Eload Sports Nutrition Review & Giveaway!!


If you are interested in learning more about eload or purchasing some please visit their website.


A while back I was given some free samples from e load. I was excited about trying some of the stuff because they were going to be supplied at the Road2Hope half marathon that I raced in Hamilton. When I looked further into their products I liked them even more; no artificial flavours, preservatives, resistant starch. Plus they’re nut free and gluten free!

* for those of you that recall, I posted this picture on my fb page and all that commented just got an extra entry 😉 

I was given a box of e load epaks in the berry twist flavour and 2 bottles of their energy gel (one natural apple, one natural tangerine) I only ever tried the apple one.

So the run down……

Energy Gel:

“e load™ Energy Gel contains the carbohydrates Dextrose and Maltodextrin.  The Maltodextrin is derived from ‘waxy maize’ cornstarch, which has only amylopectin, and no amylose content, and therefore does not contain any traces of resistant starch.

e load™ Energy Gel uses maltodextrin derived from  ‘waxy corn’ a.k.a ‘waxy maize’ amylopectin starch, which has a high GI. This allows for rapid absorption of all carbohydrate to permit glycogen sparing, essential for preventing “bonking”. It also ensures that there will be no resistant starch present in the large intestine to cause gastrointestinal upset, especially when exercising in the heat.

e load™ Energy Gel uses a waxy maize derived maltodextrin with a Dextrose Equivalent of (DE) of 10, to provide a readily available carbohydrate sources with low relative sweetness.

The all natural flavors enhance the taste of e load™ Energy Gel without adding artificial products and highly concentrated syrups which can cause gastrointestinal upset during exercise in the heat.

Each packet of e load™ Energy Gel contains a 4:1 ratio of sodium to potassium. This matches the ratios of electrolytes lost in human sweat.”

[from the website]

I like that it seems obvious that e load has our health in mind here. They aren’t bloating our intestines with resistant starches or filling us up with thick syrups.

Truth be told other than trying the gel before some of my long runs I didn’t use it much. The reason being I had no idea how to use it. *blush* <— I know! what kind of a runner am I? I had only had gels in individual packs before (which e load DOES sell) and I actually had to ask Charlene from e load how to carry it on my long runs. That’s why I was so excited to get my HydraPak GelBot (which is not affiliated with eload) because then I could actually test my e load apple gel on the run!

Things I liked:

  • Now that I have something to hold my gel in for my long runs I actually like that I can buy it in a big convenient bottle. (less waste makes a happier world, and thus a happier Ali Mc)
  • I liked the taste it was kind of like an apple jolly rancher :) which happen to be my favourite flavour.
  • I had no stomach issues when I used the product.
  • I love that it’s Canadian because I enjoy giving money to my own economy.
  • I liked that it wasn’t as thick compared to other gels I had used before. It makes it go down smoother.

What I didn’t love:

  • I didn’t like how runny it was at first. However as mentioned above, it actually makes it go down easier while running.
  • They must MUST create a chocolate flavour.

Sports Drink Endurance Formula:

  • available in easy to transport powder form
  • in single serve (16.8 fl oz/500 ml) e paks ™ (boxes of 20 servings)
  • Natural Lemon, Strawberry or Mandarin Orange flavors
  • water resistant packaging makes for easy use ‘in the field’
  • contains Dextrose, Sucrose, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and MultiCitrate ™

[from the website]

Things I liked:

  • I LOVED how the Berry Twist tasted!
  • I loved how the drink is clear. It’s so nice not to have colour additives in this product.
  • It had even better ingredients than Pedialite and I gave it to Logan when he was sick – no issues, he loved it.
  • Went down better than gatorade ever did!
  • Easy to use.
  • Loved the convenient packs but also love that you can buy the big canisters.

Things I didn’t love:

  • No issues.
  • I’d love it more if you guys could make tablets so there’d be less waste <— apparently they DO have tablets…..check them out here!

I wish that I had tried e load while racing my half with macnic. I told her that I hated performance stuff while racing. I’ve had such bad experiences with gatorade while racing that I didn’t want to risk it. However in hindsight I think I should’ve went for some just to compare. I bet it wouldn’t have had the same reaction.

Bottom Line: 

e load is a vegan friendly, gluten free, nut free and additive free product alternative that tastes great and is a lot smoother than it’s competition. It’s Canadian made and easy to use. I highly recommend trying it. If you’d like more information about all their lab testing and nutritional info please visit their site.


e load was nice enough to send me 2 of everything so I have one bottle of Natural Tangerine Performance Gel and a whole box of Berry Twist Endurance Formula up for grabs to one lucky winner!!!

* pumpernickel rye in the background not included 😉 

To enter:

  • leave me a comment below telling me what appeals most to you about this product!

additional entries:

  • Like eload on facebook and tell them what flavour you want to try
  • Share this giveaway! (plus one for each way you share)
Giveaway is open to EVERYONE!!!! EVERYWHERE because I’m shipping it :) and will close on Sunday November 18th!
Please visit my blog’s disclaimer – as I did receive these products free of charge but was not compensated for the opinions expressed above.

55 thoughts on “Eload Sports Nutrition Review & Giveaway!!

  1. I think for me the most appealing part of eload is that you had no stomach issues using it. To be honest that has been on of the reasons I have been resisting using energy gels on runs. I would be excited to give it a try especially now that I plan of getting back to some serious training….

  2. I love that it comes in a big bottle! I have been using the Gel Bot as well, and I hate squeezing little packs into it. Also, I like to hear that it is thinner… it is tough to get a thick gel out.. especially when its below freezing! Finally, it seems they put some good thought into the ingredients going into it.. would love to try it!!

  3. I totally liked them on facebook. I want to try the apple, like you tried…it sounds DELISH!!! :) Plus I like being able to self-pour – maybe I only want a little bit and not a whole packet! :)

  4. Oooh! I love trying new energy products. I’d be most interested in the inner consistency because I already experience a lot of breathing trouble due to allergies/asthma and the easier something is to get down the easier it is to keep my pace while eating!

  5. I liked and commented on facebook. Never heard of the company before.
    I’ve used gel’s 3 times – first was a gu on my half (yeah bad idea) and made me gag but the energy helped. This was naturally offset by the fact that the discarded wrappers and gu made the road really sticky for about 1/2 mile which i’m sure slowed me down. Stomach also rumbled and churned about a mile later – not sure if it was coincidence or not.
    The second time was a powergel strawberry and banana on an 8mile which sounds nice but was absolutely disgusting.
    Third was a blackcurrant hammer gel after running and not eating and almost passing out – this was awesome. Not too sweet or sickly and tasted just like pie. I’ve not seen them in the stores around here though.
    I’ve also tried Nuun which isn’t too bad but does have a slightly weird taste.
    Pedialyte – never heard of it until i was given a bottle to try – tasted foul but helped me on my first 10+ mile run (11.5) where 2 of my water bottles were water and 2 were pedialyte. (Yes I drink a lot – but in my defense the run started on Hill Rd – and it was uphill)
    Do I get an extra entry for writing such a long entry?

  6. I have had no luck with any of the gels I have tried. My body seems to enjoy ‘real’ food and doesn’t tolerate anything less. That’s why I’d love to try this product!

  7. MMMMMMMMMMM love Eload!

    I love how the taste isnt overwhelming, it’s just a hint.

    I havent tried the gels yet, but have a few from given at runs. Maybe Sunday I will wipe one out since I just used the last of my mint choco ones! 😀

  8. I like the big container! That seems much less wasteful than the gel packs. I will say I’ve tried the eLoad lemon gel flavour and was NOT impressed. Perhaps the other flavours are better!

    • ew lemon anything is gross. I’ve never tasted it…..I hope if you win you’ll let me know what you think of the tangerine! I love the electrolyte bev! it’s amazing!

  9. Is it sad that the thing I like most was the “tastes like apple jolly rancher”?

    I’ve had a hard time with gagging on gels in the past until I found one flavor of GU that worked, maybe I should have just switched to Canadian brands! 😀

  10. I’ve been wanting to try the gel ever since I had the electrolyte drink. The simplicity of everything, and natural ingredients is what really interests me.

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  12. I have always wanted to try energy gel but there are just so many kinds that I don’t know which one to pick! I would love to try Eload though!
    Although I agree. Tangerine flavor scared me a little bit too!

  13. uh-oh, 5 after midnight on the deadline, don’t know if my entry counts or not…

    if it does, I like the fact that it’s easy to eat (drink? eat? I don’t know what it should be) and sounds like it’s fairly easy on the stomach. I often run out of energy during my runs because I don’t like eating before I run.

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