

The Bottom Line:

This book is worth the $55 it costs and it let’s you be as creative as you want while remaining simple and easy to use. I think that if I had this book before then I wouldn’t have lost the most important bib I’ll ever have – my first race bib ever :( it’s gone and I can’t find it. For that reason alone I think this book is pure genius! Why have a stack of race bibs and blog posts when you can have a personalized raceday memory book to pass around with your children, friends and grandkids :) I love mine!ย 

Now I can remember my races and show them off to others – FOEVER! :)ย 


miles raced. memories made.


Lauren is so super sweet – not only did she make and create Raceday books, she also writes a baking blog (her creations are AMAZING so please go check out her cakes and baked goods) and she has also offered to send one lucky reader their very own raceday book! You can pick either the Green or Pink :)


additional entries:

  • tell me below in the comments which colour you’d pick
  • share this giveaway!
leave me a comment for each thing you do and have a great day! *If you don’t have facebook you can still enter – just tell me “I don’t have facebook” – no lying ๐Ÿ˜‰

* Giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only and will be closed Sunday November 4th (which also happens to be the day of my first HALF MARATHON) so don’t forget to share and enter!!! GOOD LUCK!


113 thoughts on “RACEDAY BOOK [Review & Giveaway]

  1. I like their facebook page! what a great and interesting giveaway! i have tons of races coming in the next year that this would be perfect for!

  2. I’ve had a desire to make a scrapbook of races but never seem to have the time. I would live the green one and have also “liked” her page so I can keep seeing what else she comes up with. I just finished my first half ironman and have to remember everything about it!

  3. I liked them on FB! Since I’m deathly allergic to pink – I’d go with green, like yours. Now I’m off to tweet about it :) (though I’m not sure I should share – I really want to win it :P)

  4. I have the green one on my christmas list. Right now all my bibs and medals are scrunched in a little box. Woudl love this!!

    I liked on facebook and tweeted about the giveway.

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  6. I “like” Raceday on fb!!
    Thanks for the giveaway! This looks like an awesome item!
    I may have mentioned before in comments, but I’d really like to start running races, and this would be a great thing to have to keep all the memories.

  7. hmmm, I don’t know which color I’d choose!! I’m so bad at decisions.
    ummm, I love pink, but the green one looks really nice..
    okay, I guess I’ll go with pink, but it’s a really tough call.

    Pink it is!

  8. I love Raceday books and I liked them on Facebook. I have the green one on my Christmas list. I would love for Christmas to come early.

    Good luck Sunday on your Half. Sunday is my first half too!

    Run Happy!

  9. I MUST have one of these! I bought a scrap book over a year ago and all my bibs are still just sitting between the covers! I LIKED raceday book on facebook AND ooo.. I want one of the new pink ones! of course!

  10. This is awesome! I just ran my first 5k two weeks ago and was wondering how I would preserve my race bib and memories! I would choose the pink.

  11. i would love the pink one. my 1st race ever is november 10 (5k) and i would love to be able to start my new book !!!

  12. I just found your blog, I liked it too!! looks like its a good one!! That Race day book look so awesome, I liked their page!! I would love to win that book in PINK!! Thank you

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