I had such a great weekend :)

I think my Uncle Brad’s face pretty much sums up eveyone’s feelings on our Elora Gorge get-together :)


We had a family picnic in honor of my cousin‘s b/f visiting from Holland :) They were just so happy together – I loved seeing them all in love :) and I am sure everyone else agrees, they are well matched :)

Logan kept everyone busy with his letter obsession and we all enjoyed the day :)

I made my grandmother’s famous peach pie for the first time ever! and even tackled my first pastry crust – a whole wheat version. It turned out amazing! The only bad thing about this pie was how good it tastes……

…..it became my breakfast this morning due to it’s irresistibility ;)

After the hangout I met up with Leah (only linking her so she might actually blog) and Dave for a fast, fun trail run :)

We also went on a super fun family bike ride this weekend :) 10k over the trails and Logan passed out in the trailer ;)  We left Rex at home this time to avoid injury.

I think one of my most favourite things in the world is FAMILY!!!! and friends and running are a close second.



1. what are your 3 favourite things???

2. what is your favourite pie??? are you excited for peach season??

The mentioned Peach Pie is my most favourite pie ever and I LOVE peach season more than any other fruit or vegetable season! SO EXCITED for fuzzy yummies :)

3. Are you in love?? 

I sure am! Colin is my bestest friend. Yes, I know “bestest” isn’t a word but I like made up words so roll with it.