Why hello there DM & other things in my life….

So I finally reintroduced myself to dailymile….I’m starting to feel better physically but mentally, I’m drained.

How do people workout and look after themselves when they have more than one child?

PLEASE tell me your secrets :)

Wednesday it snowed so we all got dressed in our winter’s finest and headed outside.


* taken from my instagram *

I shoveled the entire driveway with Hudson in the baby carrier…


… yeah I logged it on dm. Who are we kidding, it’s a workout. I dare going to challenge that 😉

Picture 1

Even Logan and Hudson passed out after we had finished. It was a big job 😛


I’ve also been doing small sets of these exercises daily….

Picture 2

…..and slowly adding reps. I’ve been doing tons just being a mom. I mean tons of people have told me to stop and rest but I just can’t seem to…

Besides, the whole thing doesn’t take long to do but leaves me feeling not so lazy.


We walk a lot though so I guess that and breastfeeding is burning some calories because I’ve dropped to 140lbs (my pre-prego weight was 134lbs, though that was muscle and this is flab).


* YOWZA’s I know I mention boobs far too much as of late but seriously I think I’m going to start saving for implants I don’t know if I can give these up!*

I told Colin that starting Monday I’m going to start trying to run. I don’t have my postpartum check up for another 2 weeks (he wanted to see me at 8 weeks not 6) but he told me I could start running/walking and use pain as my indicator. So monday evening I’m going out for a walk/run combo with Rex!!!


* Yes, sometimes I like to try my running clothes on and look at myself in the mirror just for fun. I am a nerd *

In other news….

Logan, Hudson and I are all signed up for our swimming classes beginning in January. I am really excited about it and I can’t wait to show you Huds cute swim diaper that I bought him :) <— don’t lie I know you all care about my diapers 😉


Hudson has been smiling more. Which makes me feel more like he cares and less like I’m a milk factory and pacifier inserter. He was super happy today when I spent all my money on him at Black Friday sales 😀

I am hoping to do some more shopping tonight but I’m not going to lie, fighting off people in the sale racks may prove to be another workout.


Did you take advantage of the sales today?? What did you buy??

I bought some things I can’t mention on here because of Colin 😉 and cloth diaper stuff because I’m obsessed. I also plan to grab a sportswatch to get me motivated but couldn’t decide between the Garmin 10 or the Nike sportswatch ???? <— thoughts??

Is anyone else obsessed with their breasts or is that just an Ali Mc thing?? 

As long as I’ve had boobs they’ve been small and even when they ballooned with Logan it was new to me and they were painful and I guess I just didn’t take the time to appreciate them (truth be told I was convinced they’d stay….but alas) now I’m just really trying to enjoy them for as long as I can :)

Has ANYONE ever tried to START running in the winter??? 

I really feel like getting out there may be a tad difficult 😉 

12 thoughts on “Why hello there DM & other things in my life….

  1. Ooooooo I LOVE his diaper! How did you decide to go cloth? Gimme some websites. 😉

    and I agree with you… shoveling IS a workout! You look great, but I know the feeling of flab vs muscle. You’ll get back there! Dont’ you worry.


    • Jamie….I was reading about the waste and the the cost of disposables and decided to start my research. It’s overwhelming at first and SO many people say different things. This video —-> Cloth Diapering 101 was a Godsend! Although ignore the laundry advice. the only things you have to avoid are brightners and softners. I use good old tide 😉

      Oh I use pockets and AIO’s mostly b/c I’m lazy and like convenience but I love prefolds too!

  2. It’s definitely a workout carrying Hudson and shoveling. Go girl!!!

    You look amazing!!! Just think – starting running in the winter will be hard. Yes. But when spring comes around, you’ll feel so much freer/faster! 😉

    And I still struggle with two kids. A lot. Um all of the time. Ugh!

    • You’re so right Jen….if I wait till spring I’ll only be able to run 1 mile and won’t get to enjoy longer runs in my FAVOURTIE running season :) smart girl!

      and thank you so much. Two kids is not that hard persay, it’s more time consuming I guess. I mean once I’m done with one, it’s onto the next….where’s my ME time 😉 lol

  3. I started to run again for the first time in years in December when the twins were 6 months old. HARD.. But I was much much more outta shape than you!

    I LOVED cloth diapering, we did it for the first year and it was fantastic. I think it’s part of the reason the twins were potty trained at a little over 2 years.

    • Nadine! How are you?! :) and you are so hardcore!!! I’m sure you were in fine shape….I literally did nothing my entire pregnancy 😉 lol

      and I can’t believe you cloth diapered the twins! That’s some dedication! They do say that CD kids potty train earlier :) here’s hoping b/c Logan took till almost 3 before he was fully done.

    • Thanks Char :) you’re too kind. and Yes, Hudson is growing so fast…..it’s good but makes me miss those little days already. time flies!!! He’s already 11 lbs :)

  4. I don’t know how people do it with two kids. As you know, my kids are the same split as yours but I was lucky in that Alasdair started school three weeks after Fergus was born.

    I haven’t bought a thing, but am going to the States on Tuesday with my mum. Mainly for Xmas shopping and cheap party food for next Sat.

    CD kids don’t always train faster. Both Alasdair and Ferg were about 3 when they trained.

    I loved my rack when I was nursing. LOVED. Now… meh…

    Start running now. Give yourself time and allow yourself to be a beginner again. I started my half training in Jan when I was four months postpartum with Ferg and it was fine. You just have to dress properly.

    I have some other cloth swim diapers for you too. AT least one cute fish one.

  5. Holy crap. I knew I’d been away from the blogosphere for a while, but I did NOT realize that it had been long enough for Ali Mc to reproduce! Congratulations, sweetheart! He’s stinking adorable! And your rack looks fabulous!!! haha

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