5 Things Friday!

Thank you all for your non-judgmental comments, similar stories and confessing emails yesterday. It meant a lot to me :) I am really happy to have that all out on the table.

Anyway, last week I did my first 5 things Friday and I liked it so I’m dong it again :) Please feel free to link up below if you did one :)

1. I finished all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill – I know! What an accomplishment eh? I’ve begun to realize that I must not ever get addicted to a tv series that is already over. It’s just too easy to watch. The show was pretty cool. It was no Gossip Girl but I did really love that Brooke Davis 😉


PS: there was a guy I used to know way back that NOW that I’ve watched tree hill I’m pretty sure was not only trying to look like Lucas, he was pulling his “OTH moves” on me. Right down to the music selection. Weird.

2. We are going to visit our first home daycare today. I’m really nervous. I’ve been reading so much info and I’ve called some places and selected 4 potential daycare’s. Only one is a true in home one. I’m having big issues finding a place/person that’s flexible enough for my hours. However, we’ve decided that for my 6 weeks F/T training that Logan would probably enjoy playing with other children in a daycare setting. Wish me luck.


3. I haven’t run at all this week. As much as I wanted to dive outside with my runners in yesterday’s fluffy snow, I held back. Not being able to walk after a run is scary and so I’ve been excessively icing and rolling my leg in hopes that if I rest it this week I can get back to running the next. We will see. Don’t worry – I’ll still run ATB with my racing spatulas! I’m stubborn.

no running

PS: is it run or ran?? I always get so confused. They both sound weird.

4. Should you give overly eager people a chance? I’m asking because I contacted this babysitter and she emailed me 3 times while I was at work, continuously requesting I get back to her. This immediately turned me off. I then replied, said I was at work and then told her I would contact her by Thursday. She emailed me again! and then she emailed me yesterday (thursday) asking if I still wanted to meet her. I think the last email is completely fair but the first explosions of emails really freaked me out. I don’t want someone that isn’t professional looking after my son. Why so eager? Am I just over-reacting? (PS: she is 25 ie: not a child)

Ew…with that toothy grin, this guy never had a chance

5. I love that my mom gave me her waffle iron! I seriously love making my own waffles! I feel so cool. Egos you can take a back seat because now I know how to make your rectangular cousins! I think I could eat waffles all day. I just used a mix this last time but there are some amazing recipes for healthier waffle option out there! The possibilities are endless. I think that’s why I love them :)


Hope everyone has a great weekend! Please share my race! I really wanted to double my participants from last year!!!!


what are your 5 things??

would you give that overly eager babysitter a chance? or do you think she’s overly eager because she can’t get a job??

I know I sound mean, but I tend to judge people based on their professional interactions. Though I’ve never been label “professional” I definitely know how to conduct myself around a potential employer and I was just turned off. <— actually this settles it! I’m turned off. She lost her chance. 

Any tips for finding the best child care provider??

What was the last tv series you completed watching?? 

21 thoughts on “5 Things Friday!

  1. Ooh, waffles- awesome!! We still don’t have a waffle maker either…. I really want one, but am not sure how often I’d actually use it. Heading over to sign up for your virtual race!!

  2. I’ve never watched OTH, maybe I need to! I have a home daycare, and watch 3 kiddos. I know their mom’s wanted them to still be able to interact with other kids, but not be in a daycare, where there’s so many kids they would get neglected. As for the over eager babysitter, I don’t know…I think that would kind of put me off too. Definitely not professional!

  3. Oh goodness, the eager beaver would drive me bananas, that’s too much!!! I would totally walk away, not only is it obnoxious, but it’s disrespectful for her to think that you’re going to drop everything at work just to get back to her in 7 seconds. If it was an issue with Logan- yes, by all means. But just to try and solicit business? Nope, too much!

  4. I started watching OTH but kind of got bored of it. :/ I just watch it now if I am super bored. (: I watched 3 seasons of Gossip Girl but kind of got tired of that too! I think the only show I have watched all the episodes is Pretty Little Liars! I didn’t get bored of that one. 😉
    hmmm…five things. 1, I have started eating Chobani for breakfast everyday! I love it. (: 2, Hockey season has pretty much come to an end and I have no clue what to do anymore. 😛 3, A color run is coming to Wisconsin where my grandma lives and I am determined to do it! I can’t think of anymore right now so three will have to do!

  5. Glad to hear you liked OTH, I didn’t start watching it until Season 8 and then it was over in Season 9, such a bummer, but a pretty great show!

  6. 1. I quit my job for a super awesome job!
    2. I bought a whack load of clothing for my new job and used your tips!
    3. I got my hair cut and coloured today and it looks fab!
    4. I’m feeling AMAZING in my marathon journey this year!
    5. My fam is the bestest!

    Trust your gut on the babysitter. You have options. I don’t really have any tips on daycare. We went with the Peekaboo centres because of their flexibility (my kids only went/go 2x a week). We LOVE them though.

    Last series I finished watching was House, but that was real time.

  7. Good luck finding the best child care!!
    Omgsh, was a huuuge chad m.murray fan..but i stopped watching a few seasons before the end. You’ve got me so curious on how it all ended now. Haha!

  8. I found both of the awesome dayhomes that we have used…through Kijiji. I just made sure to do thorough background and reference checks and make sure they have their police clearances. Our current dayhome we totally lucked out in that she has a degree in child studies and does an amazing preschool program for all of the preschoolers so we don’t need to work out the logistics of getting the twins to and from a separate preschool. Totally lucked out! Hopefully the girls can stay there until they start school. We are just sad that they will need to be in school in a different town because we would keep this lady on as before and after school care if we could.

  9. Overly eager people like that kind of give me the creeps! I’m sure she’s perfectly nice but I don’t know, it kind of is a red flag for me when people don’t understand social cues.

  10. Yeah, I’d give the eager baby sitter a big swerve too. Starts to feel a little like they’ve got stalker ish tendencies when they ring constantly. I had a client like that and despite me telling her that I’d contact her when the leotard was finished, she kept ringing. It made me not want to make it at all. Am I perverse?

  11. There are a couple of sites called care.com and sittercity.com (not sure if they are just US or not) that I’ve heard are great for finding a child care provider. People have a profile and you can see who has passed a background check, see their references, etc.

    A lack of professionalism always irks me with regard to jobs and interviews so I’d have to tell that girl no thank you and be done with her. She shouldn’t have continued contacting you, that’s just rude.

    I love OTH and I’ll admit I was a little sad when it finally ended. I’ve missed some episodes along the way and I had actually thought about starting from the beginning and watching it all again. I may have to do that since you’ve shown it can be done!

    Good luck finding the perfect person to keep Logan!

  12. Waffles are the best. We eat them for dinner often. :) Love love love making our own. And finding a daycare is scary. Finding the right one is so important. I’m with you about the overly eager babysitter. I wouldn’t call her back or email her back. Too intense. I actually blew one off because of the same thing!

  13. Hey!
    I have been away…but I am back…am going to sign up for your race tonight (that is my plan) and write a blog-and share your wonderful race! x

  14. I’m with you on the overeager babysitter.

    As a mom, I say trust your instincts. If something is putting you off about a caregiver, it’s not worth the risk. If you gave them a chance despite your feelings and ANYTHING went wrong, you would beat yourself up for it. Just my thoughts anyway. 😉

  15. Was a One Tree Hill addict last summer, but recently finished Gossip Girl. I like OTH better until the story lines got a little desparate in the final seasons (kidnapping nannies, etc – a bit far fetched – HS drama – totally get it). Hello, I’m a total Netflix TV addict. In 2012, I also watched every episode of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. I think I have the TV taste of a 13 year old girl.

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