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Welcome! I don’t race a lot but I love every second of it. I highly encourage you to sign up for a race at least once in your life, if you haven’t already. Lots of people race much more than I do but I like to pick specific “special” races and use them as motivation for my training. These are some of my upcoming ones, past race recaps and some future race goals.

Up coming races: 
  • I am currently pregnant and running hasn’t been agreeing with me – more races to follow after baby comes October 12th 2013. 
  • RBC Run for the Kids – September 2013 (yep I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant)
  • Around the Bay 30k – March 24th 2014
  • Niagara Falls International Marathon – October 24th 2014
Completed races:
My Running Goals:
  • to run a sub 30 min 5k – complete!
  • to run a sub 25 min 5k
  • run a sub 60min 10k complete! (59:29)
  • run a sub 50 min 10k
  • complete a half marathon complete!
  • to run a sub 2hr half marathon
  • complete a full marathon
  • to win 1st place!
Current PR’s:
  • 5k – 25:42
  • 10k – 59:29 (unofficial – 58:23)
  • 15k (unofficial – 1:28:08)
  • Half Marathon – 2:04:07


12 thoughts on “Races & Goals

  1. Wow…is it ok if I borrow your running goals for 2012 (well all of them except running with your sister – that might be a little awkward)…

    • hahaha Bonar, those aren’t necessarily my goals for 2012 – just running in general. I’m sure you could run with Nic, she wouldn’t mind 😉 haha

      I’m going to have to enter some local small races to get a 1st place medal, but it seems obtainable 😀

        • Colin just got it for me for my birthday and I LOVE IT :) – compared to mapping out my runs via google earth and then using the stop watch on my ipod, it’s amazing! I just grab my shoes and go. I don’t think it’s 100% accurate but it does the job. Oh and if you run why aren’t we running together?? we should do a local race in b-town this summer!

          • My running scheg is all over the place…it would be difficult to run together…doing some local races in B-Town…yes! Also you can find me on Nike+ as “king B1” – we could virtually run together there – I do that with a few friends…

    • Sorry Rachel I’m for some reason just seeing this now….but YES! I just completed my first half!!! I’m beyond thrilled, is has been my favourite distance to both race and train for thus far :)

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