Long time, no chat….

Hey guys!

It’s a new year. This time of year always make me think blogging is something I truly love to do…..


….that could be largely based on the fact that it’s the same time of year my subscription to BlueHost renews 😉

It was 2012 when I first ventured out from Blogger to a self hosted blog….


I can’t believe how young Logan is there…..how young I am.

This is Logan today…..along with new brother Hudson. Kids grow fast. FACT.


Even I look different….



……but still eerily expressive 😉

Anyway…..I can’t tell you what my blogging goals are, if any, but I can tell you I really needed to post this tonight. For one main reason…..


goal body

(help me look like this again)

I want to run again!

I want to be fit again!

and EAR MUFFS are the highlight of my life now!

….so I need help :)

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spam me with your blog posts on how to get motivated! I’ve missed you ladies and this lovely community.

Happy 2015!! Let’s start this one together <3



how was your new years??

mine was ok. I’ve never really be a fan of new years celebrating but I am DEFINITELY a fan of the prospect of actively attempting…and hopefully succeeding, to change yourself for the better. 

how does one get back on the fitness train?? ….and STAY there. 

when did you start your blog? has a lot changed since you started??

I’ve been blogging on RwS since August 2011. I had written a few other blogs earlier in my life but this one definitely helped me more than anything else in my life. A lot has changed….I don’t write anymore :(