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When Jennifer from contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of their tech tees I was super excited. I had seen their company on Molly’s blog and LOVED the shirt that said #gams

Picture 3Everyone used to call me gams in my mid-twenties. Reason being – I’ve got some awesome legs. Don’t all of us runners want to showcase that underneath all that sweaty gear we have awesome legs??

Photo 152Jennifer had warned me that their shirts ran large (it’s something that they’re currently looking into) so I got the smallest size available, a small. It was still really big. Aside from the sizing the shirts performed really well from a technical viewpoint.

2013-01-21 08.02.40

The above is a size comparison between another dye sublimation tech shirt. It’s a medium, which is the same as a Nike small. So if you’re a medium get a small in a shirt.

Here are the specs: [from their website]

Women’s Short Sleeve Race Tee. Printed on sweatvac technical race tees  designed to provide extreme comfort and superior wicking capabilities. Soon to be your favorite workout shirt.

  • Made from DriSmart technical fabric
  • Silky-soft interior
  • Flat-seam construction for no rub comfort
  • Micro-textured exterior for superior moisture evaporation
  • Ultra-thin fabric
  • Retail for $20
  • Sizes S-L
  • Gray Colour only.

What I liked:

  • Loved their designs. I think the few that they have are clever and that because they’re a relatively new company we can expect more in the very near future.
  • performed well as a technical shirt in both running and cycling workouts.
  • Love and prefer shirts done using the dye sublimation process (where the dye does not disrupt fabrics ability to wick away moisture)
  • wicked away sweat and still allowed my skin to breathe during workouts
  • comfortable and stylish.
  • designs for males and females
  • felt seamless and nothing rubbed on me while running on the treadmill.

seam difference shirt on the left, another tech shirt on the right. Notice the flat sewn seam on the #gams shirt. It’s actually comparable to a Nike tech tee, the material is just as soft as well.  

What I didn’t love:

  • the sizing. it’s way too big. I’m normally a small or a medium in shirts and their small shirt is very roomy.

shirt comparison

  • the gray colour on most of their shirts doesn’t flatter a lot of complexions.

The Bottom Line:

The shirt works for its purpose. Their designs are cute, clever and fun! If you like a larger fit or have issues finding your size with other companies this shirt is for you. However, if you’re a small person these shirts will swallow you whole. However, sizing is being addressed for future products so we can still look forward to‘s quirky designs. Sweatvac is definitely an accurate name – these shirts suck up sweat and kept me dry during my in door workouts all while proving to be extremely comfortable.

Photo 169

* It should be noted that when I spoke with Jennifer from about the sizing issue it is already something that is being addressed. If anyone has a shirt company that wants to partner with their amazing design team, who also using dye sublimation please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with this awesome new company. 

—————————————————————————————— was nice enough to offer one lucky reader a shirt of their own! They have male and female designs and even though I knocked their sizing the shirts are still stylish and fun!

Here are a few of their designs and if you want to see more check them out for yourself!

Runnr shirts

To Enter – tell me the most important factor when selecting a tech shirt – leave me your answer in the comments below.

additional entries: (leave a separate comment for each)

Giveaway closes Sunday the 27th and the winner will be posted on Monday.

117 thoughts on “ Tech T-shirt Review & Giveaway!

  1. Entry 1: The most important thing I look for in a tech tee, after them being tech fabric is the fit- cant be too tight but dont want to look like a tent. And I hate hate hate short shirts that ride up!

  2. Fit! Because I’m curvy I need a shirt that’s a little roomier. I’ve tried very fitted shirts but because the tech fabric is slinky they always creep up over my hips when I run, leaving my belly exposed! It’s a constant struggle to keep them pulled down. That’s why I prefer a shirt that’s longer and wider — doesn’t look as cute as a fitted shirt, but it’s way more functional for me!

  3. I look for length mostly- I really dislike a too short running shirt. I have a drawer full of race shirts I will never wear because of this. Also, sleeve length if they are long-sleeved.

  4. I like shirts that aren’t too long – I’m short-waisted and there’s nothing worse than a shirt wiggling up around your waist while you’re running! :) I love the #gams design and the blank clock!

  5. Most important factor for me is fit. Has to fit right and be long enough! I hate shirts that hit right at my waist and ride up as I run.

  6. I love the See Jane Run shirt – but kinda want the eff treadmills shirt so I can take pictures of myself running on a treadmill with the shirt on.

  7. The most important thing for me is length, length, length! I have a very long torso and so many shirts are just cut way too short and ride up too much.

  8. Aside from being made of a technical fabric, my #1 criteria is fit. I don’t wanna look like a box when I’m working out and I’m tall so I also don’t wanna be flashing my belly to everyone either! Too many tech shirts are sized too small so maybe these ones will be perfect for me!

  9. I would say comfort is most important when I’m buying anything workout related. But fit is next and probably falls into the comfort category…I have a running shirt that is waaaay too short and tight and as I run it becomes a belly shirt, I’m constantly pulling it down while running.

  10. The most important feature to me is that it keeps me dry. I run in a lot of cold weather, and if the sweat isn’t pulled away to the next layer of my clothing, I get cold and miserable.

  11. This might be ridiculous, since you asked about tech tees, but for me the most important part of a tech tee is that it be sleeveless. If it’s cold enough that I need sleeves, I’ll have on long sleeves. I want all other workout tops to be sleeveless! It’s okay though, I’ve been known to chop the sleeves off off tech tees with sleeves.

  12. I like a tech shirt that is light weight and that will keep me dry. I actually like a loose fit too. I usually buy a shirt that is a size bigger for running, so these sound perfect!

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