10k Resolution Race Recap – Brantford Road Race Series

HUGE Shout out to Scott Robb – who ran this entire race with me even though we didn’t know each other prior to the race we finished strong and with a big hug! Thank you :)


So when Bill from LikeRunning asked me if I’d like to race in the new years run to kick off the Brantford Series Races this year I happily agreed.


There was a few reasons why this race appealed to me:

  • Free (for me – thanks Bill)
  • Great way to kick off new year!
  • I’d get to meet other local runners

but the main reason I wanted to do this was because the only other 10k race I’ve run was ATB Relay and I was injured. I hated that 1:07 staring me in the face! I wanted sub 60min and I got it! ….if only by a few seconds.


Race day was cold (-6, -10 with wind) and Lyndsey (check out her recap) and I decided to layer up! Is it just me or does everyone look about 10lbs heavier when they’re running in winter? ;)

Pre Race Ali & Lyndz

* I miss my long hair :( 

The race started (and ended) at the Brantford Armory and was extremely well organized. I was actually SO impressed with how the entire experience went through out the race process. The numbers of the race were small enough that picking up your race packet on raceday was the only option. YAY! one thing I really hate about most races is having to get mine in advance. I’m a slacker and procrastinator by nature :)

Brantford Armory Race Pickup

The only surprise came at the beginning of the race when there was no starting line chip time. Only the gun. I sure am glad I waited with Lyndsey on the sidelines before starting to run <—- not! lol I used my stopwatch time as my “chip time” finishing in 59:29.

At least we had our starting faces on!!!!!

starting line

I spent my time trying to talk to the elite’s….but they weren’t really interested ;) but they told me they planned to finish around 35 mins!!!! and one guy did :)

chatting with the elites

The race started and I took my time starting. I assumed it was chipped at the start too so I waited oops! then we went off and I told Lyndsey I was going to run ahead.

Anyway the race was hard. Not physically per say but mentally challenging, at least for me. I felt like I wanted to stop running the ENTIRE race.

I spoke to a lady before that had told me her husband would most likely finish sub 1hr and so when I noticed I had fallen into pace with this guy in a blue jacket, as she had described I shouted out “10k?” as the 5 and 10k had a mass start. He said yes.


We ran on and I stuck with him. He was at my perfect pace: the pace where I felt uncomfortable but not so much that I couldn’t tell my mind to shut up and keep beside him. Somehow I knew that if I left him I wouldn’t reach my goal. 

starting out

* I’m pretty sure we could’ve been mistaken for a daughter/father duo! we were in EVERY photo together ;) lol 

I ran this race completely “naked I didn’t look at time once. There weren’t any mile/km markers so I just had to guess where we were at. So when the first water station came I knew we were only at 2.5k !! argh. I already wanted to stop.

running on

When we finally reached the 5k marker I briefly contemplated finishing the 5k ;) haha! but I ran on. We, the 10k runners, immediately had a nice little downhill and I shouted out YES! I’m banking some time ;)

yay hills

It was at this point I finally spoke to the man I’d been running beside this whole time. I told him, “Hey I’m sorry for running right beside you but I am loving your pace and you’re getting me through thisHe didn’t seem to mind.

I asked him about his wife, he said that it was indeed the woman I had spoken to. We talked about ATB, half marathons, he asked me if I had ever run 10k before ;) …I can only imagine this was due to my innate ability to complain throughout an entire race :P lol

We started gaining on a pack of runners and we eventually passed this one guy (I had seen him in the beginning and told him “I’d see you later“) naturally I had to tell him “here I am” like the chicker girl I am ;)

We came to a slick, snowy area and the Altras proved to be a little bit scary on ice ;) lol but I still made it through. It should be noted that I have severe heel striking issues and I need to work on that if I’m going to be running in zerodrop shoes ;)

On the final 2.5km stretch the race course went up a gradual steeper slope and I was able to pass another female runner. She made the biggest running mistake ever – stopping ON a hill. You’ve gotta keep running – right through it. Tell yourself you can stop 500 meters after it and then don’t and keep running.

after the hill

* at the top of the hill. I carried water so I got a solo shot while my race partner went to grab some. more heel striking! argh

There was a water stop which told me we still had 2ish to go. We raced on. We started gaining on the next male/female in line but come the final stretch they took off (you know, people who race properly) lol We just kept a steady pace.


* argh heel striking!!!

When I could finally see the finish I started sprinting but noticed my running partner didn’t, so I slowed up a bit and said “Let’s finish this together” then we raced on. I saw the clock at 59:5X counting down and said “Sorry! I’ve gotta get sub 60” and smoked passed the finish line…..actually only 1 sec before the guy! lol finishing gun time 59:58! phew! that was close.


I waited for Lyndz to finish and she came in around 1:14 and I was so proud of her! The course just didn’t let up on mental game. It was always a struggle.

Lyndsey's finish

Afterwards we went back to the Armory and were treated to amazing eats including hot chili, soup, samosas, veggies, juice, snacks and……..



I’ve never had a cake post race! and since this was also the towns Mayor Levee we got cake! YUM!

Lyndsey and I both won door prizes, but neither of us placed :( I really wish I had trained more for this race, however the girl that won in our age group came in at 51 minutes…..and I’m just not that fast…..yet :)


There was the coolest guy and dog duo that came in around 1:07 in the 10k! I was right at the finish waiting for them….but my phone was dead so we got pictures inside. I can’t wait till I can do a 10k with Rex!

YAY dog racers

Bill wished us well and thanked us for attending – here he is modeling the cool long sleeve shirts we got. I’ve been wearing mine ever since the race :D

race timer/organizer

Overall this race was awesome! I loved that we got foot stuff in our race kits! heel gels, scented insoles :) when you’re a runner your feet hurt. This was the best kit EVER! you can keep your silly samples every other race!

There are more races in the series and with only around 32 participants in the 10k and just under 100 in the 5k they’re definitely worth looking into if you’re local! Plus they’re reasonably priced and well organized.

Here are the other races in the series:

  • April 28th Rotary Classic Races
  • July 1st Canada Day Trail Races
  • July 28th Brantford Grand Trail Races 
  • September 6th Summer Night Road Races
  • September 23rd Brant Waterways Trail Races 

You can go to their site for more info on each one :) I know I definitely want to tackle the trail ones. Brantford is actually really beautiful and the Grand River cuts right through it :)



1. what is your 10k PR??

59:29 ….but my unofficial time still remains to be my 10k spilt from Road2Hope ;) 

2. tell me about a time you’ve mentally struggled with a run or a race

ummm every time ;) 

3. what is something you’ve received in a race kit that you were really excited about?? 

Dr Scholls Gel Heels! YES PLEASE@@