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Hello there!

I’m a fun-loving Canadian girl named Ali. Over the last couple years I’ve made a lot of life-style changes and I wanted to write a blog about me, my family, my new found domestication and my journey through fitness and self-discovery. I am not a professional, I am the furthest thing from it!  I am however a foodie and a fun-loving person, with a normal life, learning how to run and be active while balancing eating amazing foods and being a good mother & wife.

I have an awesome family. Colin; my superman husband.  Who is one of the only people I’ve ever met that can deal with all of my craziness and still love me without trying to change anything about me. Rex; who is our dog. We got him back in 2008 from the SPCA. He is some sort of Doberman and German Shepherd mix….he used to be amazingly agile and slim and then I got pregnant and he, like me, got lazy and gained weight. Finally, there came Logan; our beautiful son who is always inspiring me to change myself for the better and look for and enjoy the little things in life. He is a joy. I love him more than anything else in the world.

Colin and I got married in Hawaii on May 23rd of 2011 (yes Logan was born first…oh well, such is life). We couldn’t be happier. It was the best spent money ever and although we are now in a lot of debt we have wedding photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

I am an ex-party girl that traded in cigarettes, drugs and alcohol (though I still like my red wine) for baking, cooking, and exercise. I started baking because I needed something to distract my mind to avoid falling back into the “sinister trap” (if you are a smoker start reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way to quit smoking). I am so proud of the person I have become now.

Then I began eating the very amazingly awesome treats I was making and thus began gaining weight. So instead of stopping my new found love for food and the indulgences that came with it. I decided to keep stuffing my face and start working out! So I set goals for myself and made it to my target weight by calorie counting, doing full body workouts coupled with cardio and fell in love with being active!

Which led me to becoming a running addict! I couldn’t stop! I started running in June 2011 and I’m getting better with each run! If you’re a runner or an athlete please don’t ever judge the times or distances I post on this blog because I am aware they aren’t special. I just like running. I enjoy feeling like a horse; running just to feel the breeze in my hair. I always think of Phoebe on “Friends” and I’m like that, but not nearly as frantic. I just enjoy it.

So I signed up for my first 5k race and ended up surpassing my goals and finishing in just under 27mins! I now have more running goals lined up for myself which include finishing a full marathon.

In the winter of 2012 I got my first running injury and therefore I was forced to adopt other means of exercise and everything snowballed from there. Now I only run 3 times a week and although I do still plan to tackle a full marathon (Fall 2013), I’m more into strengthening and cleaning up my body.

I fell in love with swimming and yoga and body weight HIIT workouts! and although I love treats and sugar I have recently begun changing my diet and have started eating much cleaner. I feel like Running with Spatulas is more so the journey and I’m enjoying the ride.

Did I mention I love nature?? and outside?? and especially water??

Well I do. I went to school for Fish & Wildlife and Enviro-Science. I love fish!!! they are my favourite. Something about them is just so unique and amazingly cool. I love trees and animals and hopefully you don’t mind reading about the things I find along my journey in the natural world as well as my mundane daily life. (random tales tend to frequent RwS)

I am very spiritual….in the eastern philosophy sort of way. I like the chakras, reiki, dicussing human energy and ancient lore. I like to believe in a spirituality where personal and communal growth is the main priority. I have always enjoyed introspection and philosophical discussions among other like-minded individuals. I am a lover of ALL beliefs and believe that if we have love in our hearts instead of fear it keeps us together and forms a community :) <3

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you don’t well there’s nothing I can really do but say thanks for visiting!! I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing YOUR stories too!!!

NAMASTE – Hope you have a great day and see the good in everything around you.
BYE!!!! xoxox

40 thoughts on “Meet Ali Mc

  1. First, I love your dress in the first picture… and I love your new blog… and I love your whole family!!! Yea for all of this!!! It’s gonna be a good new year! Go Running with Spatulas!!! :)

  2. awee I love your about me! I’m an ex smoker and retiring party girl myself :) I can SO relate. Although now that I’m single again, it’s a bit harder to be moderate with drinking……that’s my struggle. Finding balance. In ALL aspects.
    Your food looks delish! And keep running girl! A RUN IS A RUN

    • There’s nothing wrong with anything in moderation 😉 ….well except smoking which is black and white. All those “social” smokers are just lying to themselves 😀 SO happy you quit too! isn’t it so liberating?!?!

      and Thanks girl! xoxo

  3. Oh goodness I’m so glad you commented on my blog! You and I are so similar, I’m studying marine bio and in love with fish too! Your story is amazing, I can’t wait to read more from ya girl!! :)

  4. Just came across your blog and love it!!! You seem like such a fun girl! I too love to run, yet when you say that people think you must be a multi marathon runner who can run long distances in a short time, but no that is not the case with me. I just like to run! :)
    Your little boy is adorable!! Great blog, I look forward to reading more from you!!! :)

  5. Hey pretty lady! I stumbled across your blog via The Athletarian, and I just wanted to say how adorable you and your fam are. I read this whole section from start to finish–can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

    • Oh thanks so much Ali :) Colin always tells me it’s too long. However, I figure if people want to read it it’s there…if not they can skim or click off :) hahaha Once I found out you were the science nerd I instantly knew we’d get along 😉 xo

      too bad we don’t live close, we could be “the Ali’s”

  6. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my bloggy!! I’m embarrassed to say I’m a little stalkerish on your blog already! Love all the energy you have and can’t wait to here more! (PS, checking out that Allen Carr’s thang…maybe that’ll help this time!)

    • Oh that;s so great. I don’t know where you live but here in Ontario we have a “driven to quit” challenge every March 1st where you sign up quit smoking for the month of march and get entered to win a car! that’s how I quit…..but I sadly didn’t win :( So happy you are going to check out the book too!

  7. I just happened upon your blog and loved it! Haha, you should definitely come to Hawaii and see the beautiful ocean and fish here! I look forward to reading your posts :)

  8. Hey I’m also a Canadian girl (Burlington….right down the street from you ;oP ) who started running in June 2011! My husband & I got married after our boys were born too. LOL Good luck with the running! Maybe I’ll see you at a race someday soon! :o)

    • Hey Sam :) I saw you added me to DM – which I love! b/c I love my running friends. We’re so close to each other!!!!! My mom lives in b-town and that’s where I was born and raised. and that is sooooo awesome that we both started running at the same time. You’re probably way faster than I am though 😉 and I am running ATB in Hamilton on the 25th.

      • Awesome! Good luck at the Around the Bay! I couldn’t find anyone willing to do the relay with me (I have only a couple of R/L running friends), they either dropped running for the winter or they’re already doing the 30K, and I’m nowhere near ready to do 30K so I’ll just cheer everyone else on from the sidelines. :) I’m doing the Toronto Yonge St 10K next month and then the Mississauga Half Marathon and the Toronto Women’s Half in May. I’ve never done a half before, I’m excited. And nervous! I hope that things work out with your OA and that you can at least get the pain under control soon. :) My dad has RA, kinda the same but different. Take care. <3

  9. Did you run the Around the Bay on Sunday? I was at the 15 km exchange and saw a woman run by with spatulas in her hands…and had no idea what that was all about! And then randomly someone liked my last post, I checked out their page, and found you! It all makes sense now!

    • I did – I ran the last 10.5km of it … would’ve seen my teammate Lyndsey at the 15km mark and YAY I am glad you ran it, and found me – can’t wait to go read your recap!

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