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I am going to use this page to document my past and present training plans. Feel free to steal them but please remember to cite where you got them from, whether that be me or whomever I’m citing.

Thank you – Ali Mc

Around The Bay 30k training plan: I haven’t been training very well for this race. I hope this plan will get me to the finish line. I am still only running 3 times a week and focusing on core strength in my cross training workouts.


Quick 5k Plan: (I’m using this 4 week plan to take me from a half to a potential 5k PR * this plan is not meant for beginners) 

My Half Marathon Current Training Plan:

I have decided to take charge of my current slow running pace and sign up for my first half marathon. This is the tentative plan I came up with while trying to incorporate strength, cross training and only having 3 runs a week.


  • ZWOWZuzana’s workout of the week. I randomly select one and do it.
  • EZ – easy runs at a slow 11min – 10:30 pace
  • SPEEDWORK – includes a warm up and cool down and 400 meter or 800 meter jogs depending on the workout.
  • TEMPO – Includes warm and cool – pace for mid miles is defined on calendar.
  • X-TRAIN – cross-training: biking, walking, elliptical, swimming – any other form of cardio. Usually doing it for a minimum of 30 mins and a max of 1 hour.
  • LSD – Long Slow Distance Runs. Run at a 11:30 – 11min pace, super slow. Designed to increase stamina.
  • YOGA – I recently fell in love with the benefits of Yoga and I started incorporating into my daily workouts. If it’s on the plan it means I do a longer, more vigorous session.

 * This is my new and improved 8 week plan – I needed to crack down and start heavier training for the last few weeks before my race. The original plan can be found directly below. 


Post Injury – learn to run again plan. 

While I was recovering from an SI upslip – groin/hip muscle injury. I created the below 5 week calendar as a means of getting myself back on track. All of the below runs are meant to be run at a slow, easy pace. You should be able to maintain a conversation while running or you’re going too fast.

*This plan is not meant for beginners – this plan can be modified to your own needs depending on how you see fit. Please visit my Disclaimer page, as I accept no responsibility for you using my running schedules.*


7 thoughts on “My Training

  1. Love your schedule. I’m also doing a half marathon in August (coming up very soon) and want to incorporate speed work as I’ve never really done that before. So I was wondering what it means when you write: 6×6800 4.45? and the others ones also. I really want to try it as I have a tracy across the road from my house!!

    • Hey Penny! I am so excited that you’re doing a half marathon next month :) the speedwork I have listed in that plan is either in 800 meters (half mile) or 1600meters (1 mile)

      so what 6X800’d @ 4:45 means is that I’ll walk or jog before to warm up then run 800 meters in 4mins and 45 secs. Then I’ll walk/jog slow to recover for 400 meters (1/4 mile) and then do another fast 800 meters in 4 mins 45 secs. keep repeating till you’re done then do a slow jog or walk to cool down.

      how I get the time for those runs is that I take my goal mile pace (9:30 for 1600meters – one mile) and divide it by 2 for a 800 meter pace = 4:45. You can also do a set number of 400 meter sprints with recover jogs/walks in between. so my pace for those would be 2:25)

      If you’ve never done any speedwork before sometimes interval training can be easier and beneficial – you can jog then sprint for 20 secs all out then jog for 40 sec, sprint for 20, jog for 40…..ect for a duration of 10mins. It’s a deceiving workout :)

      hope this makes sense!

      • Makes so much sense when you explain it. Thank you as I am definitely going to include the 800m sprint work into my training!!!
        Just to clarify, aren’t most sport tracks 400 meters if you go around it once?

        • Some tracks are 400 meters, some are 200. I’d ask….but if you don’t know take your normal average pace of a run and do one lap….if it’s around half of your 1 mile time it’s 400 meters….anything less it’s probably 200 :)

    • Hey Laura, I’m not registered for one yet – it’s a toss up between scotia in TO or niagara international.

      I just realized that neither of them is 16 weeks out as I plugged in the wrong date…..argh!

  2. Love the training plans. If you don’t mind, I’m going to copy the 30k one and tweek it for my own needs. It’s difficult to find a 30k plan that isn’t based on back-to-back runs. Thanks for posting!

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