Our Sunday & Race Information!!!!

We had decided to go to the Sugar Bush for some good old maple syrup festivities, but then no one else wanted to go and it just kept getting later and later in the day, so we decided not to go. Oops! Maybe Easter weekend on Saturday we’ll have to hit something up…..though, who knows if I’m working.

Anyway, instead we went to the garden center to pick some new in door house plants.

to the garden centre

You’ll remember last year we began our collection with just three. I couldn’t keep the Boston fern alive and it died :( my sister then bought me an aloe vera plant and I killed that too…..I’m a plant killer. :'(

not a plant lover

….so prior to going there in ignorance, I googled “houseplants that never die” and found some of these :) <— exactly what I need! 

I love our new Snake Plant. It reminds me of underwater aquatic plants :) It’s also called Mother in-laws tongue and apparently if you kill this your next move should be plastic. So we’ll see 😉


I also got an African Violet and some of the other leafy vines that are pretty hardy in in direct light conditions. Though, not on the list, Logan really liked the “Goldfish Plant” and so we bought it. I think it’s pretty darn cute. So cross your fingers!!!

House Plants Collage

Overall, I’m pretty excited about everyone in our indoor plant round up and I’ll be happy when we can display them all nicely in our home. My next move is to read about vegetable gardening. As I still want to start a small harvest garden this year and Spring is almost here!!!



so everything you do from here on out till the 29th counts towards your times!!! I’m planning on doing the bike and the walk today.

Anyway, for those that never received the email I sent out yesterday I’ll post it below :)

Thank you all for signing up for my 2nd Annual Virtual Race. This year I’ll be leaving registration open so if you know anyone that wants to participate please pass it along [click here]

The race begins today!! Monday March 18th and will run until Friday March 29th. ALL TIMES, PHOTOS and race information must be submitted no later than March 30th. I’ll keep you posted.

  • You can submit your photos by using the photo submission page on my blog HERE
  • You can submit ALL race results by using THIS FORM on my blog. Please do not reply to/send my an email with your results. I have way too many participants to input times for, so if there’s an issue using the form, of course contact me, but otherwise please use the form HERE.
  • RACE BIB is below. Feel free to print it off and use it, or don’t. It’s OPTIONAL and not required. CLICK HERE to print.
Photo Contest participants!You are my most favourite part of this event and (IMO) make the Spatula Runners virtual race so much more fun!!!!!! Creativity is valued and I will be looking forward to all of your amazing photo submissions. CHECK HERE for inspiration from last years entries.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRIZES?!?!?!?! CHECK THEM OUT HERE The race sponsors were extremely generous and I wish I could enter the prizes are that good 😉

* all prizes are drawn at random and the more you participate in the greater your odds of winning something. The winner of the photo contest will get first pick of a handful of prizes selected by me – this is your incentive to make sure you submit a photo*

RE- TECH TEES – I know I said we couldn’t get them but I’m designing some that you will be able to purchase on Zazzle (thanks to Tri-Girl) so for those that emailed me upset that there weren’t any shirts – rest easy! You’ll be able to order some soon!!!

HAPPY RACING!!!! Remember this is a FREE event that is just for FUN! so don’t stress, just enjoy yourself!!!

Ali Mc xo

PS: Please don’t worry if you don’t remember which events you’ve signed up for – you can do one or all of them and I don’t care!!! :) so submit whatever you’d like!!

As always, please contact me with any further questions :) xo

PPS: Run with Jess  is also hosting her annual JellyBean virtual race – so head on over and enter there too!!!!


what did you do this Sunday??

do you own any houseplants?? do you have a green thumb?

are you spatula racing this week???

Yes!!! I’ll be doing some events this week and racing the ACTUAL race WITH spatulas in hand on Sunday!!!!!!! 

17 thoughts on “Our Sunday & Race Information!!!!

  1. So glad you got the t-shirts sorted! I’m hoping to connect with a friend in the next couple of weeks for the spatula race 😀

    Also, can I do the bike race on my trainer? (totally serious)

  2. I am super excited for the race!!! I will start running tomorrow!
    We have a aloe vera plant that WON’T die! It is giant, it has gotten so big it is all deformed. It is so ugly that we stuck it in a dark corner of the house that no one sees and it still getting bigger! It is great for cuts and scrapes. just rub the goo from inside the leafs on your cut and it heals so much faster.

    • YES the sign up is really only to give me an idea of how many participants I have and so I can email everyone. You can do ANY of the evenuts even if you didn’t sign up for them :)

  3. Sunday – church, some work for a client, kid taxi service, dawdling, 30 miles on bike trainer (2.25 hrs – ugh), dinner, shower, bed. Blah.

    Have houseplants including aloe plant. African violets are tough. Never got those to grow worth a poo. Daughter is trying to grow a cabbage for school. We’ll see. She doesn’t want to eat it, but I’d make some serious slaw if it grows by the end of the summer.

    I’m way behind in getting signed up to race with you this week. Glad you are leaving it open for those of us without our act together. I know I’ll bike because I am training for my June 1 century. I’ll probably do some running too because I am SO not ready for my April 6 duathlon. Will try to get some pics.

  4. Snake plants are super easy to grow– so are pothos but it looks like you already have one :) Rubber trees are indestructible too and I have a tree Philodendron that I doubt I could kill if I wanted. If you ever need help, shoot me an email. You knew this is my job, right?

    • NO! I didn;t know this…..I do have a pothos :) lol

      maybe you can help me identify my other plant. It’s the one I linked up (in this sentence “You’ll remember last year we began our collection with just three”) I can’t link it properly from my phone.

      It’s dying and I’m keeping it alive but it needs help. lol I am s excited you know about plants. I studied NATIVE species so I only know ontario ones lol

  5. Those two plants with the African Violet are ones that I’ve had before. I almost managed to kill them but because I’m really lazy and don’t like to dispose of dead things the right way, I threw them under the outside stairs. Amazingly this turned out to be exactly the right place for them and they’ve thrived under there.

    I wish your plants all the best luck in the world.

  6. Oh and I just convinced my dad to do the 5K walk/run!!! Is it ok if he does the run on the elliptical? That is the only way he said he would do it. I hope that’s fine!

  7. I am a plant killer, too. I need to find some seriously hard to kill foliage.

    I am halfway done with my racing. 10k and 5k done… now to get to that 30k.

  8. I have a few of those leafy vine plants (wish I could remember the actual name) and I swear they won’t die as long as they have sun and you water them every few weeks. You’ll be fine!

    I did the 10K biking part of the race today so I’ve got one event in the bag. I’ve got an awesome idea for a picture but it will have to wait for this weekend!

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