An honest reflection….

I am about to get really honest with you guys…..

…yes, more honest than you’ve ever read before!

I’m falling out of shape

2013-01-22 08.50.42


I know! this is the fitness and health community. Wasn’t I on the perfect path to a six pack and all the joys that came from having a healthy and good looking body?

Well it’s been far too long since that was true and I just can’t fake it anymore!

All these goals, self promises and individual challenges were driving me crazy inside – mainly because I used to be such a positive pulse of fitness love for one and all to see, only to crawl into my dark cave and start eating mass amounts of cake and sleep through workouts, all while trying to maintain a blog that was quite literally running out of material that was on topic.

Well no more!

Yesterday I looked at myself in front of the mirror and I found myself gasping. Not because I now have a low self-esteem and hate the way I look, not because my stomach that was once showing it indeed did have abs was now jiggling before my very eyes, but because I couldn’t believe how far I’d let all my hard work slip.

2013-01-22 08.49.18

and for what!?!

to be sad and lonely while this side of the world became dormant in the cold? because I missed my dad? because I have been trying to go with the flow? take some breaks?

No, because I was lazy and depressed.

Not only did I know that was happening to me, but I allowed it. I just couldn’t understand how I had changed so much and still didn’t like myself inside.

No more!

When I stood there staring at the skinny girl that had lost all her ZWOW power and had instead gained blubbery proof of the cake and chips she had been consuming I couldn’t help but recall how hard I had had to push myself to gain upper body strength. How hard it was to remain consistent, day after day, after day during the summer. How hard I had challenged myself to be creative with new healthier food and different exercises that would help me as a runner, not hinder me.

Only to end up having someone that I didn’t want to admit to seeing looking back at me in the mirror.

2013-01-22 08.51.46


I will not discount that everyone needs a break but I will not sit here and allow myself to waste everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Summer is only 5 months away and I WILL make sure I’m at the same place I left off at.


how does this happen?? what do you do to avoid the fall back??

I’m a goal oriented person but I also get bored with the same old things – what other exercises motivate you??

tell me your favourite thing about being an athlete :) 

have you ever fallen off the wagon? how do you stop yourself but also allow yourself and your body to take the time off you need??