5k Redemption & Colin loves to Run!

So I’ve got some exciting news for you……

Colin is catching the running bug πŸ˜€ (I know!!!) the first sign happened when he actually agreed to even sign up for ATB 30k….

That’s when I knew that the Terry Fox face of happiness was no lie :)Β 

Then, while I was working on last Saturday I came home and there was treadmill evidence that he’d been on it….

Colin loves his Altras! It’s really like the instinct was MADE for him.

……and he told me he ran 3.48 miles in 33 mins!

* ps: I told everyone to add him to DM but he is only accepting friend requests from people he knows in real life. BOOOOO!

THEN last night while we were eating all of Logan’s candy he asked me what he should run next and if I could make him a training plan (!!) πŸ˜€ YAY!!!!!!!!!

exciting isn’t it?!

but it gets even better!!!!

Yesterday my sister called telling me her and 2 of her co-workers were signing up for the Santa Shuffle in Guelph and asked if Lyndsey, Colin and I wanted to sign up too – family race fee = $60/family, so that’s only $10 each. SCORE!

I thought Colin would shoot me down but lo and behold he was all for it!!!!!

So now we will spend the next few weeks training for Colin’s first official 5k race in over 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <—– I know this will seal the running love deal :)

I love my wife!!! ….and running!!!

* FYI the fact that Colin is taking blog tready pics for me is FACT enough that he loves running :) YAY!

My current 5k PR is 25:42 (on a possibly mis-measured course) so I can’t wait to try for a sub- 25! and gain some redemption…..plus, I won’t have Rex to pace me so it should be feasible :) I know Colin is planning on smoking my trash….

it’s on! (photo from this post)



1. what’s your current 5k PR??

25:42 same as Rex

2. when was your first 5k?? or your first race??

October 2011 – 26:56 —> read the recap here

3. when is your next race??? what distance??



PS: a few people have told me that they can’t comment on my blog, I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Obviously if you are, you can’t comment below, so please email me. Thanks!


32 thoughts on “5k Redemption & Colin loves to Run!

  1. I had to answer this one, because I recently found the answer to #2 when I was updating my running goals & PBs page
    1. My 5K PB is 37:28.
    2. My very first 5K was the Achilles St.Patrick’s Day Run 5K 2004. I’m thinking it might be and I ran pretty fast back then too (37:58.0). Or maybe I haven’t been working hard enough to improve…
    3. My next race is the Santa Shuffle on Dec 1! I am hoping to break the 35 minute mark. Really, I hope I can break the 30 minute mark, but 7 from 37 minutes (or a 19% improvement) seems like a lot for one run.

    • Nice! I think you can TOTALLY achieve a sub 35 and for that reason I think you should aim higher – like a 32 πŸ˜‰ I just checked out your last run and if you had kept up that pace you would;ve already finished 5k in 35 mins and we are 4 weeks away from the race!!!

      30 mins MAY be a stretch but you never know :) PLUS that PB is from over a year ago πŸ˜‰

  2. You’re so lucky that you got him to run! I would LOVE it if my hubby would workout/run with me. I don’t see that ever happening though. :(
    1. My current PR is 30:45. Can’t wait to get a sub 30!!
    2. My first race was a 5k, 2 years ago. That started my addiction!
    3. Next race is a Half Marathon tomorrow!! This will be my 2nd one. I can’t wait!

    • You will TOTALLY get your sub 30! it’s RIGHT THERE :) and YAY for your half tomorrow. I hope nothing but the best for you :) and I am soooooo excited for mine sunday! so far this has been my most favourite distance to train for :)

      and a 5k started my addiction too πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend and a GREAT race Katie xo

  3. That is so awesome!! You are going to rock your 5k PR:) My 5k pr is 23:37 and I totally want to get a new PR at my next 5k (Turkey trot on thanksgiving), but I am running it with my sister in law (newbie) and I feel like I should stick with her and encourage her, so no PR for me:( My first race ever was a marathon on June 4 2004. Yes, I remember the exact date:) Good luck on Sunday!!! SO exciting, can’t wait to hear all about it:)

  4. Oh yeah. Hit post too fast;)
    first race was Johnny Miles 5K 4 years ago last spring. About 2 months after my return to running. Unless you count 2 5K races I ran in college in ’94 and ’95 which were pretty sad.
    Next race is the Lucky 7 relay in Halifax NS. It’s in a couple of weeks. don’t know when tho. I better look up the date.

  5. GO COLIN GO!!! Yay! Everyone I know always poo poos on running and then they do it and get hooked. I tend to say “I told you so!”

    Good luck on your halfy Sunday! Just remember Ill be cheering for you and waiting for updates on twitter or facebook!!

  6. I LOVE your pictures and the fact that you get Colin to do the crazy poses, always makes my day! My 5k PR is 32:47, doing the Color Run tomorrow, but it is untimed and I really want to have fun.

  7. That’s so fun that C is getting on board the running train!

    I’m slow – so 27:38 is my 5K PR. My first race was a quarter marathon in 2010. My next race is the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in December. (Training run for the Goofy Challenge!)

  8. 1 – 26:45

    2 – I did one 5K back when I was a gym rat in 2003. I didn’t even run then. I just did aerobics and gym stuff. Came in at 30:28 I think. Then I didn’t do another race of any kind until I started running in 2009.

    3 – Marathon! Dec 1st!!!

  9. Thats great news – way to go Colin.
    How many text exchanges did you do before posting the final version on the blog? πŸ˜‰
    My first 5k and race was a year ago last Monday and is the fastest time at 28.01, but I think it must have been short as my only other 5k was slower than that and I know I ran faster. At the time I didn’t blog it which is rather weird as I loved it and also got an age group award so I can’t believe I didn’t blog that!
    I got the goahead to run in two weeks time – for 1 mile on a soft surface so very excited. Just in time for a Turkey trot perhaps? I also got two emails today encouraging me to sign up for the Capcity (Columbus) half marathon in May that I did this year and also a series of 5 races in 2013 for $100 with a running jacket included and a chance to win a car – very tempted. How did they know that I got the all clear today???? *spooky*

    Have a great run on Sunday – looking forward to hearing all about it.

  10. My 5K pr is 22:10 – in 2011. I don’t think I’ll ever break that!

    My first 5k was years ago. I don’t even remember when….maybe 9 years. Ugh!

    My next registered race is Sugarloaf Marathon in May 2013! I have been trying to be “good” and not pay for a lot of races as those marathons cost a lot!

  11. Speed work! You can’t let him beat you – he’s the novice, you’re the pro and it’s women’s egos on the line here. (But if he does beat you I’ve got plenty of excuses if you want one.)

    • don’t worry Char, excuses is one thing I’m never short on πŸ˜‰ and you’re right…..I should aim to beat him now while he’s a novice :) GOOD CALL!

  12. That picture of you two running is awesome…shows how much fun you two are having together doing something good for you.

    AND…GOOD LUCK on Sunday, although you don’t need it…you have been rocking all the training lately!

  13. Hey, is that Santa Shuffle chip timed? I was looking at the one in the Hammer to run for fun with my son(s?) because of the cheap fee but don’t see where it says it’s chip timed so we’re gonna do the Santa 5k in Burlington. The only drawback is you have to wear a Santa suit. LOL

    Tell Colin not to be a DM snob!! πŸ˜‰

    Good luck Sunday. I can’t wait to see how you do!

      • it’s not timed!!!!!!!!!! ARGH….I’ll have to go by the stop watch and thus, it won’t be official. ALSO – as long as I’m not working I’m planning on spectating that other race in btown πŸ˜‰ can’t wait to see all the santas lol

  14. Current 5k PB is 23:37, I’ll be aiming to beat it sometime in 2013.

    First 5k race was at the Mississauga Marathon 5k race in 2008. I had started running in October 2007 and was a very casual runner until that race. That race HOOKED me.

    Oh hey! I’m going to run a half on Sunday too! With… YOU! Woot! We’re going to rock it out!

    I agree with Sam, tell Colin not to be a DM snob! I didn’t know ANYONE when I signed up and now I’ve met some great new friends! Also, the Marathon plan from the running room is a perfect ATB plan. Start the first week of Jan and follow it and you’ll do great at that race. I can send it to you if you like.

    • lol I’ll tell him…..of course I already have told him!!! Yes please send the plan….AND I just wanted to let you know that I tried on the shirt(s) and the small is so tight on me….did you get a small at scotia?? I forgot that brooks makes their shirts for small headed children πŸ˜‰

  15. Do you know, I think the only 5k I’ve ever officially run was the Evergold Trail Race in September so technically, my PR is 44:17 since it was single track race with 1000 feet of elevation gain :) I totally think I should do a real one just to establish a time!

  16. My 5K PR is 21:20…but that is from back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth in 1997. My next race is actually a 5K. My recent-ish best was last year in late November… 24:01. I am wanting to run that same course faster this year. We’ll see…

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