My worst run to date!

If I think back to every single run I’ve ever ran/run? There are a few that stand out as the cream of the crop, so to speak. I can vividly recall feelings of elation and confidence and one of those was an 11 mile (18k) LSD run. (the post that’s linked is actually titled “BEST RUN EVER” so you know it’s true) lol

With the prospect of that same distance coupled with both my husband and my favourite running companion, macnic. I was feeling very excited about our Sunday run when I woke up.


Colin was excited he was just “booing” my new phone (I finally have a two-sided camera for selfies! my fav πŸ˜‰ lol)

After some much needed running fuel and getting Logan settled with Rachel we drove out to the the same ATB part on the course that I ran last week and met up with Nicole.

photo 1

We’re like sisters from anotherΒ mother family. You will note I opted to wear the Brooks – perhaps mistake #1?? …whatever they matched my coat πŸ˜‰

Anyway we started running together and macnic was running fast and talking as per usual πŸ˜‰ and I said I wanted to run super slow (like and 11min mile pace….based on my previous long runs avg pace) So we were just chilling and running and the pace was good.

I think it was the downhill just when the Northshore becomes all residential and turns up from the lake that I started to feel pain in my hip and knee – right side as always. I feel like I’m destine to have hip issues for life as a curse to having Logan out of wedlock or something.


Anyway, I don’t know what Colin and Nic were thinking because anyone who’s ever run with me before knows I like to complain. Hence why I prefer running solo – no one to complain to and I can play my runs completely by feel. No pressure.

Anyway it got to the point where I couldn’t run properly without pain. Nic thought it sounded like IT band issues, which I’ve never had before. I stopped on Plains Rd and told them to go ahead. I wanted Colin to have a chance to run and see the Valley Inn hill. I said I’d stretch out and wait for them to come back.


I stretched and rolled my hip and thigh using my water bottle and waited. Danielle and Christina can consist from last week that there are SOOOOO many runners running this same route. I think I was asked if I was ok over 25 times!

sad face

don’t worry. I promise never to do a sad face on the blog again.

So as you’ll note – due to RUNNING I warmed up. So I had my gloves and headband off. Big mistake. The longer I sat there waiting, the colder I got. I had sent the others some texts but heard nothing so I decided to start heading back.

I received this comforting picture as I travelled back…. Happy that Colin had indeed tackled the Valley Inn hill :) YAY!


I ran on through hills and just stopped when I needed to. Finally after I passed La Salle I was running down a huge hill when my knee just gave out. I literally fell to the side. It was then I called my mom and asked her to send Jay, my brother to come get me. As I knew walking would make me freezing.

Colin and macnic caught up to me and I told them I was getting a ride back because I was unable to run and too cold to make the entire walk <—- as I was dressed for running not walking. sigh.


It just started getting colder and darker and due to my limp I couldn’t move fast at all. FINALLY, just as I was about to lose hope and I started getting angry and emotional my brothers car pulled up. It was pretty close to king st so I did end up walking almost 3k in the cold. brrrrrrr


I was so happy to have HEAT!!!!!! and I was saved :)

We drove back and we passed Colin (who stopped at 19k) and found macnic at the cars. She had just finished her run so the timing was good.

I’m so happy it looks like she had a good time with Colin because I felt so bad that she drove all that way for me not to be able to run.

photo 4

Moral of the story – think ahead. I don’t think this run would’ve been an issue if it was warm out. The fact that it was cold made the limping and walking unbearable.

I also just want to touch base on a question that I’ve asked and been asked numerous times – “How can you tell when you should run through pain and when you should stop?” – you’ll know. Don’t be an idiot. If you’re pain is increasing, odds are that’s your sign to stop right there. If it’s a nagging pain that you don’t mind running through, finish your run or cut it short. However, bottom line is – if you have to ask yourself, odds are you should stop.

My OA acted up and is still flared today which hasn’t happened in a while! I have new “running rules” that I made for myself yesterday and I will definitely share my plans on tackling this issue with you all tomorrow. I hope everyone had a GREAT Superbowl Sunday.

I didn’t watch any of it. Sorry πŸ˜‰


what is your worst run/workout to date??Β 

This was my previous one until yesterday….but this is by far the worst EVER!!!!! freezing cold and injured. WORST.FEELING.EVER.

does anyone suffer from ITBS?? or IT problems that go from your hip to your knee?? any advice??

don’t worry I’m making an appt with my sports dr this week to make sure that’s what it is.Β 

what was the BEST part of your day yesterday?? let me live vicariously through you :)Β 

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  1. does anyone suffer from ITBS?? or IT problems that go from your hip to your knee?? any advice??

    Oh Yes. Right, firstly foam roll, foam roll, foam roll.

    Ice as often as possible for 5-10 mins at a time at the points which are inflamed/hot/sore.

    Stretch stretch – youll mostly be looking to stretch up at hip joint as this is the actual issue. There are mixed reports over whether the ITB itself is flexible enough to stretch so its the muscles around it that are targeted.

    Once its calmed from the flare up, work on hip stability etc. Get your physio to assess you but if this is biomechanically off it can just keep repeating. To strengthen this its squats, single leg squats, lunges in every direction, clams (for aductors), step ups (which should be in a runners reperatoire) etc

    But definitely consult a physio person, they can do massage etc on it too (expect to get bruises!). Also, check you arent pronating in your shoes, its like the biggest cause!

  2. My worst run- Sometimes I feel like all of them are my worst run… When I run solo, I tend to get lazy and walk more than I should. But I would say my worst run was a couple weeks before Christmas. I set out to run in the cold. I like at a high altitude 3200ish feet. I also have asthma (which usually doesn’t bother me too much these days). I started having an asthma attack on my run and I panicked. I hadn’t dressed properly and the cold air just got to me. I had to walk a couple of miles back home in the cold- I agree, it sucks.
    I have had IT band problems, but just around my R knee. This website has some good info and stretches.

    • Thanks for sharing Jennie. and that sounds AWFUL! I can totally relate and I didn’t even have to walk that far :( cold can get to you.

      I’m going to check out that article. Thank you :) xo

  3. My worst run ever was probabaly the Niagara Falls half marathon. I gots my IT probs fixed and stretching is much more important to me now. The best part of yesterday was running with you and Colin. And jumping on your van. HA.

    • I want that course to be my first marathon…..we’ll see. My IT band feels great today!! so maybe taking a break will be good. It’s my stupid arthritis that’s acting up….must be because I didn’t take my advil….I’m supposed to take it 4 times a day, but I rarely take it once! lol

      and I am so happy. Colin said there were periods in the run where there was no talking. He knows he’s not a talker so I hope it was ok running with him :) it looks like you guys were great pace partners!!

      • Oh yeah, you’re the talker in the relationship for sure. It was fine. I didn’t know how hard it was or wasn’t for him and I had to concentrate on not pushing the pace at times (as I creeped up to Marathon pace often). Running without music is good for me too. I should do it more….

  4. ah-some runs are just bad runs- warm up or no warm up. Sometimes, even after a great great long run, I can have a low energy short run later that week for no reason. But-on the plus side-the first photo is very cute and you get extra kudos for running in the cold!

  5. 8 runs out of 10 I start my run overdressed. As I heat up I shed the hat/heavy gloves etc. Having had to walk out 5km on a trail run 2 summers has me fearful of not being adequately (over) prepared just in case.

    • I am now going to be the same. I hated walking in that cold. I couldn’t get warm. It’s one of the only runs this season that I didn’t overdress …..mistake.

  6. I had to call Ward one time to rescue me on a long run. Went out for 20, made it 16. I cried the whole day. I’m a baby. :) You’ll be back out there again!!!

    • went out for 20 and made it 16 sounds like you’re strong!!!!! I’m glad Ward came to the rescue :) I’m a big crier. I never used to be but now I cry over everything. I blame motherhood πŸ˜‰

  7. Sorry you had such a bad run. I think we all have them from time to time. Mine haven’t been feeling amazing since my surgery. After recovery I got back into it too fast and coupled that with shoes that were new and not the right fit lead to major shin splints that I am still trying to heal.
    The BEST part of my day was havi breakfast with a dear friend and then heading to the beach with my sister and niece. I live in a different state than them and only see them a few times a year!

    • I can’t believe you’re running after surgery! What was the surgery?? everyone seems so hardcore ….I need to stop my complaining :)

      I love the beach. I can’t wait till summer and bf time is priceless πŸ˜€ glad you had a great time Steph

  8. I have had plenty of bad runs, but my worst was a marathon I did last October. I had to walk most of the last 5 miles due to severe hip pain. It was miserable. I think I was experiencing IT issues then. Foam rolling and doing hip/butt strength training has seemed to help me a lot. Also, cross-training.

    • That sucks. I remember that :( hip pain is the worst!!! I would never wish it on anyone. You need to post about your exercises. I need hip/butt strengthening.

  9. Oh man, I’m so sorry! Injuries are the worst! I’m not going to lie 1) I think it was very creative of you to use your water bottle to roll out your hip, and 2) I think it’s funny imagining people driving by, seeing you rolling your hip on the side of the road. But that’s not funny. Because you were hurt. But I’m still laughing a little.

    • :( awwwww I haven’t really ever experienced running pain where I had to completely stop until this run. I’ve had injuries in soccer that were brutal though.

      I can;t imagine going through that while racing :(

  10. I’ve had ITBS a couple of times and it’s NOT fun. My pain was mostly at my knee and radiating down but I know it’s different for each person. But I have a great physio (my best friend from high school) who managed to get it under control and keep it that way. I stretch and roll and tape my foot to stop excessive pronation.

  11. I was getting terrible ITBS and it completely went away once I religiously foam rolled daily. Initially, I was only rolling the side of my knee where it hurt and that didn’t help much, but it got completely better when I rolled all the way up my thigh and on the front of my thigh. Worth a shot!

    Oh, and I cracked up when you said this was penance for having a child out of wedlock :)

  12. oh nooo, I’m sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately, we all certainly have some crazyily horrific bad runs at some point.

    The best part of my day is choooooocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cheesecake.

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