Logan, Easter Crafts & Colin gets worried….

Logan has been so helpful lately his letter obsession, though I haven’t spoke of it in a while, has reached new heights: spelling. He can spell words anywhere between age 5-10 <— I know. It’s scary, there’s no spelling out secret codes in our house. One of the things he loves is to help with lists……

grocery store pass out

He helped me spell everything we needed and then passed out at the grocery store :)

Logan and I tackled mad Easter crafts earlier in the week. When I went to the dollarstore with him to grab some supply refills for our art/craft box he really wanted to buy an Easter Basket. I thought about it, hey the price is right HOWEVER, there’s this issue I have with two things a) storing something that’s only used for a short period of time and b) being wasteful. So we left without one BUT…..

….made our own :)

Easter Baskets

They may not be your cup of tea but they’ll be perfect for collecting eggs and they were fun to make and FREE :)

We used berry baskets and I found some old peach basket handles (I do keep things I can reuse, these were in the gardening box) and we wrapped pipe cleaner around them. We weaved paper through the baskets and tied bows. Logan LOVED his :)

Lo's basket

Anyway, Logan also made some simple construction paper crafts, where I cut out a bunny and chick shape and he glued on their faces and such :) Yes, according to him bunnies tails are on the same side as their face…..just go with it.

Logan Easter

Next week we’re dying eggs and making bunny and chick eggs :) YAY! I’m excited!!!!


Anyway in other news Colin is super worried about ATB. Rightfully so, the guy barely trained and I think I’m to blame for that. Well he is, but I signed him up and didn’t set a very good or inspirational training example ;) oops!

Colin after his run

He’s come a long way since his first run back …….look at his outfit!

He had a really crappy run last night that left his right knee in the same state as mine! Dang those IT bands….they’ll get you.

Picture 1

I still think he’ll pull this off and that the racing high will carry him through. ATB is a tough course but he’s run the hardest part of it 3 times in his long runs and I think he’ll do fine. He’s aiming for a 10min/mile pace but I told him if he felt like he wanted to go slower or needed to walk and run, there was no shame. I wish him the best of luck :)

FINALLY……I honestly believe that if you take GOALS out of the equation that most races can be finished. Just remember to listen to your body and have fun! That’s what I’ll be doing :)


who’s going to the ATB expo tomorrow?!?!?!? 

I am, I am!!!! Maybe you’ll see me :) Say hi if you even think it could be me. I hate hearing that you saw me, later on….lol 

I know in running consistency is key, but don’t you think Colin will be able to finish this?

I honestly do. He’s one of those annoying “Oh I just started running and hardly run and I am so fast but I’m running “easy”” people….argh. 

IT BAND suffers – what are your race tips for running with crappy knees??? 

I plan to KT tape mine up. Any other tricks or tips you’ve used in the past that have worked???

Easter crafts anyone???

I love crafts :)