Random Updates!

We finally got a van. The other deal that I discussed fell through, but we ended up in the same model but in gold and it only has 73k on it!!! YAY :) This wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I guess that’s the best we could get for the price.

our van

* It’s huge!!! it’s going to be a learning curve to drive!

Yesterday I was up at 5am! and I spent over 2 hours constructing a resume and cover letter for this job that I really want for the new year.  Everyone else just slept….

Colin and Lo cuddling

Colin was finally well enough to go to work today and Logan seems much better. I’ve been fighting off whatever they have so today I made an executive decision to sleep in for my health and bypass by 21 day goal. <—- Sometimes health is more important than a goal.

I feel much better. I’m hoping the added sleep will keep this at bay :) It’s only in my throat *knock on wood* so I just keep drinking hot water and honey.

My Godiva chocolates from the nicest Jennie came yesterday 😀 THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

yummy chocolates

I have already eaten them all! and I can’t believe how beautiful her homemade card was….

Jennie's card

I feel bad for Becky – as her chocolates JUST went into the mail and even though I said I liked homemade cards I just sent a normal one :( sorry girl.

* it should be noted that I take forever to mail anyone anything and I may still have some things for people sitting on a table in the office *blush* 

I have so much stuff I’ve got to catch up on because all morning all I’ve been doing is playing Dora with Logan!!

doras xmas

If I try to stop – this happens…..

this happens

Whenever he throws himself on the ground it makes me think that perhaps I’m too old to throw tantrums myself …. However, it’s not my fault I have such high expectations!

the world just needs to catch up 😉



1. give me some of your updates!!! I feel like it’s been forever

2. do you make your Christmas cards, use ecards or store bought ones??

I make cards for most people if I’m seeing them in person and it’s a special occasion. However for xmas we normally do an ecard. I used to send xmas cards but it’s so bad for the environment. PS: Becky and Keith….that’s why you got send a real xmas card – I’m trying to use them up! …as I hate waste! 

3. when’s the last time you threw a tantrum?? – be honest

Yesterday….when we bought the van and then I realized it didn’t have separate rear heating! I seriously have the highest expectations ever. I need to calm down. 

16 thoughts on “Random Updates!

  1. Congrats on the van!! I’m going out with my parents today to help them look for one. We have no idea how to narrow down the search, at all. grr.

    That is such a lovely card you got!
    I have some postcards and random gifts still waiting to be sent out..from about 3 months ago. Why, why do I suck at this?!

    • I’m the same way – and I ask myself the same question 😉

      and I think the best thing to do is drive a bunch of vans and then see what model they like best – then go from there. We just have this guy that finds cars for us. he takes a $300 commission but it’s easier :)

  2. Last time I threw a tantrum. Also yesterday. 😉 I got all ready to take our family picture then learned that we were decorating the tree first. I wasn’t very happy. 😛
    We use store bought cards. We have always used them. :) We are so late getting them out this year. We just took our picture yesterday.

  3. Yay! I’m glad you got your chocolate in time! I got mine from garden girl- delicous! I ate the whole bar in a couple of days- def need to run now. :)

    My last tantrum- a couple of days ago… I was sleep deprived, but I supose that is no excuse. I was a real bitch to my family- they came into town to do Christmas early with me, before I go see my sister. They just got into town and wanted to talk and go do something. I threw a fit because I didn’t want to do anything- way to go me :/

  4. — Almost certain my last tantrum was on Monday. Perhaps it was Tuesday.
    — I didn’t send cards this year. Too much going on and I lost track how close Christmas actually is. Shame on me.
    — Glad everyone in your household is feeling better.
    — And I am going to be job searching for the new year too. I need to get out of retail before it kills me.

    Happy Weekend! :)

  5. I have regular tantrums. I couldn’t find the iron last week and it was bad. My husband spent his lunch break trying to find it…then I found it…in the hall closet where I always keep it. My nieces are the same way about Dora games on the computer. Dora has quite the stronghold on toddlers!

  6. I send photo cards from Costco:) It also takes me forever to send things. Total procrastinator! Last tantrum was in Hawaii last month. OOps:) Sometimes hard to travel with extended family. I am fighting something too, sore throat so far and trying to keep it at bay.

  7. Once you get a van, you’ll never go back! We have an older Dodge grand caravan and I swear I don’t know how we got along with out it. you can pack a ton of stuff and a ton of people in there :-) And if you think its not cool to have a minivan, call it a swagger wagon!

  8. I’m glad Colin and Logan are feeling better. There’s nothing much worse than having a sick child except having a sick child and a sick husband. I hope you manage to avoid it.

  9. My update is that I just drank a peanut butter and banana smoothie and now my fingers are cold. FB updates for the foreseeable future will only be about food and the weather because I am tiring of pissing people off with my opinions as it seems that Americans are no longer capable of being tolerant of views contrary to their own.

    What’s a Christmas Card? Is that why my wife Mary bought a roll of stamps and her and Ian where huddled around writing stuff out in little booklets last Sunday? Maybe.

    I have a micro-tantrum 1x day. I’m pretty passionate about work.

  10. Love the new van! I hope you get well soon!

    Update for me- I have break downs daily lately. My inlaws living with us is driving me over the edge. Running isn’t helping.. I may need to take up drinking. Trying not to blog about the inlaws cuz they read it. ugh!

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