2nd Annual Spatula Runners Virtual Race!


If you participated in the run/bike/walk or photo contest please submit your results here:

ALL RESULTS ARE DUE BY SUNDAY MARCH 31st!!!!! 12AM EST. Thank you for joining in on the Spatula Fun!


It’s that time of year again!! The time where you scrape (or lick) the cake batter off of your spatulas, grab them and get running! NOW WITH A 5K OPTION!!!!! 

Spatula Runners

This year the race will be done a little bit differently – as ALL PRIZES will be drawn at random! The only way to increase your odds of going home with some amazing stuff is to enter more events!

Spatula Runners Virtual Race

The “Running WITH Spatulas” Photo Contest is also back in full force – where all you have to do is submit a photo….or more! or you or someone else running while holding a spatula or more. Photo Contest is judged on creativity and the winner will take home an extra special care package from me!! Take a look at last years entries :)

Our race sponsors this year so far include: Altra Running, Entrix Sports, Yurbuds, CEP Compression, PowerSox, Tommie Copper, Handful, Chobani, Runnr.co, RaceDay Books, Bia Sport and the list keeps on growing! *If you’re a company that wants to support my fellow spatula runners PLEASE contact me to see how you can get involved*

race sponsors

CHECK OUT THE AMAZING PRIZES HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a virtual race??

A virtual race consists of an assigned millage where the participants time themselves while completing the distance they signed up for where ever they want! You can run on a track, your treadmill, outside, with a group! The possibilities are endless and it is a fun and FREE way to have fun racing!

How to enter??

Well all you have to do is sign up for the events you want to participate in using the entry form below the Spatula Runners pic. Do one or all of them, it’s up to you!

  • Run 10k
  • Walk 10k
  • Bike 10k
  • 30k ANY WAY (as stated you can complete 30km’s over the course of this race or do it all at once and the method of exercise doesn’t matter!!!)
  • and the ever popular PHOTO CONTEST!!!
  • 5k run/walk <—- as requested! 

Don’t you want to be a SPATULA RUNNER too???

Spatula Runners

Simply fill out the registration form below and stay tuned for more info!!!!!

The actual Race Day Sunday March 24th <—- where Lyndsey and I will literally run Around the Bay WHILE holding spatulas!! However the race(s) may be run at anytime between Monday March 18th- Friday March 29th ALL times must be submitted by Friday March 30th by midnight EST. PLEASE USE THIS FORM to submit results!!! :) 

Photo collection is ongoing so send them to me by email at alimc[at]runningwithspatulas[dot]com or submit them using the photo contest tab herebefore Friday March 29th.

Winners will be announced the  Sunday March 31st!



Please Share this!!!! and let me know in the comments below when you register :) YAY!!!!!

61 thoughts on “2nd Annual Spatula Runners Virtual Race!

  1. I entered the 10k run, 10k Bike (is an indoor bike okay? If not I can head to my parents and grab an outdoor one!), and 30k overall (is a cross trainer okay for the other 10k?).

    And alsooooo THE PHOTO CONTEST!

    • ya, the 30k doesn’t matter…..hey I’m not even running the 30k now :( but I will bike and run combined 😉 and YES in door biking is fine!

      This is about fun, not rules! 😉

  2. yesssss!!! I’m so excited!!! I think I even convinced my mom to participate in the walk! Can I use the name garden girl again this year?

      • great! I signed us both up! I’m going to die at the run! the most I have ever run is 5 miles. ;D I’ll get it done though, even if it takes me all day!

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    • Lisa, there is a WALKING option :) and you can also just enter the photo contest if you can’t run :) There is always something for everyone to do so if you want by all means Please enter :) We’d love to have you!

    • I keep having this recurring dream where I pass you the spatulas at the 15k mark and then keep running 😉 However, after my last few runs I know that is IMPOSSIBLE ;P

  4. I am in! I signed up, let me know if you didn’t get my registration. I would LOVE to win a handful bra for my niece(s) I have two who are in cross country and track. My brother won’t spend the money even thought I recommended them. GRR!

    • I got yours!!!!! and yes, Handful is offering up 2 prizes – winner’s choice! So you could be in luck :) I love their stuff…..it’s my favourite sports bra!

    • Thanks Nancy! So happy to have you!!!!! I’m really excited now. I wasn’t feeling this year as much due to getting side-lined AGAIN but this race always makes it so much fun!!!!!

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  8. I have registered my husband Mike to do the 10K with me as well. He just started to run in September 2012 and is now up to the 10K distance as we are training for a Half Marathon in May (our first) and we managed to secure our spots for the Chicago Marathon (will be our first too) as I started running in March of last year as well. Have registered in the same corral for Chicago and will be doing the same training.

  9. I’m in – I might even run the race this weekend with a spatula even though it doesn’t count for the race, but the photo op would right? 😉

  10. I saw this through my friend and it called to me. Why? I am newish to running, and my husband and I collect spatulas. I suddenly feel like I belong. Now, which of our 120+ spatulas to run with……?

    • Nicole is amazing! and I am so happy to have someone that not only likes spatulas, but COLLECTS them running this race!!!! YAY. I think that you’ll be a shoe in for the photo contest with 120 spatulas to choose from! WOW!

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