Hey! I’m back

Happy new year!


Colin and I are loser parents so we didn’t do anything for new years. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Colin went to bed before midnight. We sure know how to party.


You guys have missed some pretty interesting things since I haven’t been blogging so I feel it only necessary to do a classic rws photo scroll highlighting all important parts….

1. I turned 31.


2. Everyone got sick (except me) I finally have mom power!


3. There was a massive ice storm….and we lost some tree branches :(

image image

4. I stopped working out because Christmas was too intense…but then got back at it starting in the new year 😉


me after last night Tai Chi class – I am IN LOVE with it :D

5. We lost power during the ice storm. Hudson never realized what happened and thought it must be bed time. We even ended up staying at my moms and all the local Rec Centres were open for refugees. It was that serious.


6. We hosted Christmas. Logan made the cookies for Santa…..and lost his mind when Santa came to our house!!!



7. I finally have gloves I can run and blog with.

Photo on 2014-01-08 at 12.58

8. Logan got a new bed. It’s from IKEA and flips over to make a bunk when he’s a bit older :)


9. As mentioned, we did nothing for new years. But I read the entire divergent trilogy. The first book is awesome, second is ok. Third was a waste of my time.


10. Hudson got a pacifier that makes him look like Mario. “It’s a me, Mario” :)


11. I ate more sugar than Willy wonka. There are seriously empty chocolate wrappers all over the house. oops, guess I’m also admitting I’m a slob.


12. My Sister got a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eska. She’s a husky and she is the cutest. Rex loves her 😀


13. CANADA IS FREEZING. Our water pipes froze and burst so we had been living without water for just short of 5 days.

Water damage

The aftermath sucks. I won’t lie. Especially since we were just beginning to really utilize the basement and play a lot more down there. Now I’m drying out a wall. But some good things came of it….first we learned how to better conserve water and used snow to wash our dishes 😉


ya, those pots all have melting snow in them and I washed everything with snow. WINNING

Second we taught Logan some science once we got it back on 😀

That pretty much brings ups to the present time where I can finally do laundry, brush my teeth properly or have a shower. So I’ve been really making up for lost time 😉

How have your been?

Anyone else affected by the extreme cold temps this winter and/or the ice storm 2013??

20 thoughts on “Hey! I’m back

  1. That ice storm looks really cool! Sorry your pipes burst and you were having all these problems but it looks pretty. :)
    We have been having record heat here in CA, I think it is supposed to be 65 here today. It sounds great except we haven’t had rain in a REALLY long time and there are all these concerns we are entering an extreme drought. Hopefully it rains soon!
    Everyone looks great! Hope you can blog more soon! (sorry for all the exclamation points.)

    • It was definitely cool. I’ll have to post some of the good pics from my dslr. That’s crazy that you’re having a drought. It sucks needing water and not getting it 😉 I know lol

      Glad everything else is fine otherwise. Xoxox

  2. Oh my!!! I knew most of this but you are too funny and too cute. I cannot believe the burst pipes and no water for 5 days!!!! Crazy. And I’m impressed with using snow to wash dishes. You are awesome! :)

    It’s been cold here too. We’ve used most of our oil that was supposed to get it to March. Damn! Three wicked cold spells here and I’m sure we have more on the way. & I’ve quit running outside until March….maybe April. The freaking wind-chilll is killing me. During the day it’s still -10!

  3. Holy cow, I can’t believe how cold it has been for you guys! And don’t worry, I fell asleep at midnight, lame parents here too! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Glad you are back! And you should come to Florida. It was 80 last weekend, 50 yesterday, and we will be back in the 80’s by this coming weekend.

  5. Your weather’s ridiculous! I can’t imagine just how awful it would have been to be without water for 5 days – especially with a young baby. And while you’ve been freezing, we’ve been sweltering. 44C on Saturday. I felt like someone had put me in an oven.

  6. We have been frozen for a few days, and talk about snow! Also how long have you had that particular dish drainer, that is the one my Mom has and only likes. She has had it for over 10 years and I am afraid she will need another one soon..I can’t find it anywhere.

    • Colin seems to think we got it at Canadian tire. I have no clue what an American equivalent store would be. We’ve had it for long time. It was Colin’s prior to us getting together in 2008

    • They are still good to read. The second one is good too, just the first was amazing. The third the author changes her writing style and the plot takes some annoying turns imo. She’s a new, going author so some of the character development wasn’t there. But it was still a good read. Ps. DO NOT SEARCH anything about the book. Spoilers will show up.

  7. Good to hear from you Ali! May I say your new and improved larger family are all so cute :) Yourself included!

    We havent had coldness but So. Much. Rain. Its been chucking it down for about a month straight!

  8. Welcome back! :) Wow… that’s crappy to have lost water & power!!! Glad to see you found alternative ways to do things!! :)
    I don’t think I’ve been around in blogworld since you’ve had your little one!! Congrats!! He’s adorable! :)

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