Colour Me Rad 5k Recap!

Hi there!

Remember me? ….I won’t be offended if you don’t. However, I like to think I’m pretty unforgettable ;)

5k finished

my armpit looks like it’s bruised …I swear I wasn’t trying to pit bump anyone ;)

Anyway, it’s been a while. I haven’t run a true run since last year’s ATB (when I was 14 weeks pregnant). Now Hudson is 7 months old!!!! my how time flies….

Hudson in Hat

…..He’s pretty cute isn’t he? but obviously I’m bias.

So back in January the cutest Laura from My Pink Thumb, also a new mom who had fallen off the running train, asked me if I’d like to run Colour Me Rad with her as a come back to the running world. I thought that since it was soooo far away I’d have NO problem training for it.


I forgot about it…..

then remembered and formed a plan.….

8 weeks to 5k

then didn’t do the plan…..

went to physio…..and got told I could bike. But then my hip started feeling better.

and finally, a week prior to the race decided I’d start taking my fitness seriously, instead of just physio exercises and get training.

Last weeks workouts

Laura’s hubs picked up my race kit and the night before the race I was all ready to go and stoked, yet a little scared, to run again.

In the morning I woke up ready to go!!

Unfortunately Laura was soooo sick :( ….and she had my race bib.

But did that stop me??


…I made my own ;) …with Colin’s help of course :D

racebib me

Got in my car and drove to Toronto to get my rad on!!!

I arrived there, scored an awesome FREE parking spot and walked towards the start line.



As I got there I heard them say they were closing off the first wave and my phone said “10:15am” oh no!



I was alone so I basically had no reason to prolong my stay….so I squeeze through a baracade and passed the starting line along with everyone else ;)

then we were off…..or were we? It was a super congested race. everyone was walking so I tried my best to just maintain a solid steady pace and passed a bunch of people.


There were lots of hills, which I wasn’t prepared for but I focused my energy into my arms pumping, rather than my legs moving and that seemed to work :)

At every km they had these volunteers basically tossing coloured powder at you. km 1 I got hit with some yellow, 2 – purple, 3, orange, 4, blue spray!! and then a lilac colour at the end….I won’t lie, it was brutal! I think because I was alone and so focused on running that I actually got hit MORE!!!! ….people just like to go after the person who’s not into it :P


I am happy to report that I only stopped once, to stretch my calves out a bit around the 3km marker, b/c the lactic acid buildup was just too much. but because everyone kept running then walking I caught back up…..I remember this woman with the pink in her hair ;)


The sun glare was bad so half my pics were unusable. for that I apologize, but I’m rusty! Bare with me ;)


So I ended up finishing the race at 30:00 – exactly on the dot. I was pretty stoked!!!

colour me rad 5k done!

I posted it on my instagram only to have another runner tell me the course was short – basically ruining the runner’s high I had, right then an there.

NOTE – sentences that start with “hate to break it to you….” should be kept to yourself. Who cares if the course was short and you know that. Don’t go bursting someone else’s bubble. I mean aren’t the words themselves enough of a warning to you?? if you hate to break it to me, than why are you?? ….just some food for thought.

If you recall this happened to me once before…..and that was when it was a PR in question. I don’t care what your garmin says, I don’t care what map my run says – if it’s a specific distance course – I’m logging it as such!!! :)

So my first 5k back after baby was in 30mins – says me :D …if the course was really a km or less short I suppose it would’ve been a 35/37min 5k, which I’m still happy with. Not as good as my past but I’ll take it :)

Plus they had free greek yogurt and coffee :) I was set!!! well worth it ;)


At the end of the race they gave you your own colour bombs and since I was alone I opened mine and tossed it all over people like an ass ;) they loved it :P Then I saw these girls attacking a guy so I gave him the rest of mine :D problem solved!

20140531_105952 So this race proved a few things to me; 1. I can run for 5km’s and 2. my hip is getting strong enough that I can do more running :) YAY!!!!!!!! Now on with the summer! I am ready to run!!! b/c overall I think this sign sums up how I feel :)



What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without running??

I think I’m at 15 months……so that’s probably the longest ever!!! I’m WAY outta shape :P

Have you ever had your time ruined by someone?

Yep! sure have, twice now. Both times it was directly after I was SOOOOOOO elated and beaming with happiness. I really can NOT get behind it. I don’t care if you ran 1 mile and I knew it was 200 meters, if you were happy I’d cheer you on :) 

What is your 5k PR??

Mine is 25:42 – the race Rex & I crushed together!!! 

Ever do a colour run?? if so, what did you think? if not, would you??

I think these are fun! I may sign up for Hamilton’s in July but go WITH people b/c it just wasn’t the same alone ;)