A very merry weekend.

We had a Christmas theme weekend. It was nice that the weather was nice and there was still some snow left on the ground.

First stop was the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train!


It came to Hamilton, one of the 3 Canadian stops on it’s path. Logan was so excited to see the train pull up with the whistle and all the lights. It was definitely a spectacle!


I had Huds in the stroller but decided to skip that plan and race back to the van to switch him into the carrier. <— GENIUS move! While everyone else had to navigate their way through over 50,000 people with their strollers I comfortably strode on through with Hudson in tow.


Logan enjoyed himself and that was the main goal. It felt good to get out as a family :) Definitely added to the Christmas spirit and we will definitely do this again next year!

Then Sunday it was time to head to btwon for the annual Santa Claus Parade!



I don’t know why I always forgot to prepare for these things and bring a chair! Seriously the parade was almost 2 hours long.

Logan was having a blast outside while Husdon just slept in the stroller.

20131201_153420 20131201_153339

The parade was a bit longer than I’d have liked but Logan got to see Santa, whom we missed the night before.


We also saw this float…..


* Of course I had to take a pic in the name of the blog! SPINNING on a float! I love it :) *

We had planned to go home and get our tree up but we were all too tired and plan on doing all that Christmas good stuff tonight!!!!


In other very MERRY news…..

Rex and I went for a run (run/walk) yesterday!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


I can’t express how nice it felt to get out there again. I won’t lie I was hurting, more so literally hurting – all my joints felt like they’d never met pavement before but I managed 1.75 miles alternating walking and running.

Picture 3

Avg pace overall was 13mins: my walking averaged around 16 mins and the running around 11 mins.

By the end Rex and I were just glad to be home!

20131202_172056* What? you don’t make out with your dog when you come home from a great run? …* 

I’m really excited about starting up slow because I’ll actually be able to do ALL of my runs with Rex now that his fitness level surpasses my own 😉

I plan on alternating Run/Walk days with workout DVD days and Fridays it’s yoga with Logan!!!


I’m feeling very optimistic :) ….except for that “cleaning” on today’s calendar objectives is still not accomplished. oops! Sorry Colin 😉

….OH! and I’d better toss in a pic of this cutie because this post is severely lacking some Huds…



Did you have a good weekend ??? (If you’re American – how was your Thanksgiving???)

Do you remember your first run?? tell me about it….

One of the first runs I remember was on my treadmill. I ran and walked (14’s and 2’s) and did 5k. It was the first time I had even tried to tackle some sort of distance as opposed to just walking and running with Rex. I remember feeling very proud of myself and thinking – WOW I may actually be able to run this distance continuously…..

Are you already all decorated for Christmas (or other festive holiday??) or do you wait until closer to the big day???

We will be decorating tonight and tomorrow. Nights are kinda crazy here b/c we still haven’t mastered that part of our routine and Hudson seems very keen on staying up…..forever 😛

7 thoughts on “A very merry weekend.

  1. Hudson is SO cute! He looks like Logan in that picture, I think. We just started decorating for Christmas. Got our lights up over the weekend and are going to get our tree tonight.
    I haven’t run in two weeks (for no real reason other than being lazy) and I have my CIM relay this weekend and my leg is 5.9 miles, should be interesting. Then again everyone else on the team hasn’t really been running and our team name is “Last Place” so there isn’t much pressure. :) Glad you got back out there!

    • hahaha Patty! Sounds like my kind of team 😉 haha. I remember being sooooo untrained for ATB 15k relay and I made out ok. I think you and your “last place” team will do fine :)

      Hudson really does look like Logan….sometimes we call him Logan by accident. oops!

  2. Christmas is so much fun with little kids around. Making it magical for them brings the magic back for us jaded adults.

    That last photo of Hudson – just the spitting image of his brother. There’s some strong genes in your family.

  3. I love all of your holiday adventures! We haven’t decorated yet, but we probably will this week since we have people coming the next three weekends.

    I love that you and Rex are running together! And I love that photo of you two after your run! :)

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