Glove escapades and Logan’s growing up

Yesterday I had to take Hudson to the Dr’s for his first set of shots. The dude took it like a champ! he didn’t even cry for the first one :)


Sorry I forgot to take a pic at the dr’s ….so here’s Huds modeling his summer hat

Somewhere along my travels I lost my brand new The North Face E-tip gloves :'( I actually felt sick about it. $50 is a lot of money to me and I’m not really keen on spending it on ANOTHER pair due to my stupidity. FML.

I even tweeted out hoping the north face’ s social media guru would send me a pair in pity….no such luck. At least Theresa felt my pain.

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 5.24.52 PM

I wish I could tell you I didn’t spend the entire night crying, but I can’t lie so we’ll just skip that part. I even emailed my Dr frantically about it

FYI if you’re a doctor probably best not to give your patients your email 😉 next time I won’t even make an appt, just email my symptoms :)

So Colin, being the best husband ever, went back there early this morning and made me 50% happier :)



Then returned there on his lunch break, using my whiteboard illustration to look for the other glove…


….only to make me 10,000 x happier!


While I definitely owe Colin one I think he owes me for 2 kids and a successful trip to the grocery store. It is a very interesting task to say the least!!!


I’m still seriously beaming. Over gloves 😀


Yes, I do realize my boob is hanging out but I just don’t care anymore.

Logan will be 4 tomorrow….OMG! where has the time gone? how do I have a 4 year old already?!


At least Hudson has someone to look up to. Logan loves teaching.

We have all signed up for swimming. I know I tried that out last year but my body needs something low impact. Logan is in lessons alone and huds goes with me :)



Hudson loves it incase you can’t tell from the above photo.

Tonight will be spent tackling a despicable me minion cake for the big L. I also pumped a bunch of milk for Huds because usually cake making involves wine…..lots of wine.

Wish me luck and have a GREAT weekend :) I miss you runner rascals

are you prone to losing things? ever lost anything you really loved?

January babies where are you?

Swimming yay or nay?

18 thoughts on “Glove escapades and Logan’s growing up

  1. Hudson is look great. Again congrats to you and the family! And btw Colin is a keeper there Ali. All that work for your gloves, that is something special I tells ya!

    • Awesome thanks Ed :) I curse Colin most days 😉 but today he reminded me why I fell in love with him. He’s always doing whatever he can to make me happy :)

  2. True love isn’t a bunch of roses on Valentines Day. True love is going out in the cold to search for your wife’s gloves. That’s the most romantic thing I’ve read about in a long time.

    • I forgot to tell you that I loved this comment. Colin’s mom was so impressed with him too 😉 ….though she bought me the gloves so I think I’m in the bad books 😛

  3. Swimming is always a yay! Unless you’re just getting out of the pool. Glad he found your gloves. It’s what us husbands do. In the great calculation, it was probably easier to do that, than to put up with you going on about it. This is a perfect example where the solution oriented guy makes his wife happy. Bonus points all round.

  4. You know, I grew up swimming since age 4… lessons, etc. I LOVED it. Now, I haven’t been in the water in probably over a year (lap swimming wise). I probably should since i’m preggo and its low impact…. meh I do this its a great idea. !!!

  5. Hooray for finding the gloves! Your husband is awesome! I had a pair of gloves that I wore during a half marathon once and I lost one glove 3 times during the race. I always ended up finding it though. Not sure if they are my lucky gloves or my unlucky gloves;)

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