Around the Bay 30k: Colin’s race recap

In the morning Ali taped up my knee with the KT tape she bought at the expo, as I was having IT issues on my last run. This was something I wasn’t used to, nor was I prepared for so I also used my new TC knee sleeves as an add on. I felt good.

We all met up at the beginning of the race inside Copps and it was nice to put some faces to names of people I know on dailymile. Sorry everyone – Alison is the talker, I’m not.

copps before hand

there’s mike’s eyes

I was at the starting line with Ali, Jamie, MacNic, Phil and Wayne. The idea was that we would all run 10min/mile pace and then after the huge hill at the 26k mark all was fair game. That didn’t happen.

I realized everyone else was going out much faster than I’d like to and so I backed off and lost everyone around the 5k mark. You can see I’m falling behind in MacNic’s race shot below.

from nicole's blog

from nicole’s blog

I got back on my own pace and just ran alone. However, my runkeeper app decided not to work (it was logging my run but not notifying me of anything as I ran) and so I didn’t have any idea of what my pace or mileage was, aside from the km markers.

I remembered the route roughly from having to drive Lyndsey to her 10k exchange from last year. I was trying to go off feel and keep as steady pace as I could, while still pushing myself.

Along the first part of the course

I saw Lyndsey at the 15k marker waiting for Ali and she got a couple shots of me. I also noticed there was no line at the port-a-potty there so I decided to go pee, since I’d been holding it in since race start. After I stepped out of the port-a-potty my knee gave out, I guess because I had stopped running.

Colin at 15k

I hobbled for a bit trying to get my knee back into running motion and continued along the route just fine. Once I hit the 20k mark the hills hit me and my knee started acting up. I had to stop and walk for a bit around La Salle park because of a few knee spasms. I continued to run the entire stretch of hills, other than walking through the aide stations.

Valley Inn Road

I walked for less than a minute right before the “big valley inn hill”  because I knew from training on the route that it was coming up and wanted to be able to run up it. MacNic told me beforehand to run the hills and that I could walk when I got to the top. So I passed everyone! I didn’t stop to walk until I was along York St.

Then Paul came up behind me and I heard him shout “C’mon Colin stay with it!” or some sort of motivational words, I can’t remember. I continued on route to Copps. My knee was bothering me a lot so I just kept running and walking. The last few km’s I just kept running straight, knowing it would be over soon. I knew I wanted to finish strong so I sprinted the stretch into Copps.

the last few meters

I ran down into Copps and across the finish line the clock was around 3:36 so I knew I may have got sub 3:30.


I was so happy to be done. This was by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was really proud of myself and I am actually looking forward to just running leisurely for a while. I didn’t build a good base and should’ve trained a lot more. However, after work the last thing I felt like doing was going for a run. So maybe training for a smaller races is more for me.

ATB race

What really sucked about this race was that I wasn’t physically tired nor did I ever feel like I needed to stop. It was the pain from my knee that held me back and forced me to walk. More training and maybe strengthening my hips, like Alison has been doing would be good if I run this again.

It was great meeting so many runners and I am happy to say I’ve run further than my wife 😉


what’s the furthest distance you’ve run/raced?

30km. 18.6 miles. 

I want to let you all know to come back Easter Monday for my Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve Review and Giveaway 

* Ali’s recap will be up soon *

27 thoughts on “Around the Bay 30k: Colin’s race recap

    • Thanks Heather. Colin is actually NOT a writer or a talker….so I literally have to type these posts out as he tells me his version of the race……lol. It’s actually pretty annoying for me 😉 lol

  1. You did great, Colin!! There’s a 30K in August, you want to run it? 😉

    I know that with better training you can crush your time and your new PDR! You still did amazing and I’m not sure I would have been able to finish if I went into it like you did, so I definitely give you props for giving it your all.

  2. Well the furthest I’ve ever run was 42.2k/26.2miles.

    Great recap, Colin! You did so amazingly well and isn’t it awesome to pass people on that final hill?

    I really hope that you continue to run. Train for a fall half marathon (maybe a smaller one like the Milton Half on Sept 15? I know someone who will be running it for sure) and you will be amazing, I just know it.

    • Thanks Macnic. It was nice to pass all those walkers and yes I prolly will still run but not sure when I will do another race.

  3. Loved the race recap. My longest distance in the marathon 42.2km. I am very tempted by the distances beyond that though, just to see what I’m capable of.
    Too bad about the knee issues. I highly recommend yoga and some strength training. Congrats on the sub 3:30:00 You ran a great race!

    • Thanks Heather, Alison told me you got your Silver!! Congrats.
      Ya the knee issues sucked but I got through it and yes I need to do a lot more strength work.

  4. Congrats Colin! That is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of.

    If the IT pain is outside your knee, try putting that foot behind and on the other side of you other foot then leaning away from the side that hurts (while holding onto a wall or something) to stretch out the IT band from the hip to the knee. Don’t every day on both sides. If my description isn’t good enough, shoot me a note and I’ll send you a link.

    • Thanks Mike I am proud. Ali showed me that stretch yesterday and it worked well, along with rolling and other stretches.

  5. Congratulations Colin! You should be really proud of yourself!!

    It was my pleasure to cheer you on in the home stretch. I don’t remember what I said either, but I’m glad it was supportive!

  6. Congrats and a great job Colin.
    I had issues with Runkeeper on Sunday too – every time the notification came on, it would stop the music until the very last notification at 6miles – all the others were silent and a lot of having to start the music again.
    Sorry to hear about the knees – hope the pain doesn’t put you off and you get better soon.

    • Thanks Andy. Ya it did suck that I didn’t know pace or millage the whole race except for the km markers. I just had to go by feel. Weird that you had issues too. The knees are feeling better and I’m gonna have to work harder on strength training.

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