Long time, no chat….

Hey guys!

It’s a new year. This time of year always make me think blogging is something I truly love to do…..


….that could be largely based on the fact that it’s the same time of year my subscription to BlueHost renews 😉

It was 2012 when I first ventured out from Blogger to a self hosted blog….


I can’t believe how young Logan is there…..how young I am.

This is Logan today…..along with new brother Hudson. Kids grow fast. FACT.


Even I look different….



……but still eerily expressive 😉

Anyway…..I can’t tell you what my blogging goals are, if any, but I can tell you I really needed to post this tonight. For one main reason…..


goal body

(help me look like this again)

I want to run again!

I want to be fit again!

and EAR MUFFS are the highlight of my life now!

….so I need help :)

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spam me with your blog posts on how to get motivated! I’ve missed you ladies and this lovely community.

Happy 2015!! Let’s start this one together <3



how was your new years??

mine was ok. I’ve never really be a fan of new years celebrating but I am DEFINITELY a fan of the prospect of actively attempting…and hopefully succeeding, to change yourself for the better. 

how does one get back on the fitness train?? ….and STAY there. 

when did you start your blog? has a lot changed since you started??

I’ve been blogging on RwS since August 2011. I had written a few other blogs earlier in my life but this one definitely helped me more than anything else in my life. A lot has changed….I don’t write anymore :(

33 thoughts on “Long time, no chat….

  1. Seeing this post tonight was a pleasant surprise! I hope it will be a regular thing again. I need motivation too. There were too many brownies during the holiday season, if you know what I mean! 😉

    • Thanks so much Sabrina. That is so nice :) I hope we can find the motivation we need this year and get fit together 😀

      ……there are still sooooo many sweet, amazing, sugary good things here too. lol

  2. yay!! You’re back!! Keeping up with the blog game is definitely hard – almost as hard as the keeping up with the fit train! I want to get motivated with you :)

    • woooohoooo TriGirl!!!! I LOVE seeing you’re still around and smoking it on the running front! a sub 2 half!!! WOOOHOOOO girl! …..maybe I should just draw blog posts instead this year 😉

  3. Let’s Go, AliMc. You can do it! Just schedule it like anything else in your day and don’t break the schedule! I’m right here as well. My goal is to blog more in 2015 too.

    • Thanks MacNic…..you know I love you girl <3 I REALLY want to be able to gain some mad strength so I can run strong again and you can maybe pace me through a marathon one day 😉

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to see this post on my feed! Welcome back Hot Mamma 😉

    Motivation is a little tricky. You don’t want to go out with superhuman effort and burn out in a couple of weeks. You have a lot on your plate with 2 kids, husband, garden and JOB, so be reasonable with yourself. Perhaps set a goal of doing 3-5 workouts a week for the first month to get back in the routine.

    • Hahaha! Colin is rolling his eyes on that comment 😉 😛 haha!

      and you’re completely right! Colin and I have just started walk/running 3 days a week (the days we’re both home by 3:30 and don’t have to grab the kids till 4 😉 _

      I am really having a hard time with scheduling time in….

  5. Welcome back. I can’t tell you how freaky it was to see your email notification. I’d just been thinking of you the day before and wondering what you’re up to these days. Looking forward to hearing about your return to running and fitness and seeing those cute little boys of yours.

    • how freaky was it 😉 ….I really missed you…all of you! I’ve been wondering about Iven and your boys…I can’t promise I’ll blog too much at first but I definitely want to get in this community again 😀

  6. Happy New Year! I too have missed your blogging. I don’t have any special insight on blogging as I do not blog. I don’t really “celebrate” NYE, though we treated ourselves to a movie on NYD – the final installment of The Hobbit! Awesome. Fitness-wise, I’ve been in a funk this year and resolve to not get back on track, but to focus on new goals or perhaps more specific ones. I find very little success in trying to get back to where/when I felt awesome. There are clearly different levels of awesome within our lives, we just have to be open to them. Hope to see more of your blogs! HH


      ….my pride is my biggest demon and I think that’s helpful to remind ourselves that comparing to where we once were isn’t moving forward. Setting up some new goals seems like a GREAT idea! Thank you :)

    • OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      CONGRATS!!!!!!! I wish you could see my face!!! it’s bigger than this —-> 😀 I am virtual hugging you….did you post about it??? I need pics lady. I’m having issues with my email right now but I should be in soon. So send one my way STAT!!!


  7. Missed your blogging! I’ve been in the same boat…. My motivation is that I signed up for another marathon (and plan to sign up for a second one in the fall) – so now I need to actually train! I’m hoping to avoid putting myself in a world of hurt on June 20th.
    I didn’t write one single blog post in 2014. I’m hoping that using my blog as a form of public shaming will provide a little motivation as well.
    Glad you are back!!

  8. Whenever I want to get back in gear, I join a challenge or start following a plan on Bodybuilding.com. I’m in WAY better shape primarily weightlifting even compared to when I was training for an Ironman. I think they just started a new challenge there too, so perfect time to join. Alternatively, I’ve found a great community at MyFitnessPal and by taping reminders to my bedroom door. 😉 Good luck!

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