We’re Doing This!!!

Ok so thank you all for your lovely comments on yesterday’s post – most of you were all for us running the entire 30k route Around The Bay and to be honest I had already decided that I’d like to try and tackle the full thing….then the race director emailed me….so that placed doubts in my mind.

…especially since that will mean more ice baths !!

I’m so weird. For the most part I know who I am and what I like but there are times in life where I really need everyone else’s opinions to clarify what I think for me. This was definitely one of those times, So thank you for that!

The best news ever happened after I decided to commit to the full race….

best news: Lyndsey posted her 30k training plan and thus commited to the full race too! as we already knew there was no stopping Jamie and Mike <— cough, cough* race addicts*

then the BESTEST news happened…..

Colin agreed to run the race with me 😀


I loved running with Colin when we did the Terry Fox run together so having him beside me for 30 full kilometers will be pure heaven! I love it :)

Although, I’m kind of scared because I can tell that Colin really doesn’t want to do this and that his idea of training will consist of sitting on the couch until March and then he’ll just assume “Because I was a runner when I was younger” that he can just get up and beat me in a 30km race – NO.

Text messages you guys don’t see….

* shout = shot. I was hoping his response would be “YAY” and over exaggerated. but the fact that he wanted to reenact the texting made me laugh 😉 

I won’t be starting my training until mid december (after I turn 30) and in between finishing my half and then I’m planning on only running “junk” miles to keep my legs going and focusing HARD on healing my groin/hip, as it just started bothering me again and strengthening my hips, legs and core.

That’s my plan anyway.

COLIN IS RUNNING WITH ME!!!!!!! <—- you are, it is on the blog now. and so are Lyndsey, Jamie and Mike!!!! and we are all running with spatulas :)

Get ready for this year’s fun race!!!!


* If any brands/companies are interested in sponsoring our team and/or my virtual race this year please Contact Me – thanks.



1. does you spouse run with you?? exercise?? 

2. aren’t you excited?!?!? what the longest non-marathon distance you’ve raced??

3. are you interested in participating in this year’s virtual race??? 



60 thoughts on “We’re Doing This!!!

  1. Oooh yay!! I am pretty sure I’m doing the 30k too!!!!! Josh used to run with me until being an actuary took over his life, hah. Longest distance I’ve raced is a half marathon but longest distance I’ve run is 34k or something for full marathon training which I then bailed on…woops.

  2. Love you all and I can’t wait! And I love how it is a known fact that we are race addicts, but we don’t deny it!

    The screen shots had me laughing a little bit, I love how Colin wanted to reenact it!

    We are registering before November 1st, I’m not paying 20 extra dollars! :) I think I might be more excited than last year!!

    • LOL, yes….usually I tell you guys everything so it’s no surprise you get to see the “blooper” text’s too lol

      and I am most likely signing up tonight. I just want to make sure that Colin is absolutely sure that this is pretty serious 😛 no couch sitting 😉

  3. That’s awesome! My husband has only started running, and only a little bit, but he can totally outrun me. It makes me just a little bitter.

    Longest running race I’ve done is a half mary.

    Good luck!

    • Colin is faster than I am….however, he’s only run a few times and they’ve been short distances, nothing longer than 5k. SO, I’m pretty sure he’s going to find slowing his pace for distance training a bit different. he used to run cross country and track in school, so I’m sure he’ll pick it up no problem 😉

      How are you feeling Andy?? you haven’t posted in a while, hope you are ok!

      • Thanks Ali – I’ve been commenting 😉 Also posted a recap for the Columbus Marathon yesterday at http://wotb.absoblogginlutely.net/2012/10/volunteering-at-2012-columbus-marathon/ – the knee held up through the standing and turning to get water which is a good sign. Joined the gym yesterday so I have access to a stationery bike – 30 mins on that was enough for my butt 😉 but it felt good to work out and get some endorphins flowing. One of my running friends smashed her pr by 30 minutes so when I get back to running, we’ve joked that she’ll have to slow down for me.
        Once you find a running partner at the same speed – stick with them – they’re like gold dust 😉

        • Nice, off to read it now!!!! and I agree. Last year I found this lady that I loved to run with but she was part of this elitist group of marathon bitches <—- they really were bitches. They ended up telling me to meet them in wrong locations just so I wouldn’t run with them 😛 there was a significant age gap but it was the first and only time I’ve run with someone where our natural pace was bang on. Too bad.

  4. I LOVE THIS!! I am happy you are going for it, and thrilled that you will have Colin by your side. :) Running with Alex made all the difference for me and helped keep me going even when I wanted to quit.

    Ekk! So excited for you, Ali! 😀

    • Thanks so much Sabrina. I had read that Alex really kept you fighting for that 10 miler! I hope Colin and I can motivate each other to finish this too.


  5. The question is “will I run with my spouse”? I have tried, but he drives me crazy. So when we are running and I need to stop and walk, he puts his hand on my back and attempts to be loving and says “come on honey… you can do this!” and since I am not really a runner I yell back “NO I CANT!” haha.. Don’t know why he asks me to run with him, I am horrible! I am a much better spectator and crew then a runner. Put me back on the softball field!

    • hahaha! I can totally see that. I HATE running with people faster than I. Even when they try to slow down they are just that little bit ahead of you so you feel you have to push, and when you push to keep up with them, they go that bit further. HATE IT! no fun at all.

      I also have a difficult time running with people significantly slower than I am. I don’t mind if it’s at my easy comfortable pace but if they’re really slow it’s hard not to want to just take off…..hence why I prefer running alone 😉

      As an extravert I also love having introverted time to myself :)

  6. Yep I’m in for 30…my 4th ATB actually.
    Make sure you guys sign up asap as the full will sell out fast as well. My group and I run the full Bay route a few times (with some modifications) so if you want any advice about running it before the race let me know.

    • woooohooooo! That’s awesome Laura….maybe I’ll see your hubs again 😉 wasn’t it him that passed me the gatorade???

      and of course we’ll take advice!!!!!! we have no clue what we’re doing 😉 the only advantage will be that we can actually hill train on that monster hill at the 25km and that we can even drive out and do some of our long runs on the course. 😉

      we should organize some group runs.

  7. Still laughing as I write my response. I loved your screen shot and the fact that you re-enacted the response, and that you shared it with us. I had to share it with my guy Jack and I said. “Seee??? This is what bloggers do!”
    My own blog has fizzled because of things happening in my life that I want to share and don’t want to share. You probably understand what I am not saying.
    Anyhow… (your blog always gets me rambling in my comments)
    I am sexcited for you and I had a strong feeling that you would be running the whole race. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  8. so exciting!!! 30k is definitely doable, and it’s nice that you have time to slowly build yourself up. I didnt have to start taking ice baths myself until after the 14-15 mile mark :)

    I WISH i could get Kev to run with me…i’m still holding out hope one of these days :) i’m excited to be putting in junk miles myself nowadays!

    • Yes, to be honest I was getting exctied that I could lay off the long runs and focus on getting my speed back but whatever – I like doing distance and being slow :) lol

      I can’t WAIT for junk millage. it’ll be a welcome break

  9. lol, I actually can’t stand to run with my husband. On training runs he just talks too much. I like to zone out, listen to music, and just run. And he keeps bumping his arm into mine. During races, he weaves all around with a lot of short bursts of speed. I like to run at an even pace, preferably in a straight line. He runs much faster than I do anyway, that’s my excuse for not running with him. 😉

    The 30K sounds like fun! I tackled my first half this summer, so I am on the lookout for my next challenge.

    • LOL….I don’t enjoy running with others for the most part either. Unless the pacing is perfect and the conversation is philosophical or humorous or a great distraction I prefer to run alone 😉

      and I am going to be doing my first half next SUNDAY!!!!

    • Paul OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to do a local meet up after the race too….or maybe we should meet before??? but I think drinking after might be much better!!!!! 😀

      spatulas are mandatory if you’re running with me though ;P lol

      • We can have a massive Running With Spatulas team! Running as a team is so much fun! We’ll need t-shirts! What was that company you ordered your old ones from?!
        I’m quite excited about this… quite quite

  10. Yay!!!!!!! Soooo excited that you guys are doing it together! That will be so fun! I cam’t wait for your virtual race! I am definetly doing it this year. When are you going to have it?

    • it’ll be in March – which is when the race we will be running is :) and I hope to have some different distances and prizes this year…..and a photo contest again!!!! 😉 lol

  11. First off- YAY! I’m so glad you decided to go all the way! :).
    Second- that text conversation is the best ever. Love that he totally redid the whole thing for you and the blog. That’s a good man.

    • YAY!!!! and Colin is pretty awesome. He’s gotten sick of the blog though. I keep telling him everyone loves him just as much as me but he doesn’t believe it 😛 lol I miss his lame recipe photos 😉

    • Well I hope you will. Last year went amazingly well! I hope to gather some great prizes again this year and not do it by time like I did before. I want everyone to have an equal chance

  12. That text redo made me LOL. You guys are funny. 30K is a long distance to run just to make you happy. Colin must love you a lot. Obviously more than my husband loves me because he won’t even walk the dog around the block with me. LMAO He says it’s because the dog makes him look gay but it’s truly because he is lazy. Good luck with it and I hope to see you there. Yay!

    • LOL you are so funny 😛 I think men are weird. I KNOW Colin can do this distance. and to be honest at least this is a distance he’ll HAVE to train for….not a 5 or 10k he can just toss his runners on and do 😛

  13. That is SO awesome! How fun! I wish I could ever get my boyfriend to do any sort of workouts with me, he is one of those eat whatever I want and stay naturally in shape men – gag right!
    Can’t wait to follow you guys through the training that is going to be so awesome!!! Best of luck! :)

  14. WooHoo!

    My husband plays hockey once a week. That’s it. We do NOT do that together!

    I am excited for you! I’ve raced two 30k distances – ATB and Mid-Summer.

    I’m in for another virtual race for sure.

    • Nice, I used to play hockey 😉 love it. But too much equipment and I hated how smelly I got 😛

      and YES! I forgot you and Sam did mid-summer 😉 I hope to see you this year at ATB 😉

  15. This is awesome, Ali! And I am cracking up at the second “real” text exchange… so much more like my husband than that first one. I was impressed with Colin’s enthusiasm. :)
    You can BOTH do it… excited to follow the journey!

    • 😉 ya the real text lol and Colin is rarely enthusiastic about anything to do with running 😛 but it’s going to be my birthday gift 😉 so.

  16. Ha ha. Love Colin’s ‘real’ versus ‘for the blog’ text. And I’m so glad you’re doing the 30k together. He will need to train or he’ll possibly die (or just feel so crap that he wants to die.)

    • I read him your comment…..for some reason I feel that he’s still planning on sitting on the couch until march, oh well. That’ll teach him …and who knows, maybe I’ll be single after by default 😉

  17. Awesome that Colin is running with you!

    Colin, time to pick a training plan or make one up. Use the runs as me time and you will learn to enjoy it in no time.

  18. I have really only worked out with my brother — he’s truly been my personal trainer for years — so when I started working out with my boyfriend it was an adjustment, but ultimately I LOVED it. There is nothing better than a couple that can sweat together. I’m so stoked your man will be running with you. Push him to train with you — more time together:))

  19. yes, yes, and YES!!

    okay, I’m not married, but saying yes to all three of your questions just sounded better :O)

    so I’ve never raced before but lately I’ve pretty much convinced myself I’d like to run my first race sometime next year. You’ve inspired me! :)

    But I am totally in for the virtual race this year!
    Sooo excited!

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