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Sunday was life changing for me. The fact that I maintained a 9:28 pace for over 13 miles is AMAZING! ….and it tells me a few things:

  1. I’m finally at the same level of fitness in regards to speed as I was in January when I got first got injured.
  2. That even though my groin/hip still bothers me I can surpass the distances that were causing me pain.
  3. That I’m ready to continue to mend my groin area and stop denying that it’s possible for me to push myself.
  4. I’m ready to accept my speed.
  5. I am ready to be fast.

It’s scary admitting that. I think running is difficult regardless of pace but fast running, where you’re pushing through those physical boundaries is very tough. Especially if you’ve been injured or hurt in the past. It’s scary to think that might happen again.

Since my 5k is only 4 weeks away I plan on dropping my millage down but picking up my speed sessions. I am really ready to push through my workouts and get my heart and breathing at the same level as my legs :)

Here’s my tentative plan….I think it’s basically all I can do in this amount of time AND seeing as I can’t walk right now….I’m kind of useless.

[I’ll put this plan on My Training page as per usual]

Colin has really been impressing me. He’s been running as much as I have, if not more. So if I’m going to beat him, I’ll need to be faster 😉



I never got to show you guys how Logan took coming home from my mom’s place on Sunday….

He either really likes her or severely hates us.

Mom, you can take him ANYtime 😉



With the hype of my half and everything that’s been going on I’ve completely forgotten to post my cupcake recipe! I’ll most likely do that today and then back-date it. So don’t worry – it’ll be there in time for next Halloween 😉

I know I’ve been slacking on the food side of this blog but running half marathon Ali Mc likes to eat things like this….

I know it’s not food and it’s bad for me – but I don’t care! it was amazing after a long race. I also had a FULL coke! which hasn’t happened in I don’t know how many years. You runners are right – nothing like a coke after a long run! 



1. do you think it’s possible to get faster in 3 weeks??

2. do you ever throw tantrums over anything specific??

I do. I’m not ashamed to admit that Logan and I are at the same level of emotional development. I too know that floor well :) 

3. what’s coming up for you?? any exciting news?? new races?? fill me in!!!


42 thoughts on “Ready for Speed

  1. I don’t think you can really get faster in three weeks. BUT, I do think you might be able to tap into speed that is already there and you haven’t used yet. Does that make sense? So, I think you can run faster, but not get faster. HAHAHA.

    Oh, and I consider race days amnesty days. Particularly any race that lasts more then an hour and a half. So, I hope it was good.

    • You’re right – I do see what you’re saying. and it WAS good 😉 lol and well deserved.

      I know I can run 5k in 27/28 mins so I should be able to race one much faster 😉 I’d love to PR! which means beating 25:42!

  2. Based on your half, McMillan Running Calculator says you can run the 5k at 26:49 or 8:38/mile. I think you can try for a bit faster for sure. You’ll likely feel like crap at the end, but that’s what a 5k race is for. I’m sure Colin will do the typical male and pull out some crazy 20 min 5k. Geeze. Men.

    • My first 5k time was 26:56 and my current PR is 25:42……however it was a short course. I just ran a 5k with Colin in September and we finished in 27 :) I want to PR!!! 😛 sub 25 would be amazing. I’m going to be PUSHING it!

  3. Oh, I’m not a tantrum person really. I have yelled out random stuff while running alone including telling the people in my head Eff YOU! It feels so good afterward.

    Right now I’m in the off season. Getting ready for Jamaica which means losing some weight and maybe buying a bikini instead of a tankini.

    My house is also for sale and I’m freaking out that no one will buy it. It makes me feel like barfing because we close on the new place Jan 31st. BARF.

  4. It is “possible” to improve your 5k time in 3 weeks, but not the way you expect. It takes about 3 weeks for training to manifest itself as physical improvement, so only this week’s workouts will really help physically. However, getting mentally used to that speed is VERY valuable and you can keep doing that in short bursts right up until race day.

    And savour that Wendy’s meal and full coke: Well earned!!

  5. Good luck with the new training plan. And don’t worry about the Wendy’s. You deserve it! I need to get a few speed sessions in now too. I don’t want my athletic but non-running son to kick my ass at the Santa 5K next month like he did at the Warrior Dash!

  6. You can definitely get faster in 3 weeks! You better work it girl, you can’t let Colin beat you:) I race with my husband all the time and I hate it when he beats me (doesn’t happen often luckily). Love the pics of Logan, so funny!

  7. I have no doubt that you will do a sub 25 minute 5k. Judging by your performance at 13.1 and my own past experience. I had my fastest race (It was a 5 mile cross country) and the only time I placed (3rd in my age group) a few weeks after running a marathon. The distance seemed so easy I was able to push myself and it went by quick. That is my prediction for you too. We are pretty close to the same time. (My first 1/2 was 2:06 in pouring rain. My PR is just under 2 hours.) My goal is a sub 50 minute 10k.

    I am impressed at the amount of cross training on your schedule. I tend to get obsessed with putting in miles (100 for November) and don’t leave time for much else.

    And about the tantrums? No. Sadly, I am more prone to self-pity rather than external tantrums that probably pass much quicker.

    I have a 1/2 marathon scheduled for 1/5, but I am trying for a PR. It is a very social night run (starts at 9:00 p.m.) through Los Angeles and my goal is just to have fun with my girlfriends on this one.

    • Donna these are the kinds of comments I LOVE!!!!! aside from the self pity….though I like that too 😉 but you need a good tantrum once in a while lol

      and I’d pick having fun over a PR anyday :)

  8. Great photos of the run and Logan is so funny.
    As to the Wendy’s – totally worth it. I gave up coke about 2 years ago but it tastes so good after a long run (although i’d rather a full icecold can than a fast food version). After almost collapsing after running a hard run after work and not eating beforehand and overheating, I was told to go grab a Mcdonalds for the salt and energy. That day, it was the best tasting burger and fries I had eaten for a long, long time. 😉

  9. Congrats on your speed, that is so awesome how much you’ve improved!!!
    My nephew is the same way at my parents house! When he was about 1 he would cry anytime my sister would leave him, now he pushes her out the door and throws a tantrum anytime she comes back to get him! ha
    Wendy’s seriously has the best coke for some reason, and you well beyond deserved it! ha

    • I’m just so happy to be back where I was….maybe not at short distances, but my long runs at an “easy” pace were around 9:36 so I am happy to be there again!!!! YAY! I felt so slow.

      and that does sound like Logan. kids are funny.

  10. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I don’t know if 3 weeks is enough to really ‘get fast’ but I think you will definitely surprise yourself because a 5k will feel like nothing!
    My trainer convinced me to run a 5k last weekend when I didn’t think I was ready because I haven’t been really “training”. He told me to think of it as a “post surgery PR” and a place to start and then get aggressive in training after that. It took me 26:36 to finish the 5k which is pretty far off from where I was before my hip surgery but I’m damn proud of that time!
    Sending hugs your way! xo

    • I LOVE that you’re here!!!! :) and I’m extremely jealous that your recovery time is better than my first 5k time 😛 lol you are so awesome! SO happy to hear you’re running 26 min 5k’s!!!!

    • hey Runner Dad!!!! thanks for visiting :) and thanks…..I know that if I have a chance at beating my husband this will be the only time I can do it 😉 as he’s rusty ;P lol

  11. Logan is sooooooo funny!!!! I don’t through many tantrums. Thats mostly my sister. 😛
    I think you can definitely get faster, if you work hard enough!
    Mmmm that burger looks good!! Fast food always tastes the best after working hard!
    Im LOVIN your race pictures!

    • Thanks GG :) I can’t wait to hear about your hockey – did you see that video I posted on my fb page?? sport chek sent these cute little kids to play on NHL ice!!! they were so happy :)

  12. i actually DO think u can at least start improving ur speed in 3 weeks, it’s just about doing those shorter intervals. :) 3 weeks isn’t much time but keep consistently working on ur speed and the races after that will really show ur improvement.

    BUT …way to freaking go at the half…dang, girl, u’re out there tearing it up! :)

  13. Once again, congrats on such an amazing race! It’s so exhilarating to realize we can do hard things :). I don’t know if you can get faster in 3 weeks, but I bet you have the speed in you already and will keep on surpassing your goals.
    My oldest child NEVER wanted to leave grandma’s house and he definitely preferred her over me for a while there. I remember it hurt my feelings a bit… then I got over it and realized that it was a good thing in the long run :).
    and yes- I can throw a good tantrum when I want to.

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