To Relay or not to Relay…..

…that is literally the question!

Yesterday I went to sign our Spatula Runners team up for Around the Bay! I wanted to get a head start this year so I could get sponsors ready for my annual virtual race that coincides with us running the relay.

I go to the site and I see this…..

So after crying, yelling, posting on facebook and complaining to Colin (as per usual) I emailed the race director pleading with him to let us in and of course, I attached a link to my last year’s race recap for good measure ;)

But then everyone started encouraging me to run the whole 30k! and then Colin mentioned that I’d be 30 this year….and then he offered that he might run it with me as a birthday present :D ….which would be the best birthday present ever!

Then Jamie and Mike said theyd do the whole thing…..Lyndsey was still on the fence, but said she’d be their cheering regardless. So I’d basically decided that I should and could possibly do the whole thing.

Then I literally JUST got this email….

So I’m now at a loss – do we sign up right now for this relay or do we all just race the WHOLE Around the Bay?!?!?!?!??!


LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS BELOWJamie, Lyndsey you must respond ASAP!!!

should we let the relay legacy continue or should we all race around the entire bay?!?!?!



26 thoughts on “To Relay or not to Relay…..

  1. I love the fact that Colin says he “might” run it with you. Heck Ali.. I “might” run it with you too. (grins) I can’t imagine what your head is going through because I keep bouncing back and forth here on what to suggest and it doesn’t even affect me.
    I say .. do the relay since they have generously invited you in and it’s a tradition for you.

    Good luck and whatever your choice it.. I’ll be reading about it :)

  2. I say do the whole thing! If your running buddies have no problem with it then go for it! That would be so awesome for Colin to run it with you!

  3. Go the WHOLE HOG this next one …. you can do it and all of you running with spatula’s in hand will be FANTASTIC …. Colin gets BIIIIG spat’s if he runs with you :-)

  4. Which would you enjoy more? Ive no doubt you could do the 30 K but if you would have way more fun doing the relay, its an easy choice. Im all about fun right now of course, and might comment differently in a new running season Hahahaha

  5. The only hesitation I would have about encouraging you to go for the whole thing would be too much stress and/or pressure on your body and mind. If it will make you happy, go for it!

  6. What an exciting decision! :)
    I am with pretty much everyone else… I think you could rock the 30K. I love the idea of 30 while 30 :)
    I do agree with the points that Scrappytbear and Mary make though. If the relay is going to provide more fun and less stress then perhaps that might be more enjoyable?
    I’ve not been much help, have I?
    Either way, I know you will rock it :)

  7. JUST DO IT!! Hey, if anything, it gives you more mileage for people to hold up awesome signage….btw, I just linked to you on my last blog entry because of the poster ideas. Totally gave you credit for the “worst parade ever” sign….still laughing about it and bonus, I now cannot stop thinking of ideas of what else we can put on a poster……

    You are a rock star, now go hit the pavement, you’ve got mileage to get in!!!! ;)

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